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Future hotel rooms will offer virtual sex to guests travelling alone

June 8, 2011 - Melbourne

A look at future hotel rooms has revealed that they will enable guests to have virtual sex, check their emails using high-tech contact lenses, and also control their dreams.

Budget hotel chain Travelodge hired futurologist Ian Pearson to predict just how much hotel rooms will change by 2030 due to cutting-edge technology, with the results released in the Future of Sleep report.

According to TravelMole, Pearson said that augmented reality will transform the hotel experience, ensuring a good night's sleep as well as offering recreation, training, medical monitoring, rest and rejuvenation.

"Remote virtual love making will be possible by 2030, allowing individuals to connect with their partner whilst away from home," the Daily Telegraph quoted the report as saying.

"Couples will also be able to benefit from the ability to link peripheral nervous systems via active skin electronics together for enhanced love making.

"This will enable both individuals to experience each other's feelings and emotions.By wearing active lenses to change the image delivered to their retinas, individuals will be able to adjust how their partner looks whilst making love.

"This will enable people to change the image of their partner on a regular basis, and only they will be aware as their lover will not be able to tell what they are looking at," it stated.

The special contact lenses will also deliver 3D images directly to the retina, allowing guests to watch TV or check emails while drifting off to sleep.

In an Inception-style twists guests will even be able to control their dreams.

"By 2030 we will be able to manage the contents of our dreams as in the movie Inception," the report said.

"Video, audio, smells and tactile experiences produced using our bed or bed linen will play a key role in helping to make our dreams feel real.

"We will be able to replay our favourite dream from a menu just like choosing a movie. Also, we will be link into dreams with our partner or family and friends and enjoy a shared dream experience," it added.

Pearson predicts that by 2030 it will be possible to diagnose some medical conditions through the monitoring of sleep patterns.

Electro-responsive fibres in sleepwear will pick up on signals from the skin and measure skin conductivity, indicating stress, pulse and Blood Pressure.


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