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Fox News Poll shows businessman Cain in lead among GOP voters

October 27, 2011 - Washington

A Fox News poll released this week shows support for Republican presidential candidate and businessman Herman Cain quadrupling among GOP primary voters since late August.

At that time, he stood at six percent. After three September debates, he jumped to 17 percent. And now Cain leads the pack at 24 percent.

While it's the first time former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has trailed Cain, it's the second time he's been ousted from the lead since July.

Romney has received just 20 percent of the GOP vote-a new low for him. That's down from 23 percent last month and a high of 26 percent in early August.

Newt Gingrich now comes in third with 12 percent-edging out Rick Perry. Perry's support has dropped to 10 percent, down from 19 percent in September.

After his mid-August announcement, Perry captured 29 percent of the vote and took the front-runner role from Romney.

At 9 percent, Ron Paul stays in the top five.

Cain is particularly popular among Republican primary voters who identify as being a part of the Tea Party: he captures 32 percent to Romney's 8 percent among this group. Cain also has a wide 15 percentage-point advantage over both Romney and Gingrich among white evangelicals.

Cain has been helped by media coverage of his "9-9-9" tax plan and his upbeat, direct speaking style. His support has increased despite somewhat confusing comments on abortion and his suggestion he might negotiate with terrorist kidnappers.

Yet those issues are not especially relevant for GOP primary voters, as nearly 8 in 10 say economic issues such as taxes and government spending will be most important in deciding their vote.


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