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Fergie walks out of Oz TV interview following 'cash-for-access' ambush

August 12, 2011 - London

Sarah Ferguson has reportedly stormed out of a TV interview during which her manager claims she was 'ambushed" over the cash-for-access scandal.

Australia's Channel 9 television network showed the clipping of the Duchess of York angrily breaking off an interview with reporter Michael Usher in its '60 Minutes' programme, and branded it as 'the weirdest interview you will ever see'.

However, the Duchess's representation in Australia, John Scott, has rubbished the clipping and claimed that the footage was cynically taken out of context.

He also demanded that the network withdraws its advertising of the programme and deletes scenes from the interview.

"'We had gone through all the questions and subject matter beforehand and filmed all the walking in the park footage before we sat down," the Daily Mail quoted Scott as telling the Daily Telegraph.

"She did walk out when she was ambushed - no, it was entrapment - but after cooling down she said to me, 'F*** them, let's do this', and she did, but it was a banal interview and her demeanour reflected that.

"We had gone through all the questions and subject matter beforehand... She did walk out when she was ambushed - it was entrapment," he added.

The problem reportedly arose when the Duchess was forced to watch the recorded footage of her offering 'cash-for-access' services to her former husband Prince Andrew.

However, the show producer Thomson denied the allegations claiming that as Ferguson had already agreed to talk about the issue, it can't be termed as an 'entrapment'.


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