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Felicity Kendal says Pippa Middleton should be proud to win 'rear of year'

June 8, 2011 - London

Actress Felicity Kendal has said that Pippa Middleton should be proud to have been nominated for the Rear of the Year Award.

Kendal, 64, said Middleton, 27, should regard such a title as "rear of the year" as a compliment, after the latter announced that it is one accolade she could do without.

"It is a bit of fun. The time when that sort of thing was considered sexist has passed," The Telegraph quoted Kendal, who won the award in 1981, as saying.

"They asked if I would have my photo taken if I made it into the top three. I was busy that day, but it shows I've still got it. I do my lunges," she said, adding that she had been invited to the event.


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