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International News on February 5, 2011

Sarkozy's 'Nazi themed' immigration plan thrown out by French senate
French President Nicolas Sarkozy's plans for one of the toughest immigration laws in Europe has been thrown out by lawmakers, with one likening it to the Vichy regime in France that collaborated with the Nazis. ANI

Outraged Bangladeshi family demands justice for 'whipped to death' raped daughter
The plight of a 14-year-old Bangladeshi girl, who was whipped to death by a village body for allegedly having an illicit relationship with her married cousin, has outraged her family who are now demanding strict action against the executers of the barbaric act. ANI

'Reagan's place in history as a tax cutter nothing more than false mythology'
Former United States President Ronald Reagan, who is often hailed as a tax cutter willing to make hard choices, actually ended up raising taxes - eleven times. ANI

US teen busted for DUI while dressed as breathalyser given 90-day jail term
A teenager is US, who was caught drunk driving while dressed as a breathalyser, has been sentenced to 90 days jail. ANI

'The Bomb' or more or better weapons no panacea for Pak's existential problems: Expert
Even if Pakistan surpasses India in the nuclear weapon number-game, this feat will neither make Pakistan "more secure" nor will it make the nation "more capable of facing current existential challenges", a Pakistani nuclear physicist and political-defence analyst has pointed out. ANI

Chelsea Clinton, Marc Mezvinsky still a happy couple despite distance
Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky are still a very happy couple even though they are living apart, a friend of the family has revealed. ANI

Neo-Nazis planning massive march in Germany to protest London memorial to Dresden bombers
Hundreds of neo-Nazis are organising the biggest march in Germany later this month against the construction of a British memorial meant for RAF's Bomber crews who died during the Second World War. ANI

PTI wants Malik tried for treason for lying about murder-accused US official's status
Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has urged the judiciary to take serious notice of the "irresponsible" remarks of Interior Minister Rehman Malik on a sub judicial matter of double murder-accused US official Raymond Davis. ANI

UK court bans man with low IQ from having sex
A High Court judge has banned a 41 year-old man in UK from having sex due to his low IQ. ANI

Queen's guide exposed as a paedophile
An official tour guide at Windsor Castle who has shown thousands of parents and kids around the Queen's official Berkshire home has been exposed as a paedophile. ANI

Australia urged to dramatically boost military might to face 'rising' China challenge
Australia will need nuclear-powered attack submarines among a range of weapons systems to deal with the security dangers posed by China's massive military build-up, one of the government's chief military advisers has said. ANI

North Korea says only dialogue with South can resolve crisis on Korean Peninsula
Dialogue between North and South Korea is a priority for improving relations and resolving the crisis on the Korean Peninsula, an editorial in a North Korean newspaper has said. ANI

Brit nurse unfairly dismissed over saucy joke rules Appeal Court
A British nurse, who was fired for making a saucy joke as she helped to restrain a patient having an epileptic fit, has been found to have been unfairly dismissed by the Appeal Court. ANI

Obama hopes Mubarak will make 'right decision about his country's future'
US President Barack Obama has said that he hopes President Hosni Mubarak would make the right decision regarding leaving behind a legacy in which Egypt is able to get through its transformative period. ANI

Ivanka Trump's 'stalker' issued bench warrant after no-show at court hearing
Ivanka Trump's accused stalker has been issued a bench warrant after he didn't show up at a court hearing. ANI

Sarah Palin not like my dad at all, says Ronald Reagan's son
Sarah Palin, who spoke in California at a tribute to Ronald Reagan, has nothing in common with the former President, says his son. ANI

Pak minister confesses to 'extorting money' from fellow MPAs for building seminary
In a shocking revelation, Balochistan's Senior Minister for Planning and Development Maulana Abdul Wasey has confessed to extorting money from MPAs, and confirmed that he had collected a total of 90 million rupees from them. ANI

WikiLeaks founder's mom demands apology from "out of step" Oz PM
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's mother, Christine, wants Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to make a full apology to her son amid growing international praise of his work. ANI

Now, IMF pressurises Pak Govt to 'cut tax exemptions' to meet revenue collection target
Besides asking Pakistan to increase the power tariffs, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has also asked the financial crisis-hit country to reduce the tax exemptions in order to overcome the revenue shortfall during the remaining months of the current fiscal year. ANI

Its 40-yrs since golf and javelin throwing was played on the moon!
Lunar module pilot of Apollo 14 Ed Mitchell has recalled the first lunar Olympics that had taken place between him and late Alan Shepard 40-years ago on the moon. ANI

Pak unable to provide cash compensation to flood victims before March 2011
Pakistan's Finance Ministry has expressed its inability to provide cash compensation to last year's flood victims before March 2011, according to official sources. ANI

Hesse becomes first German state to ban Islamic face veil
A German state, Hesse, has become the first in the country to ban the full Islamic face veil for public sector workers. ANI

Afghanistan stoning victim's father had sold her into marriage with relative
A young woman who was stoned to death in Afghanistan last August had reportedly run away from home because her father had sold her into marriage with a wealthy relative. ANI

Wills, Kate to visit Canada this summer?
Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton are expected to visit Canada this summer. ANI

Traditional pot pourri is dying as Brits spend millions on air fresheners
The traditional pot pourri is fast disappearing as more and more Britons prefer to spend millions of pounds on air fresheners and scented candles. ANI

US warns Pak continued detention of murder-accused diplomat may hurt defence ties
The United States has conveyed a veiled threat to Pakistan that their bilateral defence cooperation can come under a cloud if the standoff on the issue of double murder-accused US national Raymond Davis' immunity persists. ANI

Obama's second year approval ratings most partisan and polarized since 1955: Poll
A new poll has found that United States President Barack Obama's approval ratings during his second year in office were the most partisan and polarized they have ever been at two years into a presidency. ANI

Catholics back Hindus protesting over mockery of Lord Ganesh by Carrey on NBC
Roman Catholics have come out in support of Hindus, who are disturbed over the portrayal of Lord Ganesh as a sex act on NBC's Saturday Night Live (SNL) and want apologies from all those responsible for it, including actor Jim Carrey and NBC. ANI

US spied on UK Foreign Office to gather crucial information about ministers: Wikileaks
The United States had ordered its diplomats to spy and gather information about the weaknesses of British Foreign Office ministers, and the strains in their professional relationships, according to latest revelations of Wikileaks. ANI

Hidden sex poems 'key to 18th century book's success' claims academic
A British academic has suggested that the success of two best-selling volumes of poetry published in the 18th century was all due to the pornographic poems hidden in the book. ANI

Pak selectors miffed with Malik, Yousuf for choosing Bangladesh money over country
Pakistan cricket team selectors are miffed with former captains Shoaib Malik and Mohammad Yousuf over their decision to play in the Bangladesh Cricket League instead of focussing on the ongoing domestic season to earn their place back in the national team. ANI

Dreaded Pak Taliban Chief claims to create suicide bombers in just half-an-hour
The Taliban's "master recruiter" has boasted of his expertise at swaying people to terror, saying he can turn a young man into a suicide bomber in just half-an-hour. ANI

Clothes dipped in liquid cocaine found in Italy drug bust
A drug trafficking ring that used clothes dipped in liquid cocaine to smuggle the drug into Italy from the Dominican Republic has been busted by the Italian police. ANI

Meet the Brit boy, 7, who has memorised an entire city's bus timetable
A schoolboy in Britain is said to have memorised an entire city's bus timetable, and can recite every route in his hometown.amie Taylor, 7, whose first word was "bus", has collected hundreds of bus timetables and maps for Swindon, Wiltshire, and knows them off by heart. ANI

Welsh mum beats odds of 133,000/1 with birth of 3 children on same date
A woman in Wales has beaten incredible odds of 133,000/1 after she gave birth to three of her children on the same date. ANI

Burmese military junta to continue to rule by proxy after ex- army Gen elected President
Burma's parliament has elected the country's former Army General Thein Sein as the President, raising fears among political observers that the military establishment that has been running the country for almost a half-century is in no mood to loosen its grip on power. ANI

'Critics of Egyptian authorities faced false detention, torture, threatened rape'
Egypt has used a continuous state of emergency for the past 30 years to justify the suppression of political dissent in the name of security, an Amnesty International official has said. ANI

Aussies want more sex, reveals survey
It seems all Australians want is more sex. Be it male or female, young or old, single, married or divorced, there is one thing everyone has in common: the desire for more action between the sheets. ANI

Up to 40pc of clothing bought online is returned
Up to 40 per cent of clothing purchased online is returned to the retailer, according to a new research. ANI

Sarah, Bristol Palin await trademark approval for their names
Sarah and Bristol Palin are waiting for an approval for a trademark of their names, according to recent reports. ANI

Now, emergency detection systems for elderly people
It may now be possible for elderly people to live independently, as scientists have developed a new system that automatically detects any problems senior citizens might be facing and informs a trusted person. ANI

Report detailing sexual assault claims against Assange leaked online
Days before a hearing in the court to decide whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should be extradited to Sweden, a confidential police report detailing sexual assault allegations against him has been leaked online. ANI

Continued absence of public prosecutor may see Salman Taseer assassin walk free
An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Pakistan hearing the Salmaan Taseer assassination case has expressed its concern over the continuous absence of the public prosecutor from the trial of Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, the self-confessed assassin of the late Punjab Governor. ANI

Japan should develop nuke weapons to defend itself from China, N. Korea: Tokyo Governor
A Japanese governor has said that his country should develop nuclear weapons to safeguard itself from countries like China and North Korea. ANI

British govt. computers under cyber attacks from hostile states: Hague
British Foreign Secretary William Hague has said that cyberspace is allowing criminals and hostile intelligence agencies to attack the British government. ANI

Failed multiculturalism behind rise of Muslim radicalisation in Britain: Cameron
British Prime Minister David Cameron would reportedly criticise "state multiculturalism" in his first speech on radicalisation and would emphasise on the need of a stronger national identity to stop young Muslims being radicalised and tempted into terrorism. ANI

Nearly 400 suspected war criminals living as 'free birds' in Britain
Hundreds of suspected war criminals are living in Britain, despite recommendations by a UK Border Agency unit that action be taken against them. ANI

'Open minded' Pak hopes for 'constructive Indian attitude' at Thimphu meet
Pakistan has said it is going to Thimphu- where it will have Foreign Secretary-level parleys with India- with 'an open mind', and expressed the hope that New Delhi will also come with a 'constructive attitude', so that the stalled dialogue process can be resumed. ANI

Papua New Guinea man eats son during sorcery initiation ceremony
A man in a Papua New Guinea mining town was caught by residents allegedly eating his screaming, newborn son during a sorcery initiation ceremony. ANI

Chelsy Davy to reunite with Prince Harry?
Rumours are abuzz that Prince Harry's ex flame, Chelsy Davy is back in London to reunite with the royal. ANI

Uncertainty over which way Egyptian military-led by Mubarak's 'poodle' will swing
The loyalties of the 470,000-strong Egyptian military are currently unclear despite the turmoil in the country, US officials and experts have said. ANI

Pakistan observes Kashmir Solidarity Day today
Pakistan is observing the Kashmir Solidarity Day on Saturday (today) to renew its pledge to provide full moral, political and diplomatic support to the Kashmiri people. ANI

UK MP's wife calls posing nude furore 'storm in a bedsheet'
UK MP John Bercow's wife, Sally, who posed in a racy photo shoot for a magazine has admitted that it was "foolish" of her to do so, but dismissed the incident as "harmless fun." ANI

UFO hovering above Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem seen as a hoax
When a light was seen hovering above the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem many claimed that it was a UFO, but now after careful examination of the videos taken, the suggestion that it is a hoax has emerged. ANI

65 percent Israelis feel removing Mubarak regime dangerous for Israel
Many Israelis fear that a change of regime in Egypt could endanger the Jewish state. ANI

Mubarak's sudden resignation may cause mass upheaval in Egypt: Cornell Expert
A Cornell University professor has claimed that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's sudden resignation could cause "mass upheaval and disorientation" in the country. ANI

Shot US congresswoman Giffords' husband Kelly to lead last Endeavour shuttle mission
NASA has claimed that the husband of Gabrielle Giffords, the Democrat Representative who was injured in an Arizona gun attack, is scheduled to lead one of the final space shuttle missions in April this year. ANI

US 'sold UK nuke secrets to Russia' as quid pro quo for "New START" deal: Wikileaks
The US has sold British nuclear secrets as a 'bargaining chip' to persuade Russia to sign the key arms control treaty, the latest secret US diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks have revealed. ANI

Pak police dismiss murder-accused US official's "self-defence" claim as 'unconvincing'
Pakistani police officials investigating into the double killings by US national Raymond Davis have dismissed his 'self-defence' claim as 'unconvincing' in their initial report to the Punjab government, a TV channel has reported. ANI

Slimmer women receive higher salaries, while men earn more if they're fat
'Men should be big and strong, and women skinny' - a cultural lesson drilled into our heads ever since we were tots. ANI

Defiant schoolboy warriors holding pro-Mubarak forces at bay
Anti-Hosni Mubarak protestors are defying the snipers of the tyrant Egyptian regime with the help of catapults, and leading from the front are schoolboy rebels who showed off their battlefield injuries. ANI

Vatican denies Pope will donate organs after death says his donor card is invalid
The Vatican has denied that Pope Benedict will donate his organs after death, saying that his donor card became invalid after he ceased to be a cardinal and became pontiff. ANI

Obama critical of US intelligence agencies' failure to forecast Middle-East crisis
United States President Barack Obama has reportedly criticized his country's intelligence agencies over their performance in predicting and analyzing the recent unrest in the Middle-East. ANI

Egyptian VP, top military leaders planning 'graceful exit' for Mubarak
Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman along with other top military leaders are reportedly discussing steps to limit President Hosni Mubarak's decision-making authority and possibly remove him from the presidential palace in Cairo. ANI

Coca Cola embroiled in 'dangerously misleading' water ad controversy
Coca Cola's Vitaminwater advertisements have come under fire from a U.S. consumer group. ANI

7.26pm on a Saturday is the happiest time of the week!
The happiest time of the week is 7.26pm on a Saturday evening, according to a study. ANI

Egyptian VP target of assassination attempt that killed two bodyguards
Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman was recently the target of an assassination attempt, in which two of his bodyguards were killed. ANI

Egyptian journo who posted 'police torture videos' arrested, but later released
Wael Abbas, a well-known Egyptian journalist who had posted hundreds of terrifying videos of police abuse on the web, has claimed that he was arrested, but later released by his country's Army. ANI

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