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International News on February 27, 2011

Growing number of single professional women having babies alone: Expert
An expert has revealed that an increasing number of professional women in their 30s are opting to start a family on their own. ANI

Christchurch earthquake damage is as bad as Haiti quake: Helen Clark
Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark has said that the earthquake in Christchurch is bad as the Haiti earthquake of 2010. ANI

Oz employee sacked for doing too much work
An Aussie man was sacked after 14 years working for RailCorp when his bosses found that he was managing a lot of other things apart from his main job. ANI

Online study killing university life Down Under
A survey of academics in Australia has found that the push towards web-based learning at universities has halved student attendance rates in some courses and dramatically increased working hours for lecturers. ANI

Rebel army formed in bid to oust Gaddafi
Army leaders in eastern Libya who are opposing the Colonel Muammar Gaddafi regime are reportedly preparing to dispatch a rebel force to Tripoli to support the uprising there. ANI

Teen's 'hacked' Facebook page leads to fake 'open house' party
About 4,000 people responded to an open house party invitation in South Brisbane after a teenager's Facebook account was hacked, prompting police to issue a warning about social network security. ANI

Christchurch buildings unfit for habitation, will be demolished soon
The Experts have said that nearly half of the Christchurch buildings are not fit for habitation and the buildings will be demolished once the search for victims gets completed. ANI

North Korea aims to destroy South Korea's psychological war base
The North Korea military has said that they would smash South Korea's psychological war base. ANI

'Huge support for far right party, if they give up violence': Searchlight poll
The Far Right Party can get huge support if they are not linked with violence, says a searchlight poll. ANI

Indian-American academic calls for more serious sanctions against Gaddafi
Washington, Feb.27 The United States may have done a favour to Colonel Maummar Gaddafi by imposing sanctions in the 1980s, allowing the latter to consolidate his hold over the country, claims an Indian American academic. ANI

Blair urged Gaddafi to stop killing protesters during two telephone conversations this week
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has been condemned worldwide over his connections with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, had reportedly phoned the Libyan leader twice early this week, to urge him to stop killing protesters of his regime. ANI

Tourist influx into Pak reduced considerably after Raymond Davis episode
The influx of tourists into Pakistan has reduced considerably following the Raymond Davis episode, in which the CIA agent killed two Pakistani men in Lahore on January 27. ANI

Spitfire designer's family angry over school renaming
The family of the creator of the Spitfire, Reginald 'RJ' Mitchell, have expressed dismay that a school named in his honour is to be closed. itchell High School, in Stoke-on-Trent, was attended by the aeronautical engineer and renamed after him to recognise the role of the Spitfire in the Battle of Britain. A propeller from the aircraft hangs in the foyer. ANI

Yoga retreats becoming popular world over
Yoga retreats, some charging as much as 4495 dollars, are becoming popular world over. ANI

Taliban destroy five govt schools in Pak tribal region for imparting "unIslamic teachings"
The Taliban blew up five government school buildings in Pakistan's lawless tribal region near the northwestern city of Peshawar for promoting unIslamic teachings. ANI

Pak democracy will not be allowed to be hijacked by 'lotacracy': Babar Awan
The practice of 'lotacracy' is back and in full swing in Pakistan's Punjab province after a very long time, Federal Law Minister Babar Awan has said. ANI

Meet the eight-year-old boy who rings bells up to 8 times his body weight!
An eight-year-old from York rings bells weighing up to 32 stone, despite only weighing four stone himself. ANI

Gaddafi's sons may have salted away millions in secret Oz investments
The sons of Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi may have salted away millions of dollars in oil money in hidden Australian investments during a series of visits to Sydney, Perth and Queensland over the past nine years. ANI

Christchurch quake death toll rises to 147
The death toll from the New Zealand earthquake has risen to 147, while 50 people remain "unaccounted for". ANI

US man 'rapes toddler at SeaWorld, saves crime pics on his phone'
A man in US reportedly raped a toddler at SeaWorld and saved pictures of the horrific crime on his cell phone, according to police.ichael Grzybowicz, of Cocoa Beach Fla., has been held without bail in the Brevard County Jail since Saturday, reports the New York Daily News. ANI

Celebrations planned in Sr. Nivedita's birthtown in N. Ireland on 100th anniversary
Various events are being organized in Northern Ireland to celebrate Sister Nivedita's (1867-1911) 100th death anniversary falling on October 13 this year, who was born as Margaret Elizabeth Noble in Northern Ireland but spent most of her adult years in India. ANI

Having an abortion is safer than having a baby, say UK docs
Medical chiefs in Britain say pregnant women should be told that having an abortion is safer than having the baby. ANI

'Voodoo sex ceremony' sparked deadly Brooklyn blaze
A Voodoo sex ceremony meant to bring good luck triggered the Brooklyn blaze that killed one person and left dozens homeless, sources have revealed. ANI

Winner of world's first robot marathon crosses the line after 55 hrs!
The average time for completing a marathon is 4 hours 30 minutes for men and 5 hours 10 minutes for women. ANI

Pregnant Brit mums swapping fruit vouchers for booze, ciggies
Pregnant women in the UK are using NHS fruit and vegetable vouchers to obtain cigarettes and alcohol, reveals a Government report.he survey more than 2,000 retailers, health professionals and recipients has found that more than one in five knew of occasions when shops had swapped the tokens for products outside the scheme, reports the Telegraph. ANI

PPP terms PML-N decision to end alliance in Punjab 'sad day for democracy'
The Pakistan People's Party has termed the Pakistan Muslim League-N's decision to expel its ministers from the Punjab government a 'sad day for democracy', and declared that it would play the role of an effective opposition in the province. ANI

War against Islam in Afghanistan partly of US's own making: Gorbachev
In a wide-ranging interview, former Soviet Union president Mikhail Gorbachev has said that the war against Islam as a conflict is partly of the US's own making. ANI

'Indian school board election is farce', said Indian parents in Oman
Social workers and parents have criticized the first elections of the Indian school board in Oman, calling it a farce. ANI

Australia withdraws diplomats from Libya amid unrest
Australia has withdrawn its diplomats from Libya amid unrest in that country, which eventually prompted the United Nations to impose sanctions on Muammar Gaddafi's regime. ANI

UK brokered secret 10 billion pound deal to detoxify 'Brand Libya'
The British Government is reported to have brokered a secret deal with the Colonel Muammar Gaddafi regime worth up to 10 billion pounds before Libya descended into chaos. ANI

Krishna makes it to Kuwait military parade despite being caught in traffic snarl
Visiting Indian Foreign Minister S.M.Krishna just about made it to a military parade that was organised to celebrate Kuwait's 50th Independence Day here, after being delayed by a traffic snarl. ANI

Murdered Indian-origin bride's father comes face-to-face with 'hitman'
The father of Indian-origin bide Anni Dewani has come face-to-face with the 'hitman' alleged to have killed his daughter on the orders of her Brit-Indian husband during their honeymoon in Cape Town last year. ANI

Two vital witnesses found in Indian-origin bride's murder case in Cape Town
Two vital witnesses have reportedly been found in connection with the Indian-origin bride, Anni Dewani's, murder case during her honeymoon in Cape Town last year. ANI

Brit woman beats 110 fine after a 30-hour standoff with cop
A Brit woman saved herself from paying a fine of 110 pounds after a 30-hour standoff with a parking inspector. ANI

Oz mayor 'faces suspension for comments on Asian women's chest sizes'
Kevin Crameri has stood down as mayor of Penrith and faces possible suspension after an investigation revealed he behaved inappropriately on an overseas business trip. ANI

'Lost diary' sheds light on Queen Victoria's relationship with Indian servant
A new archive of letters, pictures and a 'lost diary' belonging to an Indian man who worked as a servant for Queen Victoria has shed light on the relationship the two shared. ANI

22 Pak custom officials suspended over involvement in NATO containers scam
Pakistan's Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has suspended 22 custom officials for their alleged involvement in the ISAF, NATO containers scam. ANI

Nuclear physicist who helped create China's first atom bomb dead
Zhu Guangya a nuclear physicist who developed China's first atom and hydrogen bombs, died on Saturday. ANI

China will set 7 per cent annual growth from 2011 to 2015: Jiabao
The Chinese government plans to set its annual Gross Domestic Product target at seven percent for the period of 2011-2015, to raise the quality of growth and to improve the country's standard of living. ANI

College students often feel guilty about texting in class: Survey
Many students don't think texting should be allowed during class and almost half feel guilty about doing so when they're not supposed to, according to a survey of more than 1,000 students at the University of New Hampshire. ANI

Libyan soldiers who supported pro-democracy protestors 'burned alive' by comrades in Benghazi
Scores of Libyan soldiers who had refused to fight against the pro-democracy protestors in Benghazi, were burned alive by their own forces, residents have said. ANI

NYT justifies 'withholding Davis' CIA link information at Obama administration's plea'
The New York Times as well as some other US newspapers had 'withheld information' about double murder-accused Raymond Davis' ties to the Central Intelligence Agency "at the request of the Obama administration," misleading their readers and also damaging their credibility in the process. ANI

Average Brit man spends 11 yrs in front of TV, 10,500 hrs in pub
The average British man spends 10,585 hours in the pub, 11 years in front of the TV and learns to cook just four meals in his lifetime, according to a new study. ANI

Oz soldiers freeze sperm for wives, girlfriends in case they're killed
Australian soldiers are freezing their sperm for wives and girlfriends in case they are killed in Afghanistan, according to a report. ANI

Arianna Huffington's AOL deal sparks accusations of political sell-out
Arianna Huffington has long reigned as the queen of America's chattering classes, using her Huffington Post website as a platform to transform herself into a darling of the United States' left-leaning media elite. ANI

Jacqui Smith asks p*rn barons to fund 'real' sex ed in schools
Former British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has asked p*rn barons to fund 'real' sex education in schools and has been branded naive for her demand. ANI

Gaddafi secretly transfers 3 billion pounds to London-based wealth manager
Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has secretly deposited three billion pounds with a London-based private wealth manager. ANI

UNSC slaps sanctions on Gaddafi, relatives
The United Nations Security Council has agreed to impose scores of sanctions against Libya, including an arms embargo, and freezing of the assets of Colonel Gaddafi and his relatives. ANI

Qaddafi has "lost legitimacy to rule" and should step down 'now': Obama
US President Barack Obama has said that Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi "has lost the legitimacy to rule" Libya because he is only using "mass violence" to cling on to power, and asked him step down immediately. ANI

Pak terror sanctuaries anchoring Haqqanis pose major threat to war-torn Afghanistan
Both Pakistan and Iran are known to be supporting the Taliban, and they play out their antagonism against the United States on Afghan soil, with safe terrorist havens in Pakistani tribal areas being a major factor behind the latest suicide terror attacks in neighbouring Afghanistan. ANI

Drunk man who had mistaken sex with wrong woman cleared of 'rape' charges
A man accused of raping a woman walked free from court after convincing a jury that he had mistakenly stumbled into the wrong bed. ANI

Gaddafi's voluptuous Ukrainian nurse 'lover' quits
Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi has lost a major ally-'voluptuous blonde' personal nurse who travels with him everywhere. ANI

Musharraf's status can't be changed 'from accused to witness' in Benazir murder case
Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is legally unable to entertain the demand of close associates of former president Pervez Musharraf who wanted to get his status changed from an accused to a witness in the Benazir Bhutto assassination case, sources have revealed. ANI

Pak Govt has no plans yet to bring back Pakistanis stuck in turmoil-hit Libya
The Pakistan Government has no immediate plans to bring back Pakistanis living in Libya, citing fears that efforts to evacuate them may further endanger their lives. ANI

Reports claiming Pak military involvement in Libya turmoil "totally baseless": FO
Pakistan has refuted media reports circulating in the Arab media that Pakistan's military was involved in the current turmoil in Libya. ANI

US citizen held n Pakistan on 'illegal stay' charges files bail plea in court
US citizen Aaron Mark De Haven, who had been arrested by the police in Pakistan's northwestern city of Peshawar on 'illegal stay' charges, has filed a bail plea in the court. ANI

UK's top tax official's £6K 4-night stay at Indian hotel for 30min speech
Britain's top tax official, who visited India to attend a conference and deliver a speech lasting just half an hour, enjoyed a four-night stay in a luxury hotel - at a cost of thousands of pounds to the taxpayer. ANI

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