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International News on February 15, 2011

Berlusconi to face trial on charges of sex with 17-year-old girl
Scandal-hit Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is set to face trial on charges of sex with a 17-year-old girl. ANI

Brit drug dealer to sue cops for revealing his identity to neighbours
A Brit drug dealer is set to take legal action against cops for "humiliating" him by telling neighbours he had been jailed. ANI

UK energy companies clandestinely monitoring climate change activists: Leaked documents
Leaked documents have shown that three large British energy companies have been paying a private security firm to gather information on climate change activists. ANI

Taseer's assassin should be punished only for violating law, not murder: Qari Hanif
Slain Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer's assassin Malik Mumtaz Qadri should be punished by the court only for violating the law, not on murder charges, Qari Hanif Qureshi has said. ANI

Demand for adult services in Oz soars a day after Valentine's Day
A day after Valentine's Day, the search for affection of a different kind is hitting its zenith in Australia - demand for adult services. ANI

Burmese state media threatens Suu Kyi with 'tragic end' over ending sanctions stance
Myanmar's state media has for the first time criticized pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, and warned that she along with her party will "meet their tragic ends" if they keep up their opposition to an end to Western sanctions. ANI

Middle East revolutions will not affect King's rule in Jordan, says top diplomat.
Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh has said, that the recent revolutions that rocked Egypt and Tunisia will certainly not affect the king's rule in Jordan. ANI

Missing Brit schoolgirl's laptop leads to 240 sex offenders
The search of a missing schoolgirl's laptop in UK has helped catch 240 online predators, and also spark a major child abuse operation.t had begun as a simple missing person's inquiry, but ended with arrests being made in 15 different countries. ANI

Palin's popularity plummets to all time low even among Republican voters, finds poll
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will struggle in crucial states if she chooses to run for the 2012 presidential elections, with a latest WMUR Granite State Poll saying that 50 percent of likely Republican primary voters in New Hampshire view her unfavourably. ANI

Pak won't face any negative outcome if it doesn't free Davis despite US pressure: Gul
Pakistan will not have to face any kind of negative consequences in case it refuses to release double murder-accused American official Raymond Davis despite growing US pressure, former Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief General Hameed Gul has said. ANI

Brit Audit boss took £464 Mercedes to meeting on how to save money
A Wales Audit Office chief operating officer ordered a 464 pounds chauffeur-driven Mercedes to attend a meeting with top auditors from around Britain to check on how taxpayer's money is spent. ANI

Munter urges Bashir to certify diplomatic status of Davis to end US-Pak standoff
US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter has urged Pakistan's Foreign Affairs Secretary Salman Bashir to certify the diplomatic status of double murder-accused US official Raymond Davis to bring the deepening diplomatic standoff to an end. ANI

Now an iPhone app that allows New Yorkers to find free condoms
The Health Department in New York unveiled a free iPhone application on Valentine's Day that allows New Yorkers to input an address and find five nearby places to grab a free condom. ANI

'Extreme sitting sport' is latest fad sweeping across Germany
A new sports trend sweeping across Germany has emerged in the form of a stool that has been specially designed to perform tricks with and then sit down on. ANI

eHarmony: 'using science to find love' - but does it really work?
A new trend started by websites like and promises to find you the love of your life by using science - but does it work? ANI

Gillard apologises for "dreadful accent" during her New Zealand visit
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has apologised for her "dreadful accent" during her visit to New Zealand. ANI

Egypt plans to hold constitutional referendum within two months: Activist
Members of the Egyptian ruling Higher Military Council have announced that Cairo will hold a constitutional referendum within two months, an anti-Mubarak-activist wrote on his Facebook account. ANI

US to 'certify' before Pak court that murder-accused official has diplomatic immunity
The United States has announced that it will present a petition in the Pakistani court hearing the case of double-murder accused US diplomat Raymond Davis to certify that he enjoys diplomatic immunity, and that he must be released on this basis. ANI

Pak jail loudspeakers muted as Davis 'complained of disturbance by morning prayer call'
In a bizarre incident that shows special treatment being meted out to double-murder accused US diplomat Raymond Davis in Pakistani prison, the loudspeakers in Lahore's Kot Lakhpat Jail were muted after he complained about the prayer call on Monday morning. ANI

Gay waiter wins £21,500 after customer at restaurant tweaked his nipples
A gay waiter in Britain, who had his ni*ples tweaked by a customer at a Michelin-starred restaurant, has been awarded 21,500 pounds after winning his discrimination claim. ANI

5 people you should avoid dating at work
Things really can go wrong when you become romantically involved with someone at your workplace - and what matters the most is who you're dating. ANI

Britain is a nation of happy couples
A majority of couples in the UK - whether married or cohabiting with their partners - are happy in their relationship. ANI

Facebook playing down role as 'key tool for democratic change' in Middle East
Despite playing a crucial role in providing a platform for democratic change in the revolts that toppled the governments in Tunisia and Egypt, Facebook executives are avoiding taking credit for it fearing that it would lose its foothold in some of the countries like Syria. ANI

Oz property listing video featuring scantily clad model goes viral
A video for a property listing in Australia has gone viral around the world after it featured a scantily clad model. ANI

1m kids in UK 'suffer abuse'
Almost a million children in UK have suffered abuse or neglect, a survey has revealed. ANI

Court moved to prevent Pak govt from providing Davis with immunity from sentence
Statements made by former Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Information Minister Fauzia Wahab about double-murder accused US diplomat Raymond Davis' immunity status have been challenged in the Lahore High Court. ANI

Kerry on 'fire-fighting' trip to Pak to "reaffirm partnership" amid Davis standoff
The Obama administration has dispatched Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John F. Kerry to Pakistan to try to repair the deteriorating US-Pak relations in the wake of double-murder accused US diplomat Raymond Davis' detention issue. ANI

More than half of Americans consider China as world's leading economic power
A majority of Americans consider China as the world's leading economic power. ANI

Seven charged by US for 'aiding Taliban efforts against America'
Seven people including two Americans have been charged by the United States for conspiring to aid the Taliban, ccording to US officials, two Americans, identified as Alwar Pouryan and Oded Orbach were arrested in Romania for conspiring to sell missiles to protect Taliban-run heroin laboratories in Afghanistan. ANI

Naked Cowboy sues CBS over 'Bold and the Beautiful' promo
American street performer Robert John Burck, who is better known as the Naked Cowboy, has filed a lawsuit against CBS over a 'Bold and the Beautiful' promo. ANI

World's first skyscraper 'Jericho tower' built to intimidate masses
Israeli archaeologists have said that the Jericho tower, which was constructed 11,000-years-ago, was built to promote farming and to entice people to abandon their nomadic ways and to settle down. ANI

Pakistani stalker of JFK's granddaughter wants to go to trial
The Pakistani man, who has been stalking President John F Kennedy's granddaughter, wants to take the case to court. ANI

Fritzl's secret dungeon to be welded shut after becoming teen party venue
Josef Fritzl's underground cellar, where he sexually abused his daughter Elisabeth for 24 years, is to be sealed with a welded steel door by Austrian authorities - because teenagers have been partying in the secret dungeon. ANI

Anonymous hack reveals corporate plans to discredit WikiLeaks
The computer hackers' collective Anonymous has revealed that a number of Internet security companies had planned to attack and discredit WikiLeaks. ANI

Michelle Obama to be a guest on Cartoon Network's Hall of Game Awards
US First Lady Michelle Obama, who celebrated the one-year anniversary of her obesity campaign last week, is all set to appear on Cartoon Network. ANI

UK father raped teenage daughter to have baby for infertile girlfriend
An English father, who repeatedly raped his 16-year-old daughter, has said he wanted her to provide a child for his interfile girlfriend. ANI

After Valentine's Day mush celebrate Singles Awareness Day today
Right after Valentine's Day, comes Singles Awareness Day, when people celebrate their freedom and possibilities. ANI

Adarsh scam: Society members challenge MOEF demolition order
Almost a month after the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) passed an order to demolish the Adarsh Housing Society, its members have approached the Bombay High Court challenging the order. ANI

UK teacher 'sprayed Asian pupils with air freshener for smelling of curry'
A nursery teacher in Britain has been accused of humiliating her Asian pupils by spraying air freshener over them because they smelled of curry in the mornings. ANI

"People will pay for what has been done to Pak," 7/7 mastermind indoctrinated pupil
Mohammed Sidique Khan, the ringleader of the 7/7 bombing plot, who was working as a mentor in a primary school in Beeston, had reportedly tried to persuade a 11-yr-old pupil to convert to Islam on a number of occasions, by telling him that "people will pay for what has been done to Pakistan" and also made comments about the 9/11 terror attacks, the inquest into the bombings has heard. ANI

Women afraid of being stereotyped by male service providers
A new study has found that women prefer female service providers in situations where they might fall prey to stereotypes about their math and science abilities. ANI

Musharraf takes to Facebook to slam Pak govt over arrest warrant in BB murder case
Former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf has defended himself on social networking site Facebook against an arrest warrant issued by an Islamabad court over his alleged involvement in the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. ANI

Valentine's Day sees longest kiss in history - 46-hour Thai smooch
A Thai couple has made history with the longest kiss ever during a Valentine's Day "kissathon" after they locked lips for 46 hours, 24 minutes and nine seconds. ANI

US targets Twitter to trap Assange over 'secret diplomatic cables' revelations
The United States would reportedly try to obtain the names, dates and locations of Twitter users who had tried to communicate with Wikileaks, from the authorities of the social networking site, in an attempt to begin its legal proceedings against the whistleblower website's founder Julian Assange. ANI

Shocking secret audio recording suggests Pak handed over Aafia Siddiqui to US
Pakistan did hand over alleged Al-Qaeda suspect Dr Aafia Siddiqui to the United States, suggests a new audio recording of a senior Pakistani police official. ANI

Over 50pc of Brit girls 'initiate sex as much as their partner'
It seems women have become more demanding when it come to sex. ANI

William breaks tradition, picks Harry as 'best man' rather than 'supporter'
Prince William has become the first ever Royal to choose a 'best man' rather than a 'supporter' - and he has picked his brother Prince Harry. ANI

Critics outraged at UK govt's one billion pounds aid pledge to 'economic powerhouse' India
Britain's attempt at offering a helping hand to India by pledging to hand over a billion pounds of tax­payers' money as aid till at least until 2015, has outraged politicians in London who believe that the move is totally an "unacceptable" waste of public money. ANI

Wahab's stand on 'illegal detention' of Davis not Pak Govt or PPP's views: Babar
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari's spokesman has dismissed a statement given by a Pakistan People's Party (PPP) spokeswoman about double-murder accused US official Raymond Davis, saying that it was her personal view. ANI

Berlusconi refuses to step down saying he has 'respect for women'
Scandal-hit Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has hit back at protestors' calls for him to resign and insisted he had 'respect for women.' ANI

PPP leader's stand on 'illegal' Davis arrest echoes US' 'diplomatic immunity' argument
Pakistan People Party spokesperson Fauzia Wahab's invoking of the Vienna Convention in the case of double-murder accused US diplomat Raymond Davis is the first time a prominent Pakistani official has publicly backed the international agreement in this regard. ANI

"Very sick man" Mubarak 'fainting' due to psychological stress
Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been "very unwell" and suffering from psychological distress after being forced to resign from his post following the political unrest in that country, officials and media reports have said. ANI

2012 London Olympic Games under terror threat from Irish Republican groups
British Sports Minister, Jacquelin Magnay, has warned that the 2012 Olympic Games could be targeted by Irish Republican groups. ANI

Retired diplomat Marc Grossman picked as new US special envoy to Af-Pak region
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has chosen Marc Grossman, a retired senior diplomat and former ambassador to Turkey, as the Obama administration's new Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, a senior State Department official has revealed. ANI

Larry the cat 'to take on Downing Street rats'
UK Prime Minister David Cameron is all set to welcome a cat into his official residence. ANI

Secret recipe of Coca-Cola discovered after 125yrs, claims website
Ever since it was created in 1886, the exact ingredients that created Coca Cola have been shrouded in secrecy, guarded by those who own it but now, a website claims that it has uncovered that secret. ANI

ZTE Announces C-RAN Solution at MWC
ZTE Corporation (“ZTE”) (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063 Business Wire India

Gemalto Launches Protiva One Time Password Application for Mobile Users
Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, introduces Protiva Mobile OTP, a convenient, secure and cost-effective new way for businesses and their employees to deploy two-factor authentication, simply using their mobile phones Business Wire India

Cinterion and Trimble Collaborate on Compatible Wireless M2M and GPS Modules for Asset Management Solutions
Cinterion, a Gemalto company (Euronext NL 0000400653 GTO) and the global leader in cellular M2M communication modules, along with Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB), announce their collaboration to pair the companies’ state-of-the-art M2M and GPS technologies Business Wire India

Gemalto and iPass Connect Mobile Operators to Over 260,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots Globally
Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, today announced that it has entered into a Technology Collaboration Agreement with iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS), a leading provider of enterprise mobility services Business Wire India

Wipro Launches Advanced Digital Content Monetization Solution – Wipro COMET, for Media and Telecommunications Service Providers
Business Wire India

ZTE Unveils Skate Smart Phone at GSMA Mobile World Congress
ZTE Corporation (“ZTE”) (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, today launched its flagship Android smart phone, Skate, at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona Business Wire India

Co-branded Welch Allyn Health o meter® Professional Medical Scales Now Available in Select International Markets
Welch Allyn, a leading global provider of medical diagnostic equipment, announced today that its co-branded Health o meter® Professional Scales are now available in China, South Africa, Latin America and Australia Business Wire India

Jefferies Becomes Exchange Participant of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited
Jefferies today announced that the firm was named an approved Exchange Participant of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited ("SEHK"), effective January 31, 2011. With this designation, Jefferies Hong Kong Limited began executing Hong Kong equity orders in Jefferies’ name on Monday, February 7. Business Wire India

Mosquito Consolidated Announces Forest Service Issues Key Environmental Permit for CuMo Mineral Exploration
The U.S. Forest Service has announced that it approved the request of Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Limited, operating through its Nevada subsidiary, Mosquito Mining Corp., to proceed with further exploration activities on its mining claims in Boise County, Idaho, USA Business Wire India

Expand Networks New OS Improves High Latency Network Performance and Extends Virtualization Integration
Expand Networks, the leader in optimizing WANs for branch office consolidation and virtualization, yesterday announced the availability of its latest Accelerator operating system – AOS 7.0.1 Business Wire India

Trading Technologies Connects to Osaka Securities Exchange
Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) has released a new connection to Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE). This announcement coincides with the launch of OSE’s new J-GATE derivatives trading platform, which debuted today. Business Wire India

MSF Launches Global VoLTE Test Event
The MultiService Forum (MSF) announced yesterday at Mobile World Congress the first ever MSF/GSMA VoLTE (Voice over LTE) Interoperability Event scheduled for September 2011 Business Wire India

RADVISION Expands Video Conferencing Distribution Channel in India
RADVISION® Ltd. (Nasdaq: RVSN), a leading technology and end-to-end solution provider for unified visual communications including video network infrastructure, developer tools and high definition (HD) room, desktop and mobile video conferencing systems, has announced that Virtual Netcomm Pvt. Ltd Business Wire India

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