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International News on February 13, 2011

Pak govt. to ensure implementation of court order on Musharraf: Awan
Pakistan Law Minister Babar Awan on Sunday said that the government will ensure the implementation of a court order on former President Pervez Musharraf. ANI

Zardari, Gilani meet to discuss Pak-US relations, Davis case
Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani met with President Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday at the President House in Islamabad to discuss key issues. ANI

NATO warship seizes 'pirate mother ship' off Somalia
A NATO warship has captured a suspected pirate mother ship off Somalia, NATO's counter-piracy mission has said. ANI

Analysts doubt Egypt army's commitment to smooth transition of power
Although Egypt's army rulers have promised that they would eventually hand over power to an elected government to establish stability in the country, many political analysts are of the opinion that they lack the vision or will to transform the most populous Arab nation into a vibrant democracy. ANI

Teen girl caught up between Pak-Brit culture wants to 'spread wings' to discover new life
Molly Campbell, now a 16-year-old British girl who had accompanied her Pakistani father to Lahore after the divorce of her parents and converted to Islam there, is caught up between two cultures after she returned to Blackburn to 'spread her wings' and discover a new life at her free will. ANI

Double murder-accused US official enjoying special treatment in Pak jail
Double murder-accused US official Raymond Davis spent a relaxed first day in the Kot Lakhpat Jail in Lahore, where he has been remanded in judicial custody until February 25, and reportedly enjoying the protocol befitting a president. ANI

Hindus greet Buddhists on Magha Puja
Hindus have sent early greetings to Buddhist communities worldwide for the upcoming Magha Puja day, which falls on February 18. ANI

Boeing gets ready to unveil fourth-generation 747 version jetliner
Boeing on Sunday will officially unveil its highly-touted 747-8 Intercontinental, a wide-body commercial jet airliner that is being heralded as the next generation of the aviation giant's iconic jumbo jet. ANI

Chinese netizens view 'livelihood issues' as top concern
Many Chinese have voiced their complaints online saying that "livelihood issues," including the social security system and affordable housing, have remained their top concerns. ANI

Millanus - a speed-dating event for American Muslims
Millanus, a biannual conclave in Bayside, Queens, is fast becoming a popular match-hunting ground for American Muslims. ANI

Ban on party drug miaow miaow 'may have done harm rather than good'
Nearly a year after its ban in the UK, a new survey has revealed that clubbers are still taking designer party drug miaow miaow. ANI

Rastamouse sparks complaints of racism and teaching bad language
He is an animated reggae-singing mouse that has become a hit for the BBC, entertaining kids with his attempts to fight crime and spread love and respect. ANI

US pressure on Pak to free murder-accused Davis will be "counterproductive": Bashir
Any American pressure on Pakistan to release double-murder accused US diplomat Raymond Davis will be "counterproductive", Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir has said. ANI

Wills, Kate to spend part of their honeymoon in Scotland?
Prince William and Kate Middleton may spend part of their honeymoon at Balmoral, which is in Scotland. ANI

Protests in Rome-After Mubarak, it's time for Berlusconi to step down
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi faced a clamour from the streets of Rome to follow Hosni Mubarak's example and step down from Italy's premiership, as hundreds of protestors blew time on his leadership. ANI

NY school brands Justin Bieber fans' tribute T-shirts 'gang related'
A group of Justin Bieber fans were sent home from a New York City school after their tribute T-shirts to the teen idol were branded 'gang related.' ANI

Cubicles shrinking for US office workers: Study
A new study has revealed that office space for the average American worker is shrinking. ANI

Americans opinion on Pakistan, Afghanistan hits new lows
US public perceptions of Afghanistan and Pakistan have sunk to new lows this year, according to a new poll. ANI

Mubarak used last 18 days in power to transfer wealth to untraceable overseas accounts
Western intelligence sources have claimed that former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had transferred his vast wealth into untraceable accounts overseas within 18 days of political unrest in that country. ANI

Malaysia's National Service training camps to allow Sikh teachers
Sikh temples will be allowed to send their religious teachers to National Service training camps which have 15 Sikh trainees or more, said NS Department director-general Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil. ANI

Valentine's Day not appropriate for Muslims: Malaysian DPM
Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has said that the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) is meant to guide and advise Muslims to stay away from the Valentine's Day celebrations. ANI

Barbie doll-maker slammed over recruitment of models as young as 12
Barbie doll-maker Mattel has been branded irresponsible after it conducted a recruitment drive for glamour models as young as 12. ANI

Prince Harry 'to book lesbian burlesque act for William's stag night'
Prince Harry is apparently planning to book a kinky lesbian burlesque act to perform at his brother's stag night. ANI

Brit designer says fashion industry has forced unrealistic image on women
A leading British designer has slammed the fashion industry's continued obsession with skinny models, accusing it of being both ageist and sexist in its attitudes to women. ANI

70-year-old woman arrested for 'stalking' 92-year-old priest in US
A 70-year-old woman has been arrested after being accused of stalking a priest in Coral Springs, Florida, United states. ANI

Brave Oz father reveals how he fought off croc attack in waterhole
A brave father in Australia has opened up about an incident when he fought for his life with a 3m crocodile that dragged him under at a north Queensland waterhole. ANI

Assange's ex-colleague terms Wikileaks founder 'power hungry, 'irresponsible'
Julian Assange has said that he felt betrayed by his former colleague who has written a book describing the WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange as 'power hungry' and 'irresponsible', and added that he is considering to return to his birthplace in Australia. ANI

Murder-accused US official's file not tampered with: Malik
Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said double murder-accused US official Raymond Davis' file has not been tampered with. ANI

Knitting 'has a revolutionary effect on pupils' behaviour'
A UK school has brought the long-lost art of knitting back to the classroom stating that it has a revolutionary effect. ANI

Cardiff builder named world's number one sea angler
A Cardiff builder has been ranked the world number one sea angler. ANI

Hindus laud Peabody Essex Museum for organizing Hindu gods exhibition
Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in Salem (Massachusetts, USA) is currently organizing "Faces of Devotion" exhibition showing "nearly 40 dramatic sculptures of Hindu gods, goddesses, animal spirits and deified heroes" till January 16. ANI

World famous Glastonbury Festival to have Krishna Tent
There will be a Krishna Tent at the famed Glastonbury Festival in England, said to be the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world, to be held from June 22-26, according to reports. ANI

Ivanka Trump's fugitive suspected stalker jailed in LA
Cops have arrested and jailed Ivanka Trump's fugitive suspected stalker in Los Angeles. ANI

India concerned over China's relationship with Pak : Rao
Expressing New Delhi's concerns over Beijing's relationship with Islamabad, Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao underlined that China needs to be more sensitive in its dealings with Pakistan. ANI

Pakistan "very satisfied with outcome" of meeting with India at Thimpu
Pakistan has expressed its satisfaction with the outcome of the Foreign Secretary-level meeting with India, which was held recently on the sidelines of SAARC meeting at Thimpu. ANI

Krishna assures all help to duped Tri-Valley University students
Assuring all help to the duped students of California-based Tri-Valley University (TVU), External Affairs Minister S M Krishna has said that the government through its Embassy in Washington and consulates in America has been working closely with students, who have unfortunately got caught in the scam. ANI

Clinton pressurised me to grant diplomatic immunity to Davis: Qureshi
Former Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had pressurised him to sign a summary giving diplomatic immunity to double-murder accused American official Raymond Davis, but he refused to oblige. ANI

Camel ciggies maker forced to pay $260K to smoker who developed cancer
Camel cigarettes maker R.J. Reynolds has been forced to pay more than 260,000 dollars in damages to an elderly man who developed cancer from smoking. ANI

UK scouts' Kate Middleton kidnapping exercise draws outrage
A Scout troop in Britain has been slammed after it staged the mock kidnapping of Prince William's bride-to-be Kate Middleton by terrorists. ANI

US church's 'have more sex' ads for married couples draws ire
A church in the United States has left some people upset by putting up billboards urging married couples to have more sex. ANI

Musharraf to defy Pak court's non-bailable arrest warrant in Benazir murder case
Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf will not comply with a non-bailable arrest warrant issued against him by an Islamabad court over the assassination of ex-prime minister Benazir Bhutto, his London spokesman has said. ANI

Brit villagers warned wire to protect garden sheds 'could hurt burglars'
Police in UK have ordered villagers to remove wire mesh protecting their windows - because it could hurt burglars and lead to lawsuits. ANI

US calls off Afghan-Pak trilateral meeting in retaliation to Davis detention issue
The United States has postponed a high-level trilateral meeting among the US, Pakistan and Afghanistan that was scheduled to take place later this month, in what seems to be a retaliation against the continued judicial remand of double-murder accused US diplomat Raymond Davis in Lahore. ANI

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