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International News on February 12, 2011

Duped Tri Valley University students must be 'absorbed' in other US varsities: Krishna
Indian External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna has said that the Indian students of California-based Tri-Valley University (TVU).bout 1,500 Indian students of TVU, majority of them from Andhra Pradesh, face deportation after the university was raided and shut down by the US government on charges of selling student visas. ANI

Egyptian military vows 'to respect all regional, international treaties'
The Egyptian military has reaffirmed the country's commitment to all its international treaties. ANI

Oz man proposes to ladylove on weekender mag cover!
Sunshine Coast man Nathan Woulfe has proposed to girlfriend Meg Olcorn via a weekender magazine cover. ANI

New Royal coin downplays Will's bald patch in commemorative medal
Birmingham Mint has released a commemorative medal for William and Kate's wedding, which apparently shows the Prince will a full head of hair. ANI

CIA chief Panetta unaware of Indo-Pak peace talks?
The Central Intelligence Agency chief Leon Panetta was reportedly unaware of the agreement between India and Pakistan to resume peace talks. ANI

US man breaks into Kmart after he was not arrested with friend for DUI
A teen in the US, who was arrested for trashing a Kmart, has revealed that he did it because he was upset he had not been arrested with his friend, who had been taken in for driving under the influence. ANI

Brit girl seduces men to expose lies, earns big bucks during Valentine's
Valentine's day might be a day for expressing love for many but for a 27-year-old Brit girl this week is her busiest time to make money. ANI

IMF warns Pak Govt. to enforce tax reforms or lose much-needed funds
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has categorically warned the Pakistan Government to enforce the controversial Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST), or the financial crisis-hit country will not get any funds. ANI

Brit college girl posts topless pics on website
A Cheltenham Ladies' College first-year student has posted topless photos of herself on a lads' magazine website which offers the winner the chance to take part in a professional photoshoot. ANI

Mandela makes recording debut spoken-word vocal in song composed in his honour
Former South African President Nelson Mandela has recorded a spoken-word vocal for a song composed in his honour by Irish musician John Hughes. ANI

Major American quilt exhibition shows Diwali quilt
Diwali quilt is on display at Longmont Museum and Cultural Center in Colorado (USA) in its quilts exhibition titled "America Celebrates! Quilts of Joy and Remembrance", which will continue till March 13 and then travel nationally. ANI

Sex-swap ex-fireman weds Jamaican lesbian 30-yrs his junior
A thrice-married former fireman in Britain, who underwent a sex change to become a woman, has tied the knot with a Jamaican lesbian chef he met online. ANI

China rejects Japan's demand for damaged vessels' reimbursement
China's Foreign Ministry has rejected Japan's demand to sponsor the repair of two of its Coast Guard vessels involved in a collision in waters off the Diaoyu Islands last year. ANI

Mumbai terror attack inspirer Naik spreading 'hate messages' via satellite TV in UK
Zakir Naik, a Islamic preacher whose sermons had allegedly acted as inspiration for the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, has reportedly been broadcasting hate messages into British homes via a satellite TV despite being banned from entering that country last year. ANI

Mugabe supporters "beyond the reach of the law": Amnesty
A Human rights organisation has warned that supporters of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe have gone "beyond the reach of the law" raising fears among citizens ahead of elections in the country. ANI

Palin says Obama should put Egypt-like pressure on Iran for freedom
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has urged the media to enquire whether the Obama administration would exert equal pressure on Iran to allow more freedom to its citizens like it did for Egypt. ANI

Pak protestors shout "hang Davis" over double murder charges
Pakistanis staged a demonstration in Lahore over a demand to "hang" Raymond Davis, the US national under arrest on double murder charges. ANI

Brit women are taking 'chicken fattening' pills to have bigger butts
Thousands of women in Britain, who are eager to have bigger bottoms, are said to be risking their lives by taking pills that have been designed to fatten up chickens. ANI

Brit tax laws rulebook 10 times longer than Tolstoy's 'War and Peace'
Length of the handbook detailing Britain's tax laws has increased more than two-fold since 1997, and is now almost ten times as long as the famous novel 'War And Peace.' ANI

10 yr-olds seek rehab for alcohol addiction in Australia
Children as young as 10 are seeking treatment for alcohol addiction in Australia, it has emerged. ANI

US man arrested for sex with 13-yr-old he 'married' in online game
A 54-year-old Massachusetts man is accused of underage sex with a young teenager whom he allegedly "married" in the online role-playing game. ANI

US woman dialing for customer service greeted by sex hotline
A Virginia woman's home improvement plans turned awry in an instance, when she dialed a toilet company's customer service number. ANI

80pc Brits won't date someone who doesn't like their pooch!
Would you be willing to forego a date if he or she didn't like your pooch? ANI

Brit couple caught having sex in graveyard in full view of pupils
A couple in Britain has been arrested after they were caught having sex in a graveyard in broad daylight and in full view of pupils and staff at a top grammar school. ANI

North Korea proposes dialogue with South Korean political parties
North Korea has reportedly proposed a dialogue with South Korea's political parties for easing tensions between the two countries. ANI

China urges West to lift sanctions against Zimbabwe
Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi has called on Western countries to lift sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe. ANI

Sex attacker jailed for 6yrs after victim tracks him on Facebook
A young mother in UK turned detective and tracked down her sex attacker on Facebook. ANI

Berlusconi admits he's 'a sinner', accuses opponents of staging 'show trial'
Italy's Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has admitted that he "sometimes is a sinner", but also accused opponents of using Soviet-style spying to oust him in a political coup. ANI

UNESCO names Special Envoy to damaged Shiva temple on Thai-Cambodia border
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is sending Koochiro Matsuura, former UNESCO Director-General, as its Special Envoy to the damaged Preah Vihear Hindu temple on Thailand-Cambodia border, according to a United Nations release. ANI

Now, free sex disease tests for Valentine's Day clubbers
This Valentine's Day health experts will offer clubbers free sex disease tests. ANI

UK to withdraw counter-terrorism project funds to end multiculturalism
The British government plans to withdraw over 1.2 million pounds in funds allotted for its controversial counter-terrorism projects. ANI

'Love conquers all' - is it the truth or just a fairytale?
A professor of religion examines how romance novels and many other forms of popular culture emphasize the power of love to make all things turn out right, in the end. ANI

Jealous woman jailed for biting off partner's ear and feeding it to her dog!
A 44-year-old women in the UK reportedly bit off part of her partner's ear out of jealously. ANI

Russian scientists plot medical emergency for Mars astronauts
Russian scientists are preparing for the medical emergency on simulated astronauts when they will land on Mars prepared in a Moscow laboratory. ANI

Egypt's military says it is not a substitute for a legitimate government
Egypt's military has said it will not act as a substitute for a "legitimate" government following President Hosni Mubarak resignation. ANI

Malaysian govt. accepts Malay Chinese proposal on foreign workers
The Malaysian Government has reportedly accepted proposals of Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) to address problems like labour shortage and the strict process of hiring foreign workers faced by small and medium-scale enterprises. ANI

Malay Indians express outrage over sale of slippers bearing Hindu deity impressions
A number of Indian religious organisations in Malaysia have expressed outrage over the sale of slippers bearing impressions of a Hindu deity. ANI

10pc employees believe dating colleagues can cut chances of promotion
A new survey has revealed that many people steer clear of dating heir colleagues for the fear that it may hamper their chances of a promotion. ANI

Abraham Lincoln wanted to deport slaves to British colonies, reveals book
Late President of the United States Abraham Lincoln, who is revered as the great champion of America's slaves, had wanted to deport slaves to toil in British colonies in the Caribbean, reveals a new book. ANI

Ex- Liberian President Taylor hid 400 million dollars: Wikileaks
Former Liberian President Charles Taylor might have hidden as much as 400 million dollars of his wealth from prosecutors, the whistle blowing website Wikileaks have revealed. ANI

'Assange helped Victoria Police with Internet child pornography probe
The lawyer representing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has claimed that the Australian-born journalist had helped Victoria Police with an Internet child pornography investigation in the 1990s. ANI

Krishna links security with enhancing economic development in UNSC
External Affairs Minister S M Krishna has said that there is a link between enhancing economic development and the goals of international peace and security. ANI

Anti-Terrorism Court issues arrest warrant for Musharraf in Benazir murder case
Rawalpindi's Anti-Terrorism Court has issued an arrest warrant for former President Pervez Musharraf in the Benazir Bhutto assassination case. ANI

Andy Warhol self-portrait goes on display for the first time in 30 yrs
A self-portrait of Andy Warhol, which is expected to fetch 5 million pounds in auction, has been displayed for the first time in more than 30 years. ANI

Assange lawyer gives graphic description of 'missionary position' in sex case
Julian Assange's lawyer has said that the accusation of sexual assault made against WikiLeaks founder by one of his two alleged Swedish victims describes "the missionary position". ANI

188-yr-old shipwrecked whaler linked to 'Moby-Dick' discovered
Marine archaeologists have discovered a 19th-century shipwrecked whaling ship 'Two Brothers' - which went down in 1823 - from the Hawaiian waters. ANI

Mubarak resignation creates political vacuum for US in Middle East
President Hosni Mubarak's decision to step down after three decades in power presents the Obama administration with a political vacuum in the Middle East. ANI

India, Brazil, Germany, Japan demand UNSC change
India, Brazil, Germany and Japan have said that there is a need to open up the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) to new members. ANI

Mubarak's departure will mark "beginning of a process" for Egyptian people: Middle East Expert
An expert on terrorism, Middle East politics and Homeland Security issues has said Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's exit will usher a new political process in Egypt. ANI

Indians, Bangladeshis arrested in Sharjah for attempted selling of pornographic videos
Four Asians, including two Indian nationals, have been arrested in Sharjah for intending to distribute a total of 12,460 pornographic DVDs to residents and workers in various parts in the city. ANI

'Public p*rn shoot' on island near Miami Beach sparks outrage
An adult film company that was filming a p*rn movie in a public park near Miami Beach has sparked outrage amongst city officials. ANI

Musharraf charged with providing Baitullah with 'opportunity to murder Benazir'
Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf provided Tehrik-i-Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud with the opportunity to carry out suicide attacks on former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, according to a detailed charge-sheet presented in Rawalpindi's Anti Terrorism Court (ATC). ANI

LHC calls for Pak Govt's report on plea seeking Musharraf's high treason charges trial
The Lahore High Court has called for a report from the Pakistan Government on a petition seeking the trial of former President Pervez Musharraf on high treason charges. ANI

Oprah demands respect for Obama
Oprah Winfrey has demanded from US President Barack Obama's critics that they should "show some level of respect." ANI

3-yr-old NY boy living despite a 'vanishing brain'!
A 3-year-old boy from New York has surprised doctors as he is living on an apparently 'disappearing brain.' ANI

Us Weekly sorry over using fake Sarah Palin quotes
Celebrity gossip magazine, Us Weekly, has apologized to Former Alaska Governor Sarah Plain for using her fake quotes. ANI

Huckabee, Romney are leading GOP presidential candidates: Fox Poll
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (55 percent) and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (54 percent) alone have received a thumbs-up from at least half of Republican voters. ANI

Pak ignored 'witness accounts, physical proof that show Davis acted in self-defense': US
The US Consul General in Lahore has 'regretted' that Pakistani authorities 'did not consider eyewitness accounts and physical evidence' when they stated that US diplomat Raymond Davis intentionally killed two Pakistani men in Lahore and that the act was not committed in self-defence. ANI

US denies threatening Haqqani with expulsion from Washington over Davis affair
The United States has denied reports that President Barack Obama's National Security Advisor Tom Donilon delivered a presidential threat to Pakistan that it must release double-murder accused US diplomat Raymond Davis by Friday or face the consequences. ANI

All eyes on Egypt defence minister, army chief during transition process
All eyes are now on two of Egypt's most senior military officers - Defence Minister, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, and Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Sami Hafez Enan, in the wake of the stepping down of President Hosni Mubarak. ANI

Trapped Chilean miners talked of cannibalism, suicide
The trapped 33 Chilean miners' have now revealed that their mental faculties were stretched to the limit, and have admitted that there were thoughts of death and cannibalism. ANI

Mubarak's exit will see emergence of new Middle East: Iran's Ahmadinejad
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that the exit of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will see the emergence of a "new Middle East". ANI

World leaders welcome end of Egypt crisis
World leaders and officials have greeted the departure of President Hosni Mubarak with full-throated expressions of support for the people of Egypt along with some measured words of caution ahead for an uncertain period of political transition. ANI

Israelis react cautiously to ally Mubarak's exit
Israel has reacted with quiet and deep concern over the exit of long-term ally Hosni Mubarak as the president of Egypt. ANI

Obama urges Egypt's military to ensure transition to democracy
U.S. President Obama has urged Egypt's all powerful military council to ensure a smooth transition to democracy after a street revolution led to the exit of President Hosni Mubarak. ANI

Mubarak quits as Egypt president, hands over power to military council
Hosni Mubarak has resigned as the president of Egypt and handed power to the country's key military council, leadint to widespread celebrations in the streets of the country on Friday. ANI

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