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International News on February 1, 2011

Most Britons consider man-made climate change 'current or imminent threat': Poll
The burning issue of a man-made climate change has alarmed Britons so much that 83 percent consider it a current or imminent threat, according to a Guardian/ICM opinion poll. ANI

Moscow blast terrorists warned woman to turn 'Black Widow' suicide bomber or see baby girl die
A Russian woman has claimed that she was threatened by the terrorists, who unleashed last week's airport bomb in Moscow, that they would kill her baby girl if she refused to become a 'Black Widow' suicide bomber. ANI

'Generals' have become burden on Pakistan's population: Altaf Hussain
'Generals' have become a burden on Pakistan instead of rendering their services to the motherland, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has said. ANI

Hindus want national holiday on October 13 to mark Sister Nivedita's 100th death anniversary
Hindus have asked India Government to declare October 13 as national holiday to commemorate Sister Nivedita's (1867-1911) 100th death anniversary. ANI

Hindus and Jews laud Sweden for "white book" on Roma maltreatment and ask Europe to follow
Hindus and Jews have applauded Sweden for reportedly commissioning a "white book", listing the persecution, wrongdoings, ill-treatment, forced sterilizations, school denial, human rights violations, genocide, lack of voting rights, and more, suffered by Roma (Gypsies) during the Twentieth Century.istinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed; and Rabbi Jonathan B ANI

Murder-accused US diplomat may have been an 'undercover spy': Report
The US Consular employee facing double murder charges in Pakistan reportedly had frequent contacts with a faction of a banned militant outfit, possibly to get confidential information while working as an undercover spy, according to a newspaper report. ANI

Hillary Clinton creates history by calling nearly all US ambassadors for foreign policy meeting
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called US ambassadors from different countries to attend a wide-ranging foreign policy meeting, the first of its kind ever, in Washington on Monday. ANI

Mother-of-two, who spent 11-yrs in wheelchair, crowned Ms America
A woman in the US, who has overcome numerous obstacles, like being wheelchair bound for 11-years, has now been crowned Ms America 2011. ANI

83-yr-old UK grandma chases burglar, brings him to justice
An 83-year-old UK grandma showed no fear when a prolific thief confronted her at her home. Instead, she chased him down the streets and brought him to justice. ANI

Library of Congress to display 1st US map sold for record $1.8mn
Visitors to the Library of Congress will soon be able to view the first map of the United States, thanks to a philanthropist who snapped it for a record price of 1.8 million dollars at an auction. ANI

Super Bowl commercial featuring p*rn star banned
US network FOX has banned a Super Bowl commercial featuring a p*rn star days ahead of the game. ANI

Oz mothers face load of taking care of children after divorce
An Australian study has found that children of separated parents live with their mothers most of the time despite a law change to promote equal custody after a divorce. ANI

Court will decide double murder-accused US diplomat's fate, Zardari tells US
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has turned down a US Congressional delegation's demand to hand over double murder-accused American diplomat Raymond Davis to the US government. ANI

Captive Sri Lankan fishermen's desperate plea to govt. to rescue them from Somali pirates
Three Sri Lankan fishermen captured by Somali pirates have desperately sought their country's help through radar communication after two of their colleagues were killed. ANI

Belgium poised for world record over operating without government for longest period
Belgium could soon become a record holder nation for operating for the longest period of time without a government. ANI

Brit students stage mass walkout after teacher bans girls from linking arms
Students in a British school staged a mass walkout after a teacher, who spotted two teen aged girls walking arm in arm, spoke to the class about it being an inappropriate behaviour. ANI

Pak Punjab Govt. won't bow to pressure in murder-accused US diplomat's trial: Shahbaz
The government of Pakistan's Punjab province will not give in to any "national or international pressure" in the trial of double murder-accused American diplomat Raymond Davis, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said. ANI

Dumb Oz bakery robber traps himself in locked storeroom
A bumbling would-be robber broke into a bakery in Australia only to find himself trapped in a locked storeroom. ANI

Saudi newborn's father lands in trouble after kissing lady doc
A man almost ended up in a court of law after kissing a woman doctor in Saudi Arabia upon hearing that his wife had delivered a baby boy. ANI

Texas student gets $637 fine for swearing in classroom
A Texas student has been asked to pay 637- dollar fine for using bad language in a high school classroom. ANI

Brave toddler who had half her brain removed learns to walk
A toddler has learnt to walk after having half her brain removed to stop her suffering 50 seizures a day. ANI

US couple get married in middle of marathon
A couple in the US, who started the Chevron Houston Marathon as two single people, is said to have crossed the finish line as newlyweds after exchanging vows halfway through the run. ANI

US envoy to China 'resigns' eyeing 2012 presidential run against Obama
The United States ambassador to China, Jon M. Huntsman Jr., has reportedly resigned from his post, a move that could clear his way to run for the 2012 presidential elections on the Republican ticket. ANI

US travel advisory for citizens on terror-threat countries includes India and Pakistan
The United States has issued a "Worldwide Caution" for US citizens against travelling to multiple regions, including India and Pakistan. ANI

South Africa's ANC slams trend of eating 'sushi off semi-nude model'
The African National Congress has slammed the trend of eating sushi off the body of a model in a bikini, saying that it politically incorrect. ANI

Freed American female hiker summoned to Iran to stand trial over spying charges
Sarah Shourd, An American woman who was released last year after spending 14 months in an Iranian jail, has been asked to stand trial in Tehran over spying charges. ANI

Cyber weapon Stuxnet targeted for Iran, but can be turned on US: Experts
The world's most powerful cyber weapon may have been originally designed to attack Iran's nuclear program, but it could also be manipulated the cause catastrophic damage to any industrialized nation-including the United States-experts have warned. ANI

Putin, Medvedev share nearly 24 'secret palaces' between them
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin allegedly share between them at least two dozen palaces, villas and mansions, according to a respected Russian magazine. ANI

South Korea rejects North Korea's call to bring military talks forward
South Korea has rejected a proposal by North Korea to bring forward military talks by 10 days, saying it was not enough time to prepare for their first dialogue since the latter's shelling of a border island last year. ANI

Libya trade loss fears led British ministers to back Lockerbie bomber's release: Wikileaks
Britain would have suffered a setback in its political and economic ambitions in Libya if the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, was not released from a Scottish prison, according to latest revelations by Wikileaks. ANI

US stands by double murder-accused US diplomat's action as 'self defence'
The United States has defended the action of a US diplomat, who shot two persons to death at Mazang Chowk in Lahore last Thursday, saying that he had acted "in self defence when confronted by two armed men on motorcycles". ANI

One killed in NATO oil tanker attack in Pak's Balochistan province
In the latest attack on convoys in Pakistan carrying supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan, unidentified men opened indiscriminate fire at a NATO oil tanker in Balochistan's Mastung district on Tuesday, killing two persons. ANI

Shepherd's Monument 'code' is 19th century graffiti claims Brit historian
The eight-letter inscription on the 18th century Shepherd's Monument in UK has left many baffled, but a British historian has come forward to say that it is nothing more than 19th century graffiti. ANI

Britain secretly advised Libyan govt. on how to secure Lockerbie bomber's release: Wikileaks
Secret US diplomatic cables released by the whistleblower website 'Wikileaks' have revealed that British ministers had secretly suggested ways to the Libyan government for the early and successful release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi. ANI

Last year's Pakistan floods could have been predicted
Catastrophic monsoon rains that swept Pakistan last year could have been predicted days in advance if weather-forecasting data had been shared and processed, according to US researchers. ANI

Ugandan opposition leader sings praises of ex-dictator Idi Amin
A Ugandan opposition leader, Kizza Besigye, has praised the country's former dictator and despot Idi Amin, saying that the latter had done more for the country than long-serving president Yoweri Museveni. ANI

Michelle Obama responds to McQueen dress row
US First Lady Michelle Obama, who found herself at the centre of a controversy for wearing a British designer's gown to a recent state dinner, has responded back - 'she just wants to wear what she loves'. ANI

Palin aide rejects media report that she dropped words retreat, reloading from her speech
A key aide of former Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin has confirmed that the latter did use two controversial phrases - "Don't retreat, reload" and "Don't retreat, stand tall" - during a recent speech here. ANI

US boy sets world record with perfect score on Dance Dance Revolution
A boy in the US has entered the Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer's Edition after becoming the youngest person to reach a perfect score on Dance Dance Revolution at the age of 9. ANI

WikiLeaks founder Assange's mum says Oz PM is a US sycophant
The mother of the founder of the whistle blowing website WikiLeaks, Julian Assange has launched a scathing attack on Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, calling her a "sycophant" of the United States. ANI

Terrified passengers were almost flying across cabin in turbulence hit V Oz flight
Passengers on a Melbourne-bound V Australia flight were almost flying around the cabin after plane hit unexpected turbulence. ANI

Murdered Indian origin woman's husband in police custody till Feb.28
The husband of a woman found burning on the side of a Huntly road last month has been reamded to police custody till February 28 and will reappear before the Hamilton District Court on March 1. ANI

Rare photos of endangered Amazonians released to bring attention to their plight
Rare photographs of natives of the Amazon have been released by Brazil to bring attention to the plight of the indigenous people, who rights groups say are faced with possible extinction. ANI

Former French President Chirac rubbishes reports he is suffering from Alzheimers
Former French President Jacques Chirac, who faces trials over corruption, has denied reports that he is suffering from Alzheimers. ANI

Mubarak's grip on power in Egypt is shaken
With the Egyptian Army declaring that it would not use force against the public, authoritarian president Hosni Mubarak days in power appear to be numbered. ANI

US not taking any sides on Egypt crisis: Gibbs
In wake of massive protests in Egypt, the United States has made it clear that it is not determining whether Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak should leave office amid massive protests against his rule. ANI

White House turns to Al Jazeera English to monitor Egypt protests
White House officials have turned to Al Jazeera English among other television channels to monitor the mounting protests in Egypt. ANI

Ex-US envoy to Egypt sent to Cairo to assess Mubarak's intentions
The Obama administration has sent former ambassador to Egypt Frank Wisner to Cairo to meet with President Hosni Mubarak and other senior officials to gauge the latter's intentions amid the fast-moving events there. ANI

German animal trainer under fire over dog's 'Heil Hitler!' salute
An animal trainer for German television and movie productions has been slammed for teaching a dog called Goldie to give the 'Heil Hitler!' salute. ANI

Pak court blocks 'murder-accused US diplomat' from exiting country
The Lahore High Court (LHC) has directed the government to include US national Raymond Davis, who shot two persons to death at Mazang Chowk in Lahore last Thursday, in the Exit Control List (ECL). ANI

Egypt crisis: US sizing up ex-IAEA chief El-Baradei
The Obama administration is reportedly sizing up the leadership potential of former International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Mohamed El-Baradei, even as it simultaneously assesses the impact of a shaky Mubarak regime on the Egyptian political landscape. ANI

US judge declares Obama administration's health care overhaul as 'unconstitutional'
A Florida judge has taken the initiating step of declaring the Obama administration's health care overhaul as 'unconstitutional' after rendering his support to 26 states that sued to block it, saying that Americans should be not be compelled to buy health insurance. ANI

IMF refuses talks with financial crisis-hit Pakistan on restoring 11.3-bn-dollar package
Amid the snowballing financial crisis in Pakistan, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has refused to send a mission to the country for talks on restoring the 11.3-billion-dollar bailout package. ANI

Mubarak coffin almost nailed, Egyptian Army says will protect demonstrators
The Egyptian Army, which has had a significant role to play in the country's political landscape for more than half-a-century, has told demonstrators that their demands are "legitimate" and that troops "would not resort to the use of force against our great people". ANI

Prince William to wear military uniform for wedding
Prince William is expected to follow royal tradition and walk down the aisle in military dress - like his father Prince Charles and uncle Prince Andrew - with his RAF uniform likely to be the one selected. ANI

US to investigate Tri-Valley Varsity scam
The United States is taking very seriously a civilian case filed against Tri-Valley University of Pleasanton, California. ANI

Picasso's portrait of his mistress expected to fetch £18m at auction
A portrait of Marie-Therese Walter who transformed both the life and art of painter Pablo Picasso will go on sale at Sotheby's in New York next week, and is expected to fetch up to 18 million pounds. ANI

Multilateral donors halt budgetary support to Pakistan, seek IMF's 'Letter of Comfort'
Multilateral donors- including the World Bank (WB), the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB)- have reportedly halted their budgetary aid to Pakistan. ANI

Southampton scientists develop control system to allow spacecraft to think for themselves
The world's first control system that will allow engineers to programme autonomous satellites and spacecraft to think for themselves has been developed by scientists from the University of Southampton. ANI

Wikileaks founder Assange urges Oz govt to ensure safe return to Melbourne
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has urged the Australian government to ensure his safe return to his hometown, Melbourne, ahead of his extradition hearing over allegedly sexually assaulting two Swedish women. ANI

Even David Cameron's doctor brother-in-law doesn't trust NHS reforms
UK Prime Minister David Cameron has dragged his own family into the row over the Government's health reforms. ANI

Pak's nuke arms expansion posing direct challenge to US policy: Report
The new US intelligence assessment that Pakistan has steadily expanded its nuclear arsenal, and is on a path to overtake Britain as the world's fifth largest nuclear weapons power, poses a direct challenge to a central element of US President Barack Obama's national security strategy- the reduction of nuclear stockpiles around the world. ANI

FBI agents 'sleep with sources, watch p*rn at work'
Agents at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is supposed to be the nation's elite police force, are now being disciplined for serious breaches of misconduct, secret files have revealed. ANI

Iran could develop nuke weapon of 'mass destruction' by 2012: UK Defence Secy
British Defence Secretary Liam Fox has warned that Iran could develop nuclear weapons of mass destruction as early as next year. ANI

Polanski demonisation has turned me away from left-wing: Carla Bruni
French First Lady Carla Bruni has admitted that her support for two high-profile men linked with underage s*x crimes made her abandon her links with the Socialist Party. ANI

Berlusconi's ex-dental hygienist quizzed over 'arranging hookers' claims
Nicole Minetti, Silvio Berlusconi's former dental hygienist, has been interrogated over claims that she procured s*x workers for the Italian premiere. ANI

Sex during pregnancy is generally safe
A new study claims that s*x during pregnancy is usually safe, with few complications. ANI

Covidien Reports First-Quarter Results
Covidien plc (NYSE: COV) today reported results for the first quarter of fiscal 2011 (October-December 2010). First-quarter net sales of $2.77 billion increased 5% from the $2.64 billion reported a year ago. Foreign exchange rate movement had no impact on the quarterly sales growth rate. Business Wire India

Houghton Acquires Shell Metalworking and Metal Rolling Oils Business
Houghton International Inc. has completed its acquisition of Shell’s Metalworking and Metal Rolling Oils business, a global specialty fluids manufacturer. Through this acquisition, Houghton has gained significant strategic resources that touch all parts of its operating geography. Business Wire India

TUV Rheinland Group Appointed as a Global Audit Body for TAPA
The TUV Rheinland Group is proud to announce that it has been appointed as a global audit provider by the Worldwide Council of TAPA, the Transported Asset Protection Association. The appointment enables TUV Rheinland to conduct assessments against the Freight Security Requirement (FSR) standard worldwide. Business Wire India

Film Fresh Obtains $2 Million Equity Investment
Online film service Film Fresh Inc. has announced that the company has obtained $2 million in equity investment from a private investment group. Business Wire India

GrapeCity ActiveReports 6 Adds Support for Silverlight Reporting and Enhances Windows Azure Reporting
GrapeCity PowerTools has announced the availability of Service Pack 2 for award-winning ActiveReports 6 with a number of significant enhancements that include support for Silverlight reporting and enhanced Windows Azure reporting in both full and partial trust modes. Business Wire India

Internal Logistics Supplier BEUMER Will Rely on WEBfactory Software Worldwide
Beumer, a global internal logistics supplier based in Beckum, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, has selected WEBfactory, a visualisation software company based in Buchen, Germany, to supply the Group's automation applications Business Wire India

Psion Removes ""Teklogix"" Name and Refreshes Corporate Identity
Psion plc (LSE: PON.L) has shortened its operating company name, removing the name “Teklogix” to create a more effective global brand. Psion’s corporate identity has also been refreshed to work better in the digital world Business Wire India

IntervalZero Releases RTX 2011: Most Powerful and Scalable Version of its Real-Time Software
IntervalZero, Inc., has released RTX 2011, the most powerful and scalable version of its market-leading real-time software plug-in for Microsoft Windows. Business Wire India

Bloomberg Launches Real-Time Compliance with Bloomberg Vault
Bloomberg, the leader in financial services messaging, has announced a new real-time search and analytics console for Bloomberg Vault, the first compliance solution to integrate real-time monitoring, search analytics, and archiving of Bloomberg messaging and corporate email Business Wire India

CHOICE Awards Outstanding Academic Title to ebrary's Academic Complete
ebrary®, a leading provider of e-books and research technology, has announced that its Academic Complete™ subscription database has received the prestigious designation of CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title (OAT), further cementing its position as the best value in the industry. Business Wire India

KCI Licenses Wright Medical's GRAFTJACKET® Brand for Wound Care
Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (NYSE: KCI) has announced an agreement to license Wright Medical Group, Inc.’s GRAFTJACKET® brand for use in marketing the LifeCell™ acellular human dermal-based regenerative tissue matrix for wound applications such as diabetic foot ulcers and venous stasis ulcers Business Wire India

Singapore to Benefit from Rising Optimism About Business Prospects in Asia:
A number of economic statistics and anecdotal evidence are pointing towards increased confidence over business prospects in Asia. The bullish market sentiment is likely to lead to a surge in Singapore company formation activity, predicts Business Wire India

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