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Fallout feared if US steps up 'extra-judicial killings'

September 28, 2011 - Lahore

Pakistan's leading intelligence agencies have warned the provincial and federal authorities that militants are planning to carry out large-scale and coordinated terror strikes on Pakistani citizens and on NATO supply lines in response to the US drone strikes.

In a confidential report, the intelligence agencies have warned that the drone strikes have been causing fear and panic among the people of FATA and added that any expansion in drone strikes will further deteriorate the situation.

Suggesting the possibility of a public backlash in Pakistan and more anti-American sentiments, the Nation quotes the confidential report as saying that "moderates are likely to join the radical groups, providing new impetus to the militant activities in Pakistan."

The report further reveals that terrorist activities such as suicide attacks, bomb blasts and targeted killings will intensify in Pakistan.

"A backlash to the continued air strikes is also likely to generate more attacks on NATO's supply lines that pass through the meandering lines of communication in Fata and Balochistan," the confidential report adds.


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