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Ex-boyfriend dragged to court for displaying abortion billboard in Mexico

June 8, 2011 - Washington

A man in New Mexico has been charged for harassing his girlfriend by putting up a controversial billboard that suggested his ex-girlfriend had an abortion.

The billboard displays a photo of Greg Fultz holding the outline of a baby with a playground in the background and reads, 'This Would Have Been a Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To NOT KILL Our Child!' nfuriated by Fultz's act, his ex-girlfriend Nani Lawrence took him to court with a petition for domestic violence and charges of harassment and invasion of privacy.

35-year-old Fultz claimed that Lawrence was pregnant with his child during their six-month relationship last year. However, when the relationship ended, the baby was lost.

Fultz admitted that he does not know whether it was due to an abortion or a miscarriage since Lawrence would not tell him what actually happened.

"My original intentions when I started this campaign were quite simple. I just wanted to shed the light on pro-life issues and fathers' rights. I have had no closure over my own personal loss and that's where the billboard came into play," the ABC News quoted Fultz as saying.


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