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Emergency declared in Islamist abandoned parts of Somalia

August 14, 2011 - Mogadishu

Somalia President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has issued a statement declaring state of emergency in areas vacated by Islamists and in camps for drought-displaced people in Mogadishu.

"A state of emergency is imposed on areas vacated by Al Shabaab," Xinhua quoted the statement issued by Ahmed's office, as saying.

"The state of emergency will be effective for three months starting from the date of issuance," it added.

The Somalia President has also imposed a state of emergency on camps for the internally displaced people, most of whom fled from drought-hit southern Somalia.

The measure is aimed at ensuring the security of the displaced people at the camps.

Last week, Islamist rebels of Al-Shabaab had withdrawn from areas they controlled in Mogadishu following fierce clashes with Somalia government forces and African Union peacekeeping forces.

The presidential decree stated that the Somali government will take 'any steps necessary' to ensure security and stability of areas 'liberated' from Al Shabaab and in camps for the displaced people in Mogadishu.

The decree would not affect areas previously controlled by the Somali government in the capital, unless instability reaches it during the emergency state is in effect.


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