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Dubai cinema hall bans lungi-clad patrons from entering

November 3, 2011 - Dubai

A Cinema hall in Dubai has banned 'Lungis' over complaints that the dress was a little too racy.

The manager at Bollywood Cinemas at Al Quoz said that women and men had complained that men were coming to the theatres with "half mast" lungis, which effectively turns them into loincloths or short skirts.

"Husbands complained, 'how can we bring our wives and kids here?'," Gulf News quoted the manager as saying.

"Even Emiratis wear lungis - but under their kandouras. They are home clothes, not something you come to a cinema in.

"Many families were uncomfortable so we asked people to wear pants," the manager added.

Notices in South Indian languages have been put up at the cinema in Al Quoz Mall where labourers in lungis are common.

Ironically the theatre regularly screens south Indian movies featuring lungi-clad stars.


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