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International News on December 31, 2011

Imran Khan's Party receiving 'unprecedented' support ahead of next Pak election
Former cricketer Imran Khan's party, Pakistan Tehrik- e-Insaf has become a major political force in the country if the huge turnout in the Karachi and Lahore rallies hosted by the party is anything to go by. ANI

US Air Force buys new fastest, largest hunter-killer armed drone
The United States Air Force has purchased a new hunter-killer aircraft that is the fastest and largest armed drone in its fleet. ANI

Bachmann proclaims herself 'America's Margaret Thatcher' in White House campaign
The 2012 White House contender Michele Bachmann is projecting herself as "America's Margaret Thatcher" ahead of the January 3aucuses. ANI

Hackers plan to launch satellites to block Internet censorship
Computer hackers are planning to put their own communication satellites into orbit in order to take the Internet beyond the reach of censors. ANI

Lax Schengen visa controls could lead to another 9/11 in Europe, warns Interpol chief
The failure of many European countries to check passports against an international database of lost and stolen travel documents is leaving the Continent vulnerable to 'another September 11,' the head of Interpol has warned. ANI

Pak's JI party says Balochistan situation as bad as Bangladesh before independence
The Jamaat-e-Islami party Balochistan's condition is similar to that of Bangladesh prior to its independence in 1971. ANI

Prince Harry hurls snowball at passersby on ski holiday
Prince Harry recently amused himself by throwing snowballs at passersby from the balcony of the winter resort he was stuck at. ANI

French police fine woman for driving while wearing burqa
A Muslim woman in France has been fined for driving a car wearing burqa because the full-face covering 'reduced her field of vision'. ANI

Lack of women on company boards blamed for business failings
A business leader has called for the need to address the issue of too few women in the boardroom. ANI

Fox Latin America apologizes for asking if Jews were behind Jesus' death
The Latin American channel that asked if Jews were responsible for Jesus' death in a Facebook poll has apologized after being slammed by Jewish human rights activists. ANI

Letter accuses Ex-HP CEO of 'making repeated sexual advances towards hostess'
Mark Hurd, former CEO of American IT company Hewlett-Packard, made repeated sexual advances towards a corporate hostess, according to claims in a letter from her lawyer. ANI

Carla Bruni is over botoxed, leading dermatologist says
Carla Bruni's famously beautiful face looks almost unrecognizable now due to overuse of botox, according to a leading dermatologist. ANI

Chennai to host first-ever Malaysian Indian film festival
The first Malaysian Indian Film Festival 2012 will be held at Chennai in India from January 9 to 13 in 2012. ANI

China cracks down on online banking theft
The Chinese government has cracked down on online banking theft to combat phishing and ensure that the websites of legitimate banks appear at the top of search results. ANI

US says Egypt has agreed to 'end crackdown on rights groups'
The United States has said that Egypt has agreed to halt raids on the offices of non-governmental organisations (NGOs). ANI

Strauss-Kahn's favourite wife-swapping club closed 'for allowing high-class prostitutes to work'
A notorious wife-swapping club in Paris said to be a favourite place of shamed former International Monetary Fund head Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has been shut down for allegedly allowing 'high-class prostitutes' to operate on its premises. ANI

Twitter threatened with legal action for hosting terrorist Hezbollah accounts
An Israeli pressure group has threatened micro blogging site Twitter with legal action to force it to close accounts run by Hezbollah and other organisations classified as terrorists by the US. ANI

Iran to test-fire missiles in world's most important oil shipping lane
Iran has announced that it would test-fire a barrage of long-range missiles as part of military exercises in the Persian Gulf. ANI

Play Taliban ringtones or you'll be killed in Afghanistan!
Travellers in Afghanistan will face death if they do not have mobile phones playing Taliban ringtones and messages. ANI

Malaysia still investigating sex stimulant sale in Kerala
The Health Ministry continues to investigate claims that sex-enhancing stimulants made in Malaysia are being sold in the state of Kerala in Southern India. ANI

Libya 'broke international justice standards by holding Saif Gaddafi without access to lawyer'
The new Libyan government has broken international standards of justice by holding slain dictator Muammar Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam without access to a lawyer on charges that could carry the death penalty, a human rights activist has said. ANI

Jeremy Clarkson's offensive jokes on Indian people, culture spark outrage
Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been accused of offensive behaviour for making jokes about Indian people and culture. ANI

'Amazing' tops list of overused words banished from 2012
A Michigan university has released an annual list of words banished from the Queen's English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness. ANI

Asma Jahangir blasts Pak SC memogate order for bringing civilian authority under army
Former ambassador Husain Haqqani's counsel Asma Jahangir has said though she has accepted the Pakistan Supreme Court's decision to form a judicial commission to probe the Memo Gate scandal, she does not agree with the verdict. ANI

UK police apologise for failing to contact Anuj's father before he learnt about death on Facebook
The British police has apologized after it emerged that the father of an Indian student shot dead in Manchester found about the news of his son's death through Facebook. ANI

UK police offer 50,000 pounds reward to find Indian student Anuj Bidve's murderer
A 50,000 pounds reward has been offered by the British police to catch the killer of Indian student, Anuj Bidve. ANI

Activists slam Bhopal gas tragedy film for letting 'culprit US company off the hook'
Canberra, Dec 31 (ANI:) Campaigners working with the survivors of 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy have slammed a movie being made on the incident, saying that the film would be an insult to the victims of the world's worst industrial disaster. ANI

Pak Rangers take over US cargo stranded following shutdown of NATO supply line
Pakistan's paramilitary force, Rangers, has started taking over highly sensitive US cargo stranded in the country following the sealing of the NATO supply line as a response to the November 26 airstrike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers. ANI

Pak Supreme Court forms judicial commission to probe Memo Gate scandal
Pakistan's Supreme Court has declared the petitions filed in connection with the Memo Gate scandal as maintainable and has constituted a three-member judicial commission to probe the issue. ANI

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