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International News on December 29, 2011

Anthony Weiner 'wanted threesome with another man'
Anthony Weiner's sexting mistress has reportedly claimed that the New York politician wanted to have a threesome with her and another man. ANI

China consumes double energy than world average
China's energy spending is 2.2 times more than the world average according to Zhang Ping, Director of the National Development and Reform Commission. ANI

David Cameron blasted over war on cheap booze
Prime Minister David Cameron has been criticised over his war on cheap booze. ANI

Cautious Hispanic voters still support Obama
US President Barack Obama still holds a big lead among Hispanic voters when compared with possible Republican candidates despite his administration's stepped-up deportation policies being severely criticized as well as opposed. ANI

Dubai girl mentoring kids in Indian slums
A Dubai girl, who would have easily got a coveted job anywhere in the world, has chosen to teach underprivileged kids in the slums of Mumbai. ANI

US firm offers employees unlimited holidays!
An American firm has announced its decision to offer unlimited time-off to its staff from January 1. ANI

Breastfeeding mums stage 'nurse-in' protest against Target stores
Breastfeeding mothers staged a "nurse-in" protest at Target stores across US to support a Texas woman who said she was ridiculed for breastfeeding her baby at a Houston store. ANI

Saudi women free to run, vote in 2015 municipal elections without male approval
Women in Saudi Arabia will not need any consent from their male counterparts to run or vote in municipal elections in 2015. ANI

News International prepares 100m pounds legal fund to settle hacking cases before they reach court
Rupert Murdoch's media firm News International has reportedly prepared a legal fund of 100 million pounds to settle civil litigation actions brought by victims of the News of the World phone hacking scandal before they get to court. ANI

Anonymous' 'Robin Hood-style' hack on US security firm alarms companies
Thousands of private and government organisations are examining their accounts after notorious Internet hacking group Anonymous stole credit card information from an American security firm and diverted 500,000 dollars from private bank accounts to charities. ANI

Arab League under fire for failing to halt violence in Syria
An Arab League peace mission to Syria has come under the scanner for failing to halt violence amid the rising death toll. ANI

'Holidaying' Imran Khan enjoying kids' company post frenetic political tsunami
Pakistan Tehreek -e-Insaf chief Imran Khan is enjoying a vacation with his two kids marking a break from a hectic schedule that involved ravelling across the country to address public gatherings, news conferences and internal party meetings. ANI

Pak military polled one of 'cleanest institutions', land administration 'most corrupt'
A new poll has found that the Pakistan military is the least corrupt institution after education, while the land administration department is the most corrupt. ANI

Russia blasts US for human rights abuses
Russia has criticized the United States for its human rights abuses, in its first-ever report on injustice in other countries. ANI

US-Pak ties heading towards final clash over release of November 26 attack probe report
The Pakistan- US ties appear to be heading towards a final clash, ahead of the release of the detailed American probe report into the November 26 airstrike into the Pakistani border posts. ANI

Witnesses describe last moments of Indian student shot dead in UK 'for not answering question'
Witnesses, who watched Indian student Anuj Bidve dying after being gunned down by a stranger in UK, described how they desperately fought to keep him alive. ANI

Britain still giving aid to Brazil despite it being 'richer' than it
Britain is funding aid to Brazil even though it has overtaken the UK to become the world's sixth-largest economy. ANI

Pak's 'Anna Hazare' joins Sharif's PML-N party
Pakistan's human rights activist Jahangir Akhtar has joined the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party. ANI

Critics slam Iran's decision to hang woman convicted of adultery
Iran, which is already facing criticism for sentencing a woman to death by stoning, has failed to silence international outcry by instead pursuing an execution by hanging. ANI

L.A. may vote for mandatory use of condoms for p*rn stars
Residents of Los Angeles may soon vote on whether condom use should be mandatory for those who work in the City of Angel's prolific p*rn industry. ANI

Oz woman found alive after being trapped under car for 3 days
An Australian woman who was involved in a single vehicle car crash on Christmas day was found alive three days later trapped in the wreckage by a teenager. ANI

Would Mahatma Gandhi have made a good software engineer?
When going for a job interview, candidates mostly expect questions pertaining to technical knowledge in the field, past history and so on, but tech giants are now resorting to ask 'odd' questions to test applicant's thoughtful approach to problem-solving, career experts say. ANI

US decides to recall cargo stuck in Pakistan due to NATO supply route shutdown
The US has reportedly decided to recall cargo that has been stuck in Pakistan since the latter sealed its NATO supply line on its border with Afghanistan following the deadly November 26 airstrike. ANI

Chinese White Paper reveals nation's rapid progress in space industry
China has issued its third White Paper on the country's developments in space activities. ANI

Chinese White Paper reveals plan of launching long-range rockets in 5 yrs
China has planned to develop new-generation launch vehicles, such as Long March-5, Long March-6 and Long March-7 in the next five years. ANI

Pak's nuke arsenal only aims at deterring war: PPP Information Secretary
Pakistan Peoples Party's Information Secretary Qamar Zaman Kaira has said Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is aimed at deterring rather than encouraging war against any country. ANI

China bullet train crash caused by 'design flaws and sloppy management'
Design flaws and sloppy management caused a bullet train crash in China that killed 40 people and triggered a public outcry, a government report has said. ANI

US may punish perpetrators of deadly November 26 Pak airstrike post final enquiry
The United States has indicated it may take action against the perpetrators of the November 26 NATO airstrike on the Pakistan border but only after receiving the final report of an official inquiry into the incident. ANI

Chavez says US could have developed technology to give Latin America leaders cancer
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has hinted that the United States may be behind a "very strange" bout of cancer affecting him and various South American leaders. ANI

Balochistan Minister dubs 'dubious' Malik as 'foreign agent'
A Balochistan Minister has branded Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik as a dubious person in the assembly session and questioned him over whether he is the Minister or a foreign agent. ANI

US military sales to beef up Iraq's military in wake of growing concerns
The United States is moving ahead with the sale of nearly 11 billion dollars worth of fighter jets and battle tanks to help Iraq protect its borders and rebuild a military despite concerns that Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki is moving to consolidate authority and create a one-party Shiite-dominated state, abandoning the American-backed power-sharing government. ANI

New York Times accidentally cancels 8.6 m home subscribers
The New York Times almost cancelled home delivery of its newspaper to everyone across the nation after it accidentally sent an email to millions, which should have been sent to a very small number of subscribers.he paper even sent the email to people that don't subscribe to the paper - a total of 8 ANI

Michelle Obama sports lavish dresses on $4m Christmas break in Hawaii
Although Michelle Obama has only been spotted on a couple of occasions since arriving in Hawaii, a sartorial analysis of her fashion choices has revealed that her outfits have been consistently high-end. ANI

US may stop using controversial 'AfPak' term to mollify miffed Pak
The United States may officially stop using the term Af-Pak for Afghanistan and Pakistan to pacify Islamabad, which has for long opposed the bracketing of both countries together. ANI

Haqqani's counsel urges Pak Supreme Court to summon Ijaz for Memo Gate probe
Former Pakistan envoy Husain Haqqqani's counsel, Asma Jehangir has pleaded before the Supreme Court that American-Pakistani businessman Mansoor Ijaz be summoned before the bench for cross-questioning in connection with the Memo Gate probe. ANI

Indians in UAE urged to exercise Right to Information to address issues back home
Indians in the UAE have been urged to exercise their Right to Information (RTI) to address issues back home. ANI

4-year-old Indian girl sexually abused by school bus helper in UAE
A four-year-old Indian school girl has been sexually assaulted by a bus helper in a school in the United Arab Emirates. ANI

US will 'not tolerate' Iran blocking key oil route Strait of Hormuz
The United States has warned that it would not tolerate any attempt by Iran to close the Strait of Hormuz, the world's most important oil shipping lane. ANI

KCI Announces Transition to New Executive Leadership
The Board of Directors of the parent company for Kinetic Concepts, Inc. today announced the completion of the transition responsibilities of Catherine M. Burzik, President and Chief Executive Officer of KCI Business Wire India

KBR to Provide Ammonia License and Engineering Services for KIMA El-Delta Fertilizer and Chemical, in Aswan, Egypt
KBR (NYSE: KBR) announced today that it was awarded a contract by Tecnimont S.p.A. for the License and Basic Engineering Design (BED) of a new ammonia plant to be built by Chemical Industries Holding Co. (Kima) in Aswan, Egypt. Business Wire India

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