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Dalai Lama's claim of retirement a 'farce': Living Buddha

March 29, 2011 - Lhasa

The Dalai Lama's plan to step down as the political head of the "exiled Tibetan government" is "a self-directed and played out farce", said Shingtsa Tenzinchodrak, the vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region's People's Congress.

Tenzinchodrak, who is regarded as a living Buddha, said the Dalai Lama's announcement that he would resign his political role, makes it very clear that he is not just a religious leader but also a politician who disrupts the Buddhist order.

Tenzinchodrak made the comment at a seminar that was held to commemorate the 52nd anniversary of the emancipation of about one million Tibetan serfs.

"The Dalai Lama wanted to use his 'retirement' rhetoric to attract more listeners and to fan efforts for splitting Tibet from the motherland," The Xinhua quoted Tenzinchodrak, as saying.

"The Shakyamuni Buddha required Buddhists to pursue spiritual improvement, rather than meddling in politics. But the Dalai Lama has long engaged in activities that aim to split China apart," Tenzinchodrak added.

He further said that the Dalai Lama's separatist nature would remain unchanged. "A black charcoal will never become white no matter how many times you wash it," Tenzinchodrak said.


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