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Dads 'spend whole year of their lives taxiing their kids around'

June 16, 2011 - London

Fathers spend a whole year of their lives as taxi driver to their kids by the time they reach 18, a new research has revealed.

They dedicate more of their time to ferrying their children than almost anything else apart from work and sleep, the research said.

More in fact than they spend in the garden, on DIY and even in the pub.

The survey of 1,000 fathers showed they drive their children 23,400 miles - equal to a trip around the world - by the time they are 18, reports the Daily Mail.

They clock up an average 25 miles a week on 2.33 journeys to school, sports and social events, or 2 hours 16 minutes driving.

But one in five dads admitted to journeys of more than 100 miles and seven percent to over 200 miles.

The survey by Halfords Autocentres suggests the best Father's Day present on Sunday would be a break from driving.

A lot of fathers also could be forgiven for feeling they are being taken for granted, as only a third of youngsters actually say thank you.


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