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Con artist who posed as TS Eliot's twin daughters jailed for VAT frauds

May 6, 2011 - London

A Brit con artist who claimed to be the twin daughter of poet TS Eliot has been sentenced to seven years jail for VAT frauds totaling 120,000 pounds.

Alison Reynolds pretended to be both Claire and Chess Eliot, who she insisted were the twin daughters of the poet, who in fact never had any children, reports The Daily Express.

She used wigs, stage make-up and a variety of costumes to portray herself as at least 32 different people via a string of fake companies, including one theatre firm aptly named Myths And Mirrors.

Reynolds from Southampton posed as a producer and director and falsely claimed VAT credits in the name of bogus dramatic companies.

She even wrote a "to do" list of the VAT frauds she was planning - and faked a photo of herself as both the imaginary Eliot sisters.

Reynolds admitted eight charges including VAT fraud, having a false driving license and falsifying legal -letters.

She claimed VAT credits for bogus theatre companies, including Dreamweavers and Plan B, at locations around England.

Prosecutor Cairns Nelson QC told Southampton Crown Court: "The level of fraud is breathtaking. It goes well beyond this admission of false VAT claims - she has stolen and assumed names and identities of people."


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