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'Closed' Asian communities ignoring child sex grooming: Minister

June 24, 2011 - London

British Children's Minister Tim Loughton has said that 'closed' Asian communities have ignored the issue of child sex grooming by gangs of men.

The Daily Mail quoted Loughton as complaining that these criminals had gone 'under the radar' because of the unheeding attitude within their community as well as 'political correctness and racial sensitivities' of the authorities outside.

"In many cases we are dealing with some closed communities. Closed in terms of things being able to go on under the radar and away from the public glare. I think that political correctness and racial sensitivities have in the past been an issue," the paper quoted him, as saying.

"To say that this goes on under the radar and that people in the community are somehow sanctioning it is just not right. It is factually incorrect and inflammatory," he added.

Loughton comments, however, have been condemned as 'inflammatory' by a Muslim community leader.


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