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China's Miss Universe contender being trained to overcome 'too Chinese' traits

August 20, 2011 - London

China's Miss Universe contender Lou Zilin is receiving special training to overcome her "too Chinese" traits, which her team says might be a big obstacle in her path to the prestigious crown.

In a bid to prepare her for the title, which has eluded China for over a decade, the team has sent the 24-year-old off to New York where she can learn the ways of the Wild West.

She is being guided by television presenter Yue-Sai, who is giving her a crash course in deportment fitting of a modern urban woman.

"When I say she's too Chinese, I don't mean to be negative. Too Chinese means they are very reserved," the Daily Mail quoted Yue-Sai as telling the Times.

"Most judges are probably not Asians. Some will be Brazilian. Brazilian Culture and Chinese culture are very different.

"They are taught to be pro-active and aggressive. Chinese are not raised like that," she added.

In the Upper West Side of the city Zilin is learning how to behave at parties and be more assertive in her opinions, besides being trained in conversation technique, table manners as well as the ancient art of disco dancing.


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