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Cautious Hispanic voters still support Obama

December 29, 2011 - Washington

US President Barack Obama still holds a big lead among Hispanic voters when compared with possible Republican candidates despite his administration's stepped-up deportation policies being severely criticized as well as opposed.

The Pew Hispanic Center conducted a survey, which has revealed various startling facts. he survey has abundantly exposed a major weakness of the Republican candidates i.e. The Hispanic voters, which is considered as a major voting bloc, The Washington Post reports.

The survey revealed that Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry each won less than one-fourth of the Hispanic vote in hypothetical matches against Obama.

According to the survey, Obama leads Romney 68-23 and Perry 69-23 among Hispanic voters, with an error margin of plus or minus 5.2 percentage points for the voter sample.

Obama's well-built position among Hispanic voters has come as a surprise for many especially when Hispanic adults has expressed their strong discontent with the way Obama administration is treating the case of illegal immigrants, by a margin of 59-27 and the margin of error among adults is 3.6 percentage points.

More than one million illegal immigrants have been deported to their relative land by US authorities under the Obama regime so far, removing at an average of 400,000 per year.

This has also invoked reactions from various Hispanic lawyers who believe that this particular policy is brutal and is punishing innocent people.

"Many Latinos are aware that deportations are up, and among them the president's approval rating is lower," said Mark H. Lopez, Associate Director of the Pew Hispanic center.

"However, even among them, the president wins in head-to-head against Romney and Perry," he added.

Obama's approval rating among Hispanic voters has seen a dip by 9 points since last year. According to this survey, a dip of 54 percent has also been observed and a part reason behind it is the 15-point drop among Hispanic Democrats.

The revelations have pointed out some pivotal tests for the Republicans and a large part of them still believes that White House can't be captured till the time they steal some of Obama's Hispanic support.


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