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Brits are the biggest snack eaters in Europe

June 11, 2011 - London

A new report has shown that Britons are the biggest snack eaters in Europe, as every individual on average spent 55 pounds on crisps and nuts last year, more than double the 22.50 pounds of their nearest rival, Germany.

This is projected to rise to more than 80 pounds in 2014.

Britons munched through 300 tons of the snacks in 2010, worth 2.47billion pounds and a quarter of all sales in Europe.

"The UK is king in the European crisps and salty snacks market. Eating occasions are unlimited and snacking is rife throughout the day. Even here, though, the health credentials of crisps are questioned and the difficulty of marrying health and taste is, by definition, difficult in the market," the Daily Mail quoted the report author James Manley, a leading market analyst of Mintel, as saying.

While crisps make up the lion's share of the market in the UK, representing 48 per cent of sales, other snacks, including tortilla chips, popcorn and pork scratchings, make up the remaining 52 per cent.


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