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British lawmakers need Neighbourhood Watch scheme to prevent crimes: Keith Vaz

June 11, 2011 - London

British parliamentarian Keith Vaz has said the House of Commons is so crime ridden that it needs a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.He said this after 25 laptop computers were reported missing in the last six months.

Official figures showed 25 laptops, a sat-nav, an iPod, a watch, camcorder, a coat and a charm have gone missing since January.

Home Affairs Committee Chairman, Vaz said he was shocked after uncovering a 'major crime problem' at the Palace of Westminster.

He said he was considering setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme to prevent further thefts.

"If this was a street in my constituency, I would be saying that this was a very serious crime area, I would be calling a residents' meeting, demanding CCTV cameras and probably setting up a neighbourhood watch. And I have not ruled out doing it, " The Telegraph quoted him as telling BBC2's Daily Politics programme.

Vaz blamed cutbacks at the Commons, which meant that a door into his office block is no longer staffed. He wants a CCTV camera installed at the entrance.

The House of Commons authorities confirmed that the Metropolitan Police had been called in to investigate. A spokesman said: "The Met are continuing their investigation."


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