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British Govt responsible for safety of Pak-origin UK nationals: Pak FO

August 12, 2011 - Islamabad

The safety of British nationals of Pakistani origin is the responsibility of the British Government, Pakistan's Foreign Office has said.

Earlier this week, three people of Pakistani origin were killed after being hit by a car during the riots in the central English city of Birmingham.

"Most of the Pakistanis in the United Kingdom, about 1.4 million, are British nationals of Pakistani origin... The safety and security of any British national is of course the responsibility of the British government," Foreign Office spokesperson said Tehmina Janjua said during a press briefing.

She said that Pakistan's High Commission had advised the Pakistani community to support the British authorities in resolving the issue.

"Our objective is to help resolve problems faced by the Pakistani community in the UK. As for British citizens of Pakistani origin, there is a slight difference," the spokesperson pointed out.

"For instance the father of the two young men who were killed tragically yesterday, he has been living in the UK for the last forty years. The two young persons were British nationals. Their safety and security is the responsibility of the British government. And the British Prime Minister, in the wake of this incident, has said very clearly that his government will be taking very strong measures to deal with the situation," she added.

The latest riots in Britain, sparked by the death of a black youth and originally led by the black youth, include hundreds of opportunistic criminals from all backgrounds.


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