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Brit pensioner fights off 6 sledgehammer-wielding thugs with handbag

February 8, 2011 - London

Six sledgehammer-wielding robbers, who were smashing their way into a jewellery store, got the shock of their lives when a Brit pensioner clobbered them with her handbag.

The unidentified brave woman in her 70s ran across the street when she saw them attempt a smash and grab raid on Michael Jones Jewellers in Northampton on Monday morning, reports the Daily Mail.

The attack captured on video by a passer-by clearly shows the woman bashing the stunned raiders with her large black handbag as they tried to escape on mopeds.

In the mobile phone footage, the fearless woman is seen attacking the robbers who towered over her, knocking them around the head and shoulders with her bag as they grabbed handfuls of watches and designer jewellery from the store's cabinet displays.

Startled, they dropped their haul on the ground and attempted to bid a hasty retreat as terrified staff inside the jewellers seized the opportunity to lower the store's security shutters.

But the brave woman continued her onslaught as the hapless gang attempted to get away on mopeds.

She clobbered one of the thieves on the back of the moped leading to the driver to crash to the ground.

Other shoppers witnessing the attack detained one of the robbers after wrestling him to the ground.

The rest of the mob managed to escape, but three were arrested shortly afterwards.

The four arrested men are aged 18, 22, 25 and 39. Police are now seeking a further two other people who are believed to have been involved and have appealed for witnesses.

"She was absolutely amazing. We were terrified but we looked out of the window to see her running down the road with her handbag in the air. She did not seem scared or ruffled at all," said Sarah-Jane Brown, who works at a salon next to the jewellery shop.


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