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Brit grandmum 'comes back to life after being dead for 25min'

June 24, 2011 - London

In a miraculous incident, a British woman came back to life after she had stopped breathing for 25 minutes.

The family members of Jean McDonald, 64, of Chapel Hill, Braintree, Essex, had bid goodbyes after she suffered a deadly cardiac arrest. They even had locks of her hair snipped off as mementos.

But surprising everyone, the grandmother of 16 children yet again started breathing despite having serious brain impairment.

"It is incredible. But it's scary as well because she is making so much progress so quickly that I worry what a bad day may do," the Daily Mail quoted Jean's husband Dave McDonald as saying.

The doctors at Broomfield Hospital, in Chelmsford, Essex, marked her 4.5 out of 5 on the brain damage scale and expected her to die.

But now, after the incredible recovery, she is able to talk, eat, walk and shower, and her family hopes she will be able to return home soon.


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