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Bristol Palin's got a new man in her life!

January 25, 2011 - Washington

Bristol Palin may have a new man in her life, but she's keeping the details under wraps.

When asked on KWHL's 'The Bob and Mark show' on Friday if she and a 20-year-old Alaska pipeline worker are an item as rumoured, she replied, "Are you guys getting personal with me, really?"

While Palin seemed hesitant to give details, the hosts on the Anchorage-based show pushed her to just admit she has a new boyfriend, helpfully suggesting that she say, "Yeah, you know what, I'm seeing a guy and he's really great and Tripp loves him and we're having a really good time and we're really good friends," reports People magazine.

The 20-year-old chuckled and said, "Yeah, we can go with that. I'm thrilled. I love the town that I live in. I love my house. Tripp's happy; he's healthy."


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