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International News on August 6, 2011

Pak may cooperate with China to mar negative Western-Indian propaganda about terrorism
Pak-China Institute Chairman Mushahid Hussain Syed has demanded the government to send a high-level security delegation to China to improve bilateral ties and mar the alleged negative propaganda by the Western and Indian media against Pakistan over its role of dealing with terrorism in Kashghar. ANI

US mum charged for killing baby with meth-laced breast milk
A Northern California woman has been slapped with murder charges after she fed her newborn son methamphetamine-laced breast milk last year. ANI

Aussie mum exposes how teens use Facebook to 'rate sexual acts'!
An Australian mother with her fake Facebook account as a teenage has exposed how minors rate each other's sexual performances, exchange vulgar messages, bully each other, and resort to pornography using their online pages. ANI

Bothaina Kamel aims to be first Egyptian woman presidential candidate in country's history
Celebrity broadcaster Bothaina Kamel aims to be Egypt's first woman presidential candidate in the country's history. ANI

Mullah Omar not willing to hold peace talks with Afghan government: Taliban
The Taliban has dismissed reports that their leader Mullah Mohammad Omar had shown willingness to hold peace talks with the Afghanistan government. ANI

Brit guy who became dad at 13 marries child's mum 9yrs later
A British guy tied the knot with his schoolgirl sweetheart, nine years after becoming father to her child just at the age of 13. ANI

Levi Johnston's sis slams Palins for polarizing Alaska
Mercede Johnston, the supporting sister of Bristol Palin's baby daddy Levi Johnston, has come out all guns blazing against the entire Palin family. ANI

Noel Coward's congratulatory telegram to Agatha Christie discovered
A telegram that playwright Noel Coward wrote to Agatha Christie more than fifty years ago, and a bill for 'ladies' delicates' that was sent to the author almost during the same period, have been discovered at the back of an old bureau. ANI

I'm proud of building Berlin Wall, says Kessler
Architect and hardline Communist Heinz Kessler still takes pride about building the Berlin Wall, which according to him, was a triumph of socialism. ANI

Abbottabad Commission fails to receive 'vital information and evidences' from public
The Pakistan judicial commission investigating the May 2 US military raid on Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad has reportedly not received any information from the public, despite its appeals published in various newspapers. ANI

China's claim of Pak trained terrorists' attack 'smokescreen' to hide reality: Analysts
Experts and analysts have questioned China's claim that terrorists trained in Pakistan had carried out acts of violence in Xinjiang, terming it a 'smokescreen' to hide the true reasons behind the attack. ANI

Pak links RAW to Balochistan CM's nephew's assassination
The Pakistan government has blamed India's external intelligence outfit, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), for the assassination of Balochistan Chief Minister Aslam Raisani's nephew, Akmal Raisani. ANI

Pak scribe murder probe fails to provide answers at end of deadline
A judicial commission formed to probe the murder of Pakistan scribe Saleem Shehzad has failed draw any conclusion at the end of its six -week deadline. ANI

More divorced couples going to war over custody of their pets
More and more divorced couples are fighting over the custody of their pampered pets, according to experts. ANI

US defense chief says imperative to keep up pressure on Al-Qaeda in Pakistan
Al-Qaeda remains the reason why the United States needs to continue spending billions of dollars in Pakistan, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said. ANI

2-fighter jets intercept 75-year-old woman's plane during Obama's Chicago visit
A 75-year-old aviation enthusiast's plane was intercepted by two fighter jets, when it entered restricted airspace during President Barack Obama's Chicago visit. ANI

'Murdoch tells Brooks to travel world until hacking scandal fades away'
Former News International CEO Rebekah Brooks is reportedly still on the company's payroll and has been asked by Rupert Murdoch to roam around the world on his patronage. ANI

Pak hardline party blames foreign powers for Karachi killings
The Jamaat e Islami's (JI) local office bearers have blamed foreign powers for conspiring to divide Pakistan by worsening the situation in Karachi. ANI

Japanese PM vows to reduce country's dependence on nuke power
Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has vowed to reduce the country's reliance on nuclear energy. ANI

US Air Force personnel taught Bible ethics to morally justify 'atomic warfare'
Men and women of the US Air Force were taught passages from the Bible to demonstrate moral justification for atomic warfare. ANI

Arnie's ex-flight attendant files defamation suit over 'lovechild mix-up'
A former personal flight attendant of Arnold Schwarzenegger has sued a number of news outlets for defamation over claims that she had a child with the former California governor. ANI

Taliban kills 31 US Special Forces troops in Afghanistan
At least 31 American Special Forces troops have been killed in a Taliban helicopter attack which is one of the worst incidents in the Afghan War. ANI

China demands US apply "common sense" to "cure its addiction to debts"
China on Saturday condemned the short-sighted political wrangling in the United States over its debt problems after the world's largest economy lost its top-tier AAA credit rating from New York-based financial services company Standard and Poor's. ANI

Fall in US unemployment rate leads to creation of 117,000 jobs in July
The United States' unemployment rate fell to 9.1 percent in July from 9.2 percent in June, according to the Labor Department. ANI

Veteran Pak musicians' jazz album making waves on Western music charts
A group of veteran Pakistani musicians have made it to the top ten of western charts with an innovative jazz album, prompting comparisons with Buena Vista Social Club's rediscovery of a lost generation of Cuban musicians. ANI

British phone hacking scandal deepens with Guardian journalist admitting to crime
The phone hacking scandal in Britain, which had earlier forced the shutdown of the News of the World tabloid, has deepened with the Guardian's Assistant Editor David Leigh, admitting to deriving 'thrills' from hacking into telephone messages. ANI

'Pak govt. turns deaf ear to female MNAs phone tapping woes'
There seems to be no respite for female Members of the National Assembly (MNA) in Pakistan, with reports saying that the government is not paying much heed to complaints about their phones getting tapped. ANI

India not behind every trouble in Pak: Gilani
Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said the situations in Karachi and Balochistan were totally different and that India is not behind every trouble in the country. ANI

UK nudist club 'furious' over council's plans to build flats overlooking its grounds
A nudist club with 300 members in Europe has been left 'infuriated' after a local council gave the nod to knock down a disused office block just 300 yards away and replace it with a five-storey block of flats. ANI

New doco recalls the horror of Hitler's Luftwaffe bombing in Bath
Survivors of the Baedeker raids of World War II, when Hitler sent the Luftwaffe to bomb one of Britain's most beautiful cities, Bath, have revealed the horror of the attack in a new documentary called 'The Forgotten Blitz'. ANI

Pirate Captain Morgan's ship wreckage found in Panama
A team of US archaeologists has found a wreckage of ship in Panama, which according to them, is part of Pirate Captain Henry Morgan's vessel. ANI

Polar bear kills one, injures four Arctic expeditionists in Norway
A polar bear killed an Eton schoolboy Horatio Chapple and brutally injured his four companions, who were on an Arctic expedition. ANI

'Star Trek' fan Prince Harry wants to be 1st royal in space
Prince Harry is apparently planning to be the first royal to go into space and even wants to enter Nasa space training. ANI

Ancient coin treasure find in Devon may lead to rewriting of Roman Empire's history
The discovery of a hoard of 100 ancient coins in Devon, which can be described as 'most significant Roman discoveries for many decades', could prove the Roman empire extended into more of the South West than it is originally believed. ANI

US dropped deal to 'wire Afghanistan' that could have prevented 9/11 attacks: Report
An intelligence operation that involved the setting up of a cell-phone and Internet system in Afghanistan in 1999, ran into major obstacle from the Clinton administration and was hampered by a lack of cooperation from the CIA, the FBI and the National Security, it has emerged. ANI

Crimes against women surge by 18 percent in a year
An 18 percent increase in crimes against women, including forced marriages and sexual assaults, has been registered over a period of one year, a comparison of cases registered in 61 districts across the country has revealed. ANI

Iranian students to take on oppressive regime through water gun fights
Iranian students have resorted to water gun fights to protest against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's oppressive regime. ANI

Taliban promise but don't pay Afghan kid 80-dollars to blow up British marines
A Royal Marine was killed by a 14-year-old Afghanistan boy, who was offered 80 dollars by the Taliban to set off an explosive device, it has emerged. ANI

'Playing with non-Muslims is haram', Oz Muslim father tells daughter
A Muslim man in Australia asked his daughter not to play with non-Muslim children, saying that it is 'haram'. ANI

US man charged for 'mass spamming' on Facebook
A US man has been charged for sending over 27 million spam messages to Facebook users. ANI

US has vital interests in South Asia: Mullen
The United States has vital interests in South Asia, and all countries should continue with their efforts to address the regional Afghan issue, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Staff Admiral Mike Mullen has said. ANI

PML-N accuses government of massive corruption in telecom sector
The Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) has accused the government of corruption amounting to Rs. 68 billion in the telecommunication sector. ANI

800 killed in Karachi this year: HRCP
Ethnic and politically linked violence has so far killed 800 people in Karachi this year, Pakistan's independent Human Rights Organisation has said. ANI

India-Pak Commerce Ministers to meet next month for trade talks
The Commerce Ministers of Pakistan and India will reportedly meet in New Delhi next month, after a gap of over three years, to discuss issues related to trade expansion and proposals to remove non-tariff barriers that hinder smooth trade between the two countries. ANI

Murdoch's 'pie attacker' has jail term reduced to 4 weeks
The six-week jail sentence of the man who threw a foam pie at News Corporation boss Rupert Murdoch, has been reduced to four weeks. ANI

No compromise on law and order restoration in Karachi: Rehman Malik
Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that the government would not compromise on efforts to restore law and order in Karachi. ANI

Five killed, over six injured in Karachi clashes
Five people were killed and over six injured in a number of incidents in different parts of Karachi on Friday. ANI

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