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International News on August 17, 2011

Horsemaning takes over planking as new Internet photo craze
Forget planking and owling, a latest photo trend straight from the 1920s has become a fad among people. ANI

Just 13 percent of Americans approve of Congress: Poll
Only thirteen percent of Americans approve of the way Congress is handling its job, a poll has revealed. ANI

US woman stuck in bathtub for over 30 hours files lawsuit
An Illinois woman has filed a lawsuit against Premier Care in Bathing claiming that she became "wedged" in one of the company's tubs for more than 30 hours. ANI

Kids of Japan's radioactive Fukushima area free of thyroid cancer risk
Nearly half of 1149 children tested in Japan's Fukushima prefecture have radioactive iodine in their thyroid glands, but have no chances of developing thyroid cancer, a report has revealed. ANI

Over 450 UK Queen's guards convicted for crimes ranging from theft to violent assault
Over 450 soldiers, who were supposed to protect Britain's queen and the nation have been convicted for 685 offences, ranging from theft to violent assault, it has emerged. ANI

Pedometers tell Brit farmers when their cows are in mood to mate
British dairy farmers are using pedometers - similar to those worn by people jogging along the street to measure their fitness levels - on cows to see when their cattle are in the mood for sex. ANI

UK population soars twice EU average due to 'immigrant baby boom'
Britain's population is growing at a rate more than twice the European average, official figures have revealed. ANI

China's aging population rises to nearly 178 million: Report
The number of China's citizens at and above 60 years of age has increased to 177.65 million, according to a new government report. ANI

Half of US assistance given directly to Pak Govt in 2010: USAID
As much as fifty per cent of the estimated one-billion-dollar US aid was given directly to the Pakistan Government last year, USAID's Deputy Director for the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs, David McCloud, has said. ANI

Death toll in US drone attacks inside Pakistan rises to 475 in 2011
The overall death toll in the Central Intelligence Agency-operated drone attacks in Pakistan's tribal areas has risen to around 475 since January this year. ANI

Lingerie for girls as young as 4 irks fashion world
A French clothing line has sparked controversy after developing a lingerie line for girls as young as four. ANI

The secrets behind celebs' bikini bodies!
Stepping out in a bikini comes easy for hot starlets and but for most of us, it is a far-fetched idea. ANI

Nawaz warns Pak Govt of 'long march' for rights of countrymen
Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif has warned the federal government that his party may hold another 'long march' for safeguarding the rights of the countrymen. ANI

Pak should 'review support to militant groups' to ensure US cooperation: Editorial
Pakistan must review its support to militant groups in order to mitigate American mistrust, as Islamabad stands to lose far more than the United States if it does not deliver, an editorial in a Pakistani newspaper has said. ANI

Hindus wish Pope the best on World Youth Day 2011
The Hindus have sent good wishes to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for the 26th 'World Youth Day' (WYD) being held at Madrid (Spain) from August 16-21. ANI

Pak should keep working with US as much for own sake as any other reason: Panetta
Both Pakistan and the United States have an interest in keeping up a close diplomatic and military relationship, top Obama administration officials have said. ANI

Wills-Kat's royal balcony kiss voted UK's favourite TV moment
Prince William and his wife Kate's royal wedding kiss has been voted as one of the UK's most favourite TV moments. ANI

Indian community in UK displays solidarity with Hazare in fight against corruption
Hundreds of people of the Indian community in London gathered in front of the Indian High Commission on Wednesday and raised slogans against the Congress government for arresting social activist Anna Hazare ANI

UK parliament body may recall James Murdoch on phone hacking probe
A British parliament committee, which is investigating the News of the World (NOTW) phone hacking scandal, is 'likely' to recall News International chairman James Murdoch to answer further questions. ANI

Sensational letter claims Cameron's ex-press chief Coulson condoned hacking
A sensational and explosive letter has revealed that phone hacking was 'widely discussed' at the News Of The World and was condoned by its editor Andy Coulson. ANI

UK women will face 70-year wait for equal pay
A report released today by the Equality and Human Rights Commission has said that it will take 70 years to achieve parity between men and women in the country's top jobs. ANI

Libyan rebels claim they will topple Gaddafi by August end
Libyan rebels have said that they will topple the Gaddafi regime by the end of August, even as the US said Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's "days are numbered". ANI

Russia unveils next generation stealth fighter at Moscow air show
Russia showed off its next generation stealth fighter for the first time at a highly publicized air show outside Moscow on Tuesday. ANI

Malaysian government wants banks to use Tamil in ATMs
The Malaysian Government has said that it wants the Tamil language to figure in all automatic teller machines (ATMs). ANI

Obama says that he might just end up being a one term president
President Barack Obama has acknowledged that he may be a one-term president if voters' patience with the pace of the economic recovery runs out by next November. ANI

Floodwater inundates over 50 villages in Sindh
More than fifty villages in Pakistan's Sindh province have been inundated after the floodwater coming from Badin saline nullahs entered two tehsils of Thatta. ANI

Romney trails Perry, Bachmann in Gallup poll
A new Gallup Poll has shown Mitt Romney merging as a front-runner among Republicans vying for a White House bid insofar as inciting passion among GOP voters. ANI

Texas teen claiming to be 500-yr-old vampire bites woman
A teenager has been jailed in Texas after breaking into a stranger's apartment and biting her neck, asserting he was a 500-year-old vampire who "needed to feed". ANI

Bringing home your co-worker's rudeness can negatively affect your family life
A Baylor University study has indicated that a co-worker's rudeness can have a great impact on relationships far beyond the workplace. ANI

Two Brit men jailed for four years each for inciting riot on Facebook
Two British men who posted messages on the social networking website Facebook inciting other people to riot in their home towns, have been sentenced to four years in prison. ANI

Iran-backed militias, not Al Qaeda to Iraq: US official
A senior US military official has said that Iranian-backed militias, not Al Qaeda are Iraq's gravest threat. ANI

Chinese railway ministry spokesman loses job over July speed train crash
The Chinese Railway Ministry has fired its spokesman in a further attempt to clean up its image after a train crash in July killed 40 people. ANI

Chinese region launches two-month anti-terrorism campaign
China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region has launched a two-month anti-terrorism campaign and vowed to hunt down terrorists in the region. ANI

Strict campaign on to rectify sex imbalance in China
With China's population more dominated by males, authorities have begun a national campaign to crack down on procedures used to determine a fetus' sex for anything other than medical purposes and abortions performed because a fetus is of a certain sex. ANI

Racism rampant in New York fire department, says staffer
A captain in the Fire Department City of New York (FDNY) and a former president of the Vulcan Society, has testified in a Brooklyn Federal Court that racial discrimination persists against black fire fighters. ANI

103-year-old nun to leave Madrid convent for first time in 84 years to meet Pope
Sister Teresita, aged 103, a nun at a Madrid convent, will venture into the world outside for the first time in 84 years to meet the Pope. ANI

Yemen president Saleh says he will return home soon
Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh will return home "soon" after recovering from his assassination related injuries in Saudi Arabia. ANI

US projecting 'smart power' approach in Libya, Syria: Clinton
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defended her department's response to crackdown of protestors in Libya and Syria, saying that the nation is projecting a 'smart power' approach to deal with issues in these regions. ANI

Hindu girls tie rakhis to police officers in Canadian town
Young Hindu girls tied rakhis on the wrists of police officers in London (Ontario) town of Canada while celebrating the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan, according to reports. ANI

'Princess Diana was secretly engaged to Dodi Fayed before death'
A German journalist has claimed that Princess Diana was secretly engaged to Egyptian film producer Dodi Fayed before she died in August 1997. ANI

2,000-year-old Iron Age wooden road discovered in Norfolk
An amazingly preserved 2,000- year-old Iron Age wooden road has been found in Norfolk, a country in the East of England. ANI

Perry's brash Bernanke 'treason' remarks draw criticism
Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry has been criticized over remarks he made about Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke. ANI

Harry pokes fun at 'Teletubby' brother William
Prince Harry is said to be poking fun at his elder brother Prince William for putting on weight with a healthy appetite encouraged by the Queen, urging the newly married couple to start their day with porridge. ANI

I killed 20 more after cops ignored my call, says Norway killer Anders Breivik
Norway killer Anders Breivik, who went on a killing spree in Oslo last month, killed 20 more victims after police "ignored" his attempts to surrender by phone, his lawyer has been claimed. ANI

US activist Brockovich to take on Orica over cancer causing leaks
American anti-pollution activist Erin Brockovich, who was made even more famous through a movie in which Hollywood actress Julia Roberts acted, has decided to visit Stockton, California, to help locals in their fight against chemical giant Orica over cancer causing leaks. ANI

Investigators fear the worst for US national abducted in Pak amid 'head injury' reports
Three days after US national Warren Weinstein was abducted from his home in Lahore, investigators fear the worst for the 63-year-old American 'aid expert' amid no claims of responsibility and no calls for ransom. ANI

More New Yorkers would vote for Obama over GOP candidate
New York voters have said that they would still vote for President Barack Obama rather than a Republican candidate, notwithstanding their current dissatisfaction with the job he is doing. ANI

Obama not giving "too much thought" to GOP rivals
U.S. President Barack Obama has candidly admitted that he has not given too much thought to his feelings on the GOP field. ANI

Obama would like to gift daughters Secret Service protection when they date
U.S. President maybe politically keen to get re-elected, but there is a personal reason also attached to his bid for get into the White House for another four year term. ANI

Indian student jailed over road rage attack in Australia
An Indian student has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail over a road rage attack in Melbourne, Australia. ANI

Strauss-Kahn was 'brutish' with my hookers, says Manhattan madam
"Manhattan madam" Kristin Davis has said that she was forced to ban former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn from using her services due to his 'rough' and 'abusive' behaviour. ANI

Bachmann gives Elvis birthday wishes on his death date
Republican presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann committed the ultimate faux pas by wishing Elvis Presley a 'happy birthday' on his death anniversary. ANI

US slaps sanctions on Haqqani Network Commander Sangeen Zadran
The United States has designated Haqqani Network (HQN) Commander Sangeen Zadran as a foreign terrorist, blocked all his property interests subject to US jurisdiction and prohibited Americans from engaging in transactions with or for the benefit of Sangeen. ANI

US adopts two-pronged strategy to avoid complete disengagement with Pakistan
The United States has adopted a two-pronged strategy aimed at avoiding complete disengagement with Islamabad, while putting pressure on the Pakistan Army at the same time to do more. ANI

US has no choice but to maintain ties with 'LeT, Haqqani linked' Pak: Panetta
The United States has no choice but to maintain ties with Pakistan despite the fact that Islamabad has "relationships" with the Haqqani network and the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said. ANI

China denies getting access to US 'Osama raid' helicopter in Pakistan
China has rejected foreign media reports that Pakistan had allowed Chinese engineers to take photographs of the wreckage of a US Stealth helicopter crashed during the Osama bin Laden raid. ANI

Dell Reports Strong Second Quarter Financial Results Driven by Enterprise Solutions and Services
-- Enterprise solutions and services revenue up 4 percent to $4 Business Wire India

Maritime Bank (Russia) Received Its First International Credit Rating from Moody’s
On August 15, 2011 Moody's Investors Service assigned the following global scale ratings to the Maritime Bank: B2 long-term and Not-Prime short-term local and foreign-currency deposit ratings, and a standalone E+ bank financial strength rating (BFSR) Business Wire India

Customers Vote SumTotal Finalist in Three Best of Elearning! 2011 Awards Categories
SumTotal® Systems, Inc., the innovator in strategic Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, announced that it has been named a finalist in three product categories in the seventh annual Best of Elearning! Awards: Business Wire India

FLEXcon Announces New THERMLfilm Product Line
FLEXcon, an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, announced the launch of THERMLfilm® HT™, a new advanced line of high-temperature polyimide films able to withstand the fluctuating temperatures, abrasion and chemicals inherent in the printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing process Business Wire India

Future of Broadcast Television Global Summit Announced
Leading broadcast television associations, research laboratories and standards development organizations from around the world have organized a strategic conference focused on the future of terrestrial broadcast television. Business Wire India

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