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International News on August 1, 2011

Iran may resume oil supply to Indian refinery
Iran may resume oil supply to an Indian refinery, as it is trying to pay overdue payments for crude oil. ANI

Ex-China railway official accused of stashing œ1.7 billion in overseas accounts
A former Chinese Railways Ministry official has been accused of funnelling 1.7 billion pounds into his offshore bank account. ANI

Obama's 50th birthday party to be overshadowed by US debt crisis
US President Barack Obama's 50th birthday party this week is likely to be overshadowed by the debt crisis of the country. ANI

Comic on Prince Harry's 'wild partying' to be launched this month
A new comic book that will tell the story of Prince Harry's life is all set to hit the stands this month. ANI

Maria Shriver celebrates Arnie's b'day with him
Arnold Schwarzenegger and estranged wife Maria Shriver reportedly put aside all differences for one day to celebrate the 'Terminator' star's 64th birthday along with their two sons. ANI

Older drivers more likely to help broken down motorists
Older drivers are much more likely to help in the event of a car breakdown, a new survey has revealed. ANI

Oz man claims to have captured three UFOs on video
An Adelaide man is claiming that he captured three UFOs on video while filming a passing plane from his Taperoo backyard. ANI

Michelle Obama to guest on 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'
Coming this fall, US First Lady Michelle Obama will be spotted in a different role - she will be seen as a guest star on ABC's show, 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.' ANI

Bubbleologist breaks his own record 7th time by packing 150 people in single bubble!
A New York-based bubble artist has broken his own record of trapping most people in a single bubble. ANI

Finally, men helping women in household chores!
Here's something that will excite women - men have started contributing their few hours to household tasks. ANI

Meet UK's youngest grandparents after 14-yr-old daughter gives birth!
An unemployed man and his former girlfriend have become one of Britain's youngest grandparents after their 14-year-old daughter gave birth to a baby girl recently. ANI

Oz p*rn king planning 'world's biggest brothel' in Sydney
Kingpin of Australia's adult toy industry Malcolm Day has begun raising money for what he claims will be the 'world's biggest brothel', a three-storey 42-room mega-sex-complex opposite Sydney University on the city's Parramatta Road. ANI

China will modernize its army says Defence Minister
China will steadily reform its national defence and will modernize its army, country's Defence Minister Liang Guanglie has said. ANI

Rudd undergoes successful heart surgery
Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has undergone a successful heart surgery at Brisbane's St Andrews War Memorial Hospital, his doctor has said. ANI

US debt deal crisis is complete capitulation for Democrats: NYT editorial
The deal to end the debt crisis in the United States between Democrats and Republicans in Congress has been described by a New York Times editorial as "a nearly complete capitulation to the hostage-taking demands of Republican extremists," and warned that "it will hurt programs for the middle class and poor, and hinder an economic recovery." ANI

Gaddafi wants to hire NY PR firm to 'improve his image'
Embattled Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is looking to hire a New York public-relations firm in a bid to improve his image. ANI

UK now admits Gaddafi will leave only when his 'inner circle' realizes he is a 'busted flush'
Britain has said that embattled Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi will give up power only when his inner circle abandons him. ANI

North Korea willing to resume six-party talks 'without preconditions'
North Korea has declared that it is willing to resume the six-party talks on its nuclear issue 'without preconditions'. ANI

Attacks on Xinjiang region 'masterminded by overseas-terrorists trained in Pak': China
Two deadly attacks in China's restive Xinjiang region over the weekend were masterminded by "culprits trained in overseas terrorist camps" in Pakistan, state media reported citing the local government. ANI

Pak redesigning country's war on terror blueprint ahead of US Afghan pullout
As military ties with the United States continued to sour, Pakistan's security establishment is reportedly in the middle of a 'strategic review' to redesign the country's war on terror blueprint. ANI

ISI chief on secret trip to China for 'strategic dialogue amid souring US-Pak relationship
Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha is reportedly on a secret trip to China, a move that is seen as a part of Islamabad's wider efforts to reduce its dependence on Washington, especially at a time when the military relations between both the countries continue to remain sour. ANI

Norwegian killer had Hollywood celebrities on his hit list
Twisted Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik wanted to target stars, including Brad Pitt, 47, Angelina Jolie, 36, Madonna, 52, Lady GaGa, 25, and Heidi Klum, 38, as he felt they had chosen to "propagate and glorify race mixing either through direct or indirect choices." ANI

World record attempt for longest bra chain called off
The attempt to create a world record for linking thousands of bras has been called off by the organisers, as the lingerie became too tangled at the time of display. ANI

Cain wins Western Conservative Summit straw poll
Presidential candidate Herman Cain has won the straw poll at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver this weekend with 48 percent of the votes, followed by Texas Governor Rick Perry. ANI

Muslims, immigrants feel vulnerable after Norway terror attack
Muslims and immigrants have been left feeling vulnerable after the July 22 shooting and bombing attacks in Norway. ANI

US delayed bin Laden operation fearing relationship fallout with Pak
The United States delayed the Osama bin Laden operation despite being '60 percent sure' about his presence in the Abbottabad compound, fearing such a move could affect its relationship with Pakistan, a source has said. ANI

Scot teen charged with hacking offences
The 19-year-old man arrested in the Shetland Islands, Scotland, has been charged with computer offences by police investigating hacking attacks. ANI

UK Muslim teens convicted for drawing burquas on scantily-clad model ads
Two Muslim teenagers in Britain have been convicted for admitting to drawing burquas on advertisements of scantily-clad models. ANI

Debt casts shadow of doubt over Obama's 50th b'day bash
Barack Obama's lavish 50th birthday party will happen only if the deficit negotiations and deadline to raise the US debt limit ceiling are resolved, senior White House officials have said. ANI

US 'losing patience' with Pak over failure to uproot terror havens on its soil: Mullen
The United States Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Admiral Mike Mullen has said that the US was losing patience over Pakistan's failure to eliminate many al Qaeda strongholds that continue to exist there. ANI

Suicide bomb attack kills 13 people at Afghan police headquarters
Thirteen people, including 12 policemen and a child, were killed on Sunday after a suicide car bomber struck outside the police headquarters in the southern Afghan city of Lashkar Gah. ANI

Mubarak's trial in Cairo to be aired on Egyptian TV
The trial of Egypt's embattled President Hosni Mubarak to be held at a police academy in Cairo, will be aired by a state-owned TV channel. ANI

Iranian woman victim of acid attack spares assailant from retribution
An Iranian woman, who was blinded in acid attack, has spared the accused from an eye-for-an-eye punishment minutes before the sentence was to be carried out. ANI

Military stokes xenophobia in Egypt
Facing mounting challenges and spreading unrest, Egypt's interim military rulers have blamed foreign agents for pushing protesters to demand reforms and a speedy transition to democracy. ANI

Replica of Kate's wedding gown made using 5,000 balloons
A replica of Kate Middleton's much talked-about wedding dress has been recreated using balloons. ANI

Obama announces US deficit deal between party leaders
U.S. President Barack Obama on Sunday announced that Republican and Democratic leaders have reached an agreement on raising the country's debt limit and avoiding default. ANI

A Year after Pakistan floods, 800,000 families still homeless
It is now been a year since Pakistan was hit by the worst floods in its history, but threats continue to loom over 800,000 homeless families. ANI

Thailand's Pattaya city to celebrate 10-day Ganesh Festival
Pattaya city in Thailand is reportedly celebrating a 10-day Ganesh Festival. ANI

Associate killed Karzai's half-brother, not Taliban: Official
Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai's half-brother was killed by an associate over a personal issue, and was not assassinated by the Taliban, a Western official has claimed. ANI

Indian man stabbed to death during brawl at workers' accommodation in Abu Dhabi
A young Indian man has reportedly been killed in a group fight at a workers' accommodation in Baniyas in Abu Dhabi. ANI

Oslo attacker had plastic surgery to look 'more Aryan'
The Norwegian terrorist who killed over 90 people in two recent attacks in Oslo, had plastic surgery to make him look more Aryan, an intelligence official has claimed. ANI

'CIA station chief's exit from Pak will improve CIA-ISI relations'
The departure of Central Investigation Agency (CIA) chief from Pakistan will lead to improved relations between the ISI and the CIA, US and Pakistani officials have said. ANI

10 NATO tankers torched by unidentified men in Khairpur
Four people received burn injuries after some unidentified men set NATO tankers on fire on the National Highway near Kurram Abad area of Khairpur in Pakistan. ANI

Gayatri Mantra opens 'Heal the World Interfaith Picnic of Nevada'
Various faiths came together to have a picnic in Nevada's capital Carson City (USA) on July 31. ANI

Delegate Study Reveals Positive Results for Victorian Economy
A landmark study released by the Melbourne Convention + Visitors Bureau (MCVB) into the travel and spending habits of visiting convention delegates to Melbourne has reinforced the city’s reputation as Australia’s Business Events capital. Business Wire India

Kantar Extends Contract with WNS for Market Research Support Services
WNS (Holdings) Limited (NYSE: WNS), a leading provider of global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services, today announced renewal of its contract with Kantar, a part of the WPP group Business Wire India

Multimedia, Inc. Changes Its Management Structure to Support the Company’s Growth along with the Globalization of the Economy
Today, Multimedia, Inc. (, the leading U.S. based international media representative, announced an important reorganization of its management structure to support the company’s growth along with the globalization of the economy and the impact of the new emerging powers, such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China Business Wire India

Rollbase Cloud Computing Platform Now Available in Eight Languages Including Chinese, Japanese and Korean
Rollbase, Inc., an innovator in platform as a service (PaaS) technology allowing rapid design, development and deployment of cloud business applications, today announced support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages Business Wire India

Kintetsu Hotel Systems Partners with Marriott International – ""Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel"" to Open at the Tallest Building in Japan
Kintetsu Hotel Systems, Inc. the management company of Miyako Hotels & Resorts announced on July 6th, 2011 that an agreement has been reached with Marriott International to flag the new hotel at the Abenobashi Terminal Tower Building Annex in Osaka now under construction by Kintetsu Corporation as “Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel”. Business Wire India

Alibaba Group, Yahoo!, and SoftBank Reach Agreement on Alipay
Alibaba Group, Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO), and SoftBank (TYO:JP:9984) has announced they have reached an agreement in which Alibaba Group will continue to participate in Alipay’s future financial performance, including a future IPO or other liquidity event Business Wire India

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