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International News on April 9, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg's dad slams son's unfair portrayal in 'The Social Network'
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's father has reportedly criticized his son's portrayal in the Hollywood film 'The Social Network' ANI

Pointy elf-like ears- latest craze in cosmetic surgery!
Some young sci-fi fans in Arizona are apparently undergoing procedures to have their ears sculpted into elfish points despite the procedure's irreversibility. ANI

US Company launches world's first bacon-scented cologne
A Chicago-based cologne company has launched the world's first perfume that smells like bacon. ANI

Al Qaeda may capitalize on 'Arab Spring' to build power, shore up weaknesses
Stunned by the secular Arab rebellions that have toppled some of the Middle East's most enduring dictators, Al Qaeda and other violent Muslim extremists are struggling to capitalize on the upheavals that have reshaped the political map of the Middle East. ANI

Russian female activists protest corruption by stripping for calendar
Female activists in Russia protested Government corruption by stripping and posing in sexy lingerie for an erotic calendar. ANI

US should not repeat Afghanistan policy mistakes in Libya: Expert
An Indianapolis University professor has said the United States should not ignore the lessons learnt from Afghanistan, and provide arms to Libyan rebels so that they get a chance to gain control of their country. ANI

'Bored' Brit teen dislocates jaw after yawning too hard during lecture!
A bored teenage student in Britain was taken to hospital after she yawned so deeply during a class that her mouth got stuck wide open. ANI

News of the World to compensate phone hacking scandal victims
News of the World owner Rupert Murdoch has apologized and said a compensation fund would be set up for victims of the phone hacking scandal. News of The World hopes to pay less than 20 million pounds to the victims, including actress Sienna Miller. ANI

Pak's counter-terrorism body 'impotent' in battle against militancy
Pakistan's National Counter-Terrorism Authority (NACTA) lacks powers to act against militancy thriving in the country, according to a newspaper report. ANI

46 per cent of Mississippi Republicans say 'interracial marriage should be illegal'
A new poll has revealed that a majority of Mississippi Republicans believe that interracial marriage should be illegal. ANI

Oz man gives all his money to charity so wife won't get any
A man in Australia, who blamed greed for ruining his marriage, has given all his money to charity so that his wife will not get any of it. ANI

US to fund 20mn dlrs Urdu version 'Sesame Street' to boost child education in Pakistan
The United States is donating 20 million dollars to Pakistan to create an Urdu version of the popular television show for children "Sesame Street". ANI

Ex-Libyan Foreign Affairs Minister Koussa 'could be allowed to leave Britain'
Former Libyan Foreign Affairs Minister Moussa Koussa, who faces inquiries from the International Criminal Court and families of the victims of Libyan terrorists, could be allowed to leave the United Kingdom, British Foreign Secretary William Hague has said. ANI

Russian security service wants ban on Skype, Gmail, Hotmail
Russia's security agency, the Federal Security Service (FSB), has proposed banning Skype, Hotmail and Gmail as their "uncontrolled use" could pose a security threat, a service official has said. ANI

Rising carbon dioxide emissions linked to spike in hay fever in Europe
A continent-wide study has indicated that carbon dioxide emissions may be raising the pollen counts in European cities. ANI

Trump's desire to be President surprises many in US
American business tycoon Donald Trump has surprised many in his country by indicating that he might run for president in 2012. ANI

Sri Lanka must account for missing rebels: Human Rights Watch
The New York based Human Rights Watch has said Sri Lanka should account for the disappearance of all Tamil Tiger rebels. ANI

US drone attacks in Pak no solution to terrorism: Nawaz Sharif
Pakistan Muslim League-N chief Nawaz Sharif has stated that the US drone campaign is no solution to the menace of terrorism plaguing the Asian country. ANI

1 in 5 Brit pilots admits to falling asleep while on duty
A British study has found that one in five pilots have admitted to falling asleep while on duty in the cockpit. ANI

Kate Middleton's cousin likes to strip to Rule Britannia tune
Kate Middleton's cousin, who is a burlesque dancer, has come into the spotlight after it was revealed that one of her routines involves her stripping to the patriotic tones of Rule Britannia. ANI

Egypt's military criticised for dictatorial rule
Egypt's military rulers are now being criticised for behaving like the ousted President Hosni Mubarak by trying to exert control over people in a dictatorial manner. ANI

Former Chinese governor gets life imprisonment for bribery
Former Vice Chairman of China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Li Tangtang, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for taking bribes. A Chongqing Municipality court in southwest China passed the sentence. ANI

Hilary Clinton criticizes China's 'worsening' human rights record
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has condemned China for what she alleged as its worsening human rights record, and expressed concern over reports of Chinese intellectuals and activists being "arbitrarily detained" in recent weeks, including the arrest of prominent artist Ai Weiwei on Sunday. ANI

Reading only out-of-school activity to enhance teens' career prospects
A study has found that the only out-of-school activity that will really enhance a teenager's career prospects is reading. ANI

Lanka PM says LTTE network still active
Sri Lankan Prime Minister D M Jayaratne has warned that the international network of the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE) is still active and could revive their terror activities again. ANI

Palin drops to fifth place in GOP 2012 presidential primary race
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin appears to have peaked politically, as the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows her running in fifth place - with 10 percent - in a hypothetical Republican presidential primary race. ANI

Now first four-way brassiere that promises to smooth out bulges
A new bra that promises to slim, push up, plunge and even allow the wearer to go strapless, has been created. ANI

China's corporate performance declines by 4.2 points
China's National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has said the Business Climate Index, the main indicator of corporate performance, has declined by 4.2 points to 133.8 in the first quarter of 2011, from a three-year high of 138 in the last quarter of 2010. ANI

Now, Kendra Wilkinson 'lesbian sex tape' surfaces
A new lesbian sex tape featuring former Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson has surfaced. ANI

Millions of 'lost' cash found in Japan's tsunami hit coastal areas
Rescue workers and Japanese citizens have handed over millions of 'lost' cash to police, which they have found while carrying out their tasks in the mud-covered coastal areas in northeastern regions of the country that were devastated following the March 11 earthquake-cum-tsunami. ANI

Steel wall being built to prevent radioactive water from Jap nuke plant seeping into Pacific Ocean
Tokyo Electric Power Corporation, the operator of the troubled Fukushima nuclear power station in Japan, has started to install a steel wall and fence to prevent more water containing radioactive substances from seeping into the Pacific Ocean. ANI

US Congress strikes budget deal to avert govt. shutdown
US Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill have struck a deal to fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year, averting a threatened shutdown. ANI

US spending millions on activist technology
The United States Government is spending millions of dollars developing technology to help pro-democracy activists in the Middle East and China. ANI

Kayani 'happy' with Army tribal region operations despite 'damning' US report
Pakistan Army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has "expressed satisfaction" with the progress made by stability operations in the militancy-hit tribal region, just days after a White House report gave a harshly critical assessment of Pakistan's efforts towards "defeating the insurgency" thriving in the country. ANI

Biden's daughter slams 'birther' Donald Trump over Obama comments
United States Vice President Joe Bidden's daughter Ashley has slammed billionaire businessman Donald Trump for questioning President Barack Obama on his place of birth. ANI

Italian history professor claims Rome fell due to rise of homosexuality
A top Italian history professor has caused outrage after he claimed that the Roman Empire fell due to the rise of homosexuality. ANI

Pakistan has "culture of impunity" on human rights abuses: US report
Pakistan's security forces enjoy "a culture of impunity" in relation to human rights abuses in the country, and police have often failed to protect members of religious minorities from attacks in the Islamic nation, a US report on human rights practices in 2010 has said. ANI

US-Pak talks on April 21-22 for improving 'strained' bilateral relations
Pakistan Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir will visit Washington later this month on the invitation of the United States, for crucial talks to mend bilateral ties tattered by the drone campaign, visa-related administrative issues and the latest bi-annual assessment by the White House to Congress. ANI

Nuclear radiation from Japanese power plant reaches Pakistan: PAEC
Traces of airborne radioactive iodine, believed to have originated from the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, have been detected in Pakistan. ANI

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