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International News on April 30, 2011

China enacts new laws to reduce capital crimes, address smoking ban, food security
China's newly revised Criminal Law has reduced the number of crimes punishable by death and addresses issues such as a new smoking ban and food security. ANI

New York Police Commissioner issues honeymoon invitation to Wills, Kate
New York's Police Commissioner has issued an invitation to Prince William and Kate Middleton to spend their honeymoon in the Big Apple. ANI

Lowans still looking for outstanding GOP contender ahead of Caucuses: Poll
Months ahead of the Iowa Caucuses, a University of Iowa Hawkeye poll has suggested that one-quarter of Lowans (26 percent) would choose "someone else" if they are asked to pick one among the potential GOP contenders. ANI

Royal wedding security operations dubbed a 'huge success'
The biggest ever security operation for the royal wedding has been described as a 'huge success' after Scotland Yard mounted a series of pre-emptive strikes. ANI

Was Kate's wedding gown inspired by Grace Kelly's nuptial dress?
Kate Middleton may have looked dainty and fairy-like in her wedding gown but talks doing the rounds are that the dress bore a striking similarity with Grace Kelly's wedding outfit. ANI

Sarah Burton's army of 100 guarded Kate's fairytale dress secret
It really was a mammoth task to keep her wedding dress a secret, but the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, managed it with royal excellence and with some help, of course. ANI

Katie Couric worried over daughter's crush on 'bad boy' Prince Harry
Katie Couric, anchor and managing director of CBS Evening News, has revealed that her daughter Ellie has a crush on Prince Harry, which has made her worried, given her liking for bad boys. ANI

Coalition, Afghan forces making "tangible progress" against the Taliban: Pentagon
The Pentagon has said that the international coalition and its Afghan partners have made "tangible progress" against the Taliban in Afghanistan over the past six months. ANI

Now, Cat Deeley claims her mobile phone was hacked
The television presenter Cat Deeley, who covered the Royal wedding for US broadcaster CNN, believes that her mobile phone was hacked by tabloid journalists. ANI

Ten people wounded in attacks on Christian community residences in Pakistan
At least ten people, including police officials, were wounded in attacks on houses of Christian community members in Lahore on Saturday. ANI

NA body calls for Pak Govt's strict talk with US to end drone campaign
Pakistan's Parliamentary Committee on National Security has urged the government to categorically talk to the United States for ending its drone campaign in the country's tribal region. ANI

Peking Man could have used weapons in China 700,000 years ago
A new research has found that Peking Man, who is believed to be 700,000 years old, was smarter than thought. ANI

12th Five Year Plan tells about China's future development: Envoy
Chinese Ambassador to Canada Zhang Junsai has said that China's 12th Five Year Plan tells people about the orientation of the country's future development. ANI

Zed asks fair pay structure for domestic help in India
India should come up with a fair pay structure for domestic workers, distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed stated in Nevada (USA) today. ANI

Hindus want Diwali as holiday in West Windsor-Plainsboro School District in New Jersey
Applauding nearby South Brunswick School District for declaring Diwali as a school holiday, Hindus want West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District in New Jersey (USA) also to add Diwali, the most important Hindu holy day, to the holiday calendar. ANI

US teacher arrested, fired for stripping, roaming school hallways nude
A teacher in the US, who stripped and roamed the hallways of a school in the nude, has been arrested and fired from his job. ANI

Over 10,000 Chinese government officials being probed for abusing power
A total of 10,535 Chinese government employees are being investigated on suspicion of having abused their powers. ANI

Malaysian preacher warns 'horror movies' could turn Muslims into polytheists
A Malaysian Islamic preacher, Mohammed Daud Che Ngah, has warned that locally produced horror movies and TV dramas could turn Muslim viewers into 'polytheists'. ANI

Pak council urges Zardari to grant India 'most favoured nation' status to spur trade
The Pakistan Business Council (PBC) has urged President Asif Ali Zardari to grant India the most favoured nation (MFN) status to enhance regional trade. ANI

US says reports of visa curb on Chinese are 'false'
The United States has said that reports claiming Chinese people might face curbs on US visas were "false". ANI

UN chief asks Nepalese parties to make 'utmost effort' to reach consensus
UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has asked Nepalese parties to exert "the utmost effort" in reaching consensus, with Nepal's constitutional deadline less than one month away. ANI

Surging Aussie dollar likely to hit international student market
The surging Australian dollar is alarming the country's universities, which are already facing a drop in international student numbers. ANI

US Marines in Afghanistan to get genital protective 'ballistic boxer' undies
The United States would soon provide its Marines in Afghanistan with new ballistic underwear to protect them from improvised explosive devices. ANI

Two killed, six injured in landmine blast in northwest Pakistan
At least two people were killed and six others wounded in an explosion in Pakistan's Kurram tribal region on Saturday. ANI

US aid to Pakistan in America's own security interests: Husain Haqqani
The United States' financial assistance to Pakistan is ints own security interests, Pakistan's Ambassador to Washington, Husain Haqqani, has said. ANI

Af-Pak-US meeting slated for May 3 in Islamabad: Husain Haqqani
Trilateral talks between Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States will be held on May 3 in Islamabad, Pakistan's Ambassador to Washington, Husain Haqqani, has said. ANI

Cambodian, Thai soldiers again exchange gunfire on Saturday
The exchange of firing between Cambodian and Thai soldiers started again on early Saturday in the disputed border area near the 13th century Ta Krabei temple in Oddar Meanchey province, marking the ninth straight day of border clash. ANI

Los Angeles traffic cops suspended for starring in p*rn film while on duty
Two Los Angeles traffic cops have been suspended after they starred alongside a blonde actress in a p*rn film, while they were on duty. ANI

Will and Kate to have private honeymoon in sunny Jordan?
After the splendor and pageantry of the Royal Wedding, Prince William and Kate Middleton are all set to leave for their private honeymoon. ANI

Trump drops 'F-word' fusillade, calls politicians 'blood suckers'
Potential Republican candidate Donald Trump has dropped a barrage of 'F-bombs' at a massive Las Vegas rally where he attacked US President Barack Obama and slammed other politicians as "blood suckers." ANI

Royal family lucky to have Kate as daughter-in-law, says Prince Charles
The Prince of Wales has spoken highly of his new daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, saying the royal family is "lucky to have her". ANI

Is Iran President Ahmadinejad about to resign over row with Khamenei?
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has reportedly stopped showing up for work, sparking rumors of a possible power shift in the country. ANI

'Missing' Nepali coir surfaces three days on in UK
A Nepalese choir group, whose disappearance from Heathrow Airport had left organisers of the Cornwall International Male Voice Choral Festival in Britain disappointed and shocked, are reportedly on their way to grace the event with their presence. ANI

Pak assures ADB of employing anti-corruption measures for $650mn flood project loan
Pakistan has assured the Asian Development Bank (ADB) of the implementation of all applicable policies and procedures of the bank- including its anti-corruption measures- for obtaining a 650-million-dollar loan for the flood emergency reconstruction project. ANI

Morocco suicide bomber was a rapist
The suicide bomber, who killed 16 people in Morocco, was a rapist recently freed from jail. ANI

PML-Q to get Deputy PM post, several ministries on joining PPP-led Pak Govt: Report
Pakistan is heading for wide-ranging political developments in a few days as the country's second largest opposition party- the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid- is set to join the Pakistan People's Party-led coalition government. ANI

US software expert validates authenticity of Obama's birth certificate
A leading software expert has vouched for the authenticity of US President Barack Obama's birth certificate posted online by the White House, after his opponents raised doubts that it might have been altered or might be a fake. ANI

China jails 14 people in tainted milk case
Local courts in Shanxi and Hebei provinces of China have convicted and sentenced 14 people for producing and selling tainted milk powder. ANI

'Egypt-like upheaval spreading to Pakistan can have devastating consequences'
The upheaval in Egypt can spread to Pakistan, as both countries have huge similarities in terms of governance and relations with the United States, American novelist and columnist David Ignatius has said. ANI

NATO halts Gaddafi boats laying mines outside Misurata
NATO warships have reportedly managed to halt several boats of Gaddafi forces laying anti-shipping mines outside the harbour of the Libyan city of Misurata. ANI

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton 'wants to visit New Zealand'
The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has expressed her desire to visit New Zealand. ANI

Outrage over Republican senator's racist, sexist ' minorities don't work' comments
Oklahoma Representative Sally Kern has caused outrage by making both racist and sexist remarks during a state House debate. ANI

Half of Brit men don't know date of their wedding anniversary, finds survey
Men are apparently losing the art of romance as a new survey has revealed that half of married men in Britain don't know the date of their wedding anniversary. ANI

'Stunning' Pippa Middleton steals the show on Kate's big day
Kate Middleton's impeccably toned sister Pippa seems to have overshadowed Kate on her big day. ANI

US man arrested for raping, impregnating, kidnapping teen relative decades ago
A man in the US has been arrested for raping, impregnating, and kidnapping a teen relative in the 1970s and 80s. ANI

Musharraf's party's 'people-friendly' manifesto to bring positive change in Pak: Tahir
The 'people-friendly' manifesto of the All Pakistan Muslim League will ensure a positive change in the country, APML Central Leader Naeem Tahir has said. ANI

US Army declares Wikileaks suspect Manning mentally fit to stand trial
The US Army has declared that Bradley Manning, the prime suspect in the leaking of classified US documents to the WikiLeaks whistleblowing website, is mentally competent to stand trial on a number of charges over his alleged role in the controversy. ANI

All-male St Andrews Golf Club on historic brink of admitting females
The all-male St. Andrews Golf club is on the brink of admitting women for the first time because of new equality laws. ANI

Horse called Royal Wedding wins race just hours after Prince William wed
Bookies in Britain took a hammering of 10 million pounds after a horse called Royal Wedding raced to victory just hours after Prince William wed Kate Middleton. ANI

Munter participates in Pashtun tribal jirga in Quetta
US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter has participated in a Pashtun tribal jirga in Quetta during his first trip to Balochistan. ANI

'Royal Wedding' sixth biggest online event in history
Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding has become the sixth biggest online event in history, as millions watched the grand event on television and internet. ANI

Gaddafi forces using Viagra, condoms as part of sexual violence against rebels?
U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Susan E. Rice has raised serious concerns over reports that Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's forces have been supplied with tablets of Viagra and condoms as part of a campaign of sexual violence against women, but failed to give any concrete evidence. ANI

Prince William's 'small family affair' quip to calm Middletons' wedding nerves
Just to make his bride comfortable amid the pomp and splendour of their biggest day, Prince William shared a joke with Kate Middleton's proud father. ANI

Fashion designers praise Kate Middleton's 'classic' wedding gown
The world's most high-profile fashion designers have praised Prince Williams bride Kate Middleton for her "classic" and "beautiful" wedding dress. ANI

Here's the universe's reaction to the royal wedding
When Prince William and Kate Middletown finally tied the knot Friday morning, the universe welcomed them with mixed reactions- Americans loving it, French moaning, Italians raving about "sexy" bridesmaids, Iranians cursing and astronauts celebrating in space. ANI

Nicaraguan President Ortega terms royal wedding 'offensive'
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has said that he is offended by Prince William and Kate Middleton's marriage ceremony, as it is being celebrated while Libya is facing a civil war. ANI

'Playboy' Prince Harry whispers sweet nothings to Pippa Middleton
Prince Harry switched on to his flirty best when he leaned over to whisper to his new sister-in-law Pippa Middleton about how beautiful she looked at the royal wedding. ANI

Pippa Middleton's derriere has its own Facebook fan sites
Philippa Middleton, the only sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has earned herself a number of fans on Facebook, with her derriere being the focus of attention. ANI

Gaddafi rules out leaving Libya but ready to negotiate ceasefire with NATO
Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has agreed to negotiate with NATO powers to put an end to air strikes against his forces, but warned that he cannot be pushed out of his motherland. ANI

US imposes sanctions against Syria's intelligence service, officials
The United States has imposed sanctions on the assets of Syria's intelligence service and its director, Ali Mamluk, amid a massive uprising against the regime. ANI

MQM's former lawmaker among five shot dead in Karachi during last 24 hours
At least five people, including a former lawmaker, were killed in suspected incidents of targeted killings during the past 24 hours in Karachi. ANI

Petraeus' selection as CIA chief can further strain US-Pak relations
The appointment of General David H. Petraeus as Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director could further incense relations between Islamabad and Washington, which are already strained over drone strikes in Pakistan's militant-infested tribal region and disagreements over the war in neighbouring Afghanistan. ANI

Three Al-qaeda suspects arrested in Germany
Three suspected members of terrorist outfit Al-qaeda have been arrested in Germany. ANI

Petraeus can't save US from defeat in Afghanistan: Jamat-e-Islami
General David H. Petraeus, who has taken over from Leon Panetta as Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director, cannot save the United States from defeat in Afghanistan, Jamat-e-Islami chief Syed Munawar Hassan has said. ANI

Insurgents still being supported by sanctuaries, logistics originating in Pak: Pentagon
The insurgency in Afghanistan continues to enjoy sanctuary in the Pakistan border region, from where they can regenerate insurgent command and control and operational capacity, and Islamabad needs to do more to eliminate the safe terrorist havens, a US report has said. ANI

Petraeus to commence third US 'war' in Pakistan as CIA chief: Report
General David H. Petraeus, who has served as commander in two wars launched by the United States after the 9/11 attacks, would effectively take command of a third- in Pakistan, a US newspaper has said. ANI

8-year-old in Alabama survives deadly tornado
An eight-year-old boy in Alabama has survived after being sucked into tornado. ANI

Maldives planning $500m floating golf course
Soon golfers from around the globe will delve into the luxury of playing 18 holes on a floating island that overlooks coral reefs and is connected by underwater tunnels. ANI

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