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International News on April 23, 2011

India to ship 500,000 tonnes of grains to Bangladesh: Anand Sharma
India will ship 500,000 tonnes of grain to Bangladesh under a bilateral deal, Union Trade Minister Anand Sharma said on Saturday. ANI

Arundhati Roy loses appeal to retain Pachmarhi wildlife holiday home
Booker prize winner Arundhati Roy and her family have lost an appeal in the court to save their home in the protected jungle in Central India. ANI

California's Norton Simon Museum exhibiting Vishnu and other Hindu sculptures
Prestigious Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena (California, USA) is currently exhibiting 11th century sandstone Vishnu in its "Ancient Sculpture from the Hindu-Buddhist World" exhibition, which will continue till August one. ANI

Hindu Temple of St. Louis launching grand expansion project
Well known Hindu Temple of St. Louis in Ballwin (Missouri, USA) is reportedly embarking upon a majestic expansion project. ANI

'Kate Middleton as popular as Diana' among Brits
A new survey has found that Kate Middleton is just as popular as the late Princess Diana among Britons. ANI

Female chef in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen claims sexual harassment
A female chef working at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant has accused her male colleagues of sexual harassment. ANI

Mubarak's supporters say he is a 'symbol who shouldn't be humiliated'
The supporters of ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak have said that he is a 'symbol' who had given his 30 years to keep the citizens safe, and therefore, should not be "humiliated" by letting him go through trials at the age of 83. ANI

US mom gives birth to baby boy in backseat of livery cab
A woman in the US gave birth to her son in the backseat of a livery cab after she could not make it to a hospital on time. ANI

4 in 10 Brits think getting drunk abroad is a British characteristic
Twenty-eight percent of people in the UK believe that getting drunk abroad is a British attribute, a new survey has revealed. ANI

Musharraf's interview presented in court in connection with Benazir assassination case
An interview of former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has been produced before the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) hearing the Benazir Bhutto assassination case. ANI

Kayani's 'broken militants backbone' repartee to counter US' scathing war on terror censure
The Pakistan military has 'broken the backbone' of militants in the ongoing war on terror, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has said, just days after a discouraging statement about Pakistan's counter-terrorism strategy given by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Admiral Mike Mullen. ANI

Obama blames soaring gas prices for approval ratings dip
U.S.President Barack Obama has blamed the soaring prices of gasoline for the dip in his approval ratings. ANI

Michele Bachmann's son believes mom can be US president
Tea Party movement supporter Michele Bachmann's son, Lucas, has said no to posing n*ked for Playgirl, but he is saying yes to the idea that his mom could be the US president. ANI

2cm bullet removed from Chinese farmer head after 23 years!
Surgeons have removed a two-centimetre bullet from the head of a Chinese farmer after 23 years. ANI

US store offers special discount exclusively for same-sex moms
A maternity and breastfeeding store in the US is offering a special discount exclusively for same-sex moms. ANI

Britons, Americans prefer William inheriting royal throne than Charles, finds poll
A large number of Britons and Americans are favoring Prince William over Prince Charles to inherit the royal throne after Queen Elizabeth II. ANI

China, UK Universities in talks for academic research partnership
China's Tsinghua University is likely to establish a closer relationship with the prestigious Oxford University, according to a new agreement signed by the universities. ANI

Pak Govt to provide security, legal aid to Mukhtaran Mai for case review
The Pakistan Government will provide security and legal assistance to Mukhtaran Mai, a victim of a village council-sanctioned gangrape, for managing a review of her case in the court. ANI

Lib Dem candidate leaves party red-faced posting raunchy pics on Internet
A Liberal Democrat local election candidate in Britain has left her party red-faced after she posted raunchy pictures of herself posing in fetish gear on the Internet. ANI

Islamist militants wanted to film and broadcast cathedral explosion in Indonesia
Indonesian police have claimed that Islamist militants involved in a plot to bomb a cathedral in the country before the Easter celebration had planned to film and broadcast the disaster. ANI

India, Pak look to fast track release of each others' fishermen
India and Pakistan are working on a proposal for expeditious release of each other's fishermen inadvertently crossing the maritime boundary for the first time. ANI

Chinese monk's self-immolation was planned to trigger disturbances: Police
Police in China's Aba county have claimed that the self-immolation by a Kirti Monastery monk last month was planned and aimed at triggering disturbances. ANI

Climate change threatening China's water resources
Climate change is having an adverse impact on China's water resources, said the country's water resources minister. ANI

Bollywood feature film to be screened at Cannes
A Bollywood feature film showcasing India's unique film culture will be screened at the 64th Cannes Film Festival, its organizers have said. ANI

Aussies want to cheat on partners with Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Hawkins
Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Hawkins are the celebrities most Australians would like to have an extra-marital affair with, reveals a study. ANI

Pope's first-ever TV Q and A session makes broadcasting history
Pope Benedict XVI has made broadcasting history by appearing on television to answer questions from the public around the world. ANI

Richard Branson's charity flight dressed as "stewardess" postponed again
British Billionaire Sir Richard Branson's charity flight, which was rescheduled on May 1, has been postponed again until July 4 due to the royal wedding. ANI

'Cynical young woman' Jackie Kennedy's teenage love letters up for grabs
The teenage love letters of Jackie, wife of late US President John F. Kennedy, are set to go under hammer in the US next month. ANI

Oz priest left furious with sex shop opposite church
An Anglican priest in Australia has been left furious with a sex shop that is opening opposite his church, and that too during the Easter period. ANI

Brit-Indian honeymooner stopped mother-in-law from bidding adieu to murdered daughter
The mother of the Indian-origin bride who was murdered during her honeymoon in Cape Town last year, has said that Anni Dewani's husband Shrien had an outrageous argument with her and other relatives next to his wife's coffin, objecting to them spending time alone with Anni to say their goodbyes. ANI

US man jailed, registered as sex offender for ejaculating in co-worker's water bottle
A man in the US, who was convicted of ejaculating in a female co-worker's water bottle, has been sentenced to six months in jail and must register as a sex offender for life. ANI

Wills-Kat slap 'ban on beer' for their royal wedding reception
Its official. Guests have been banned from drinking beer at Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding reception. ANI

"Poor safety culture" onboard Deepwater Horizon led to last year's massive Gulf oil spill
The US Coast Guard has revealed that a "poor safety culture" and "safety management system failures" aboard the Deepwater Horizon oil rig had contributed to an explosion, which killed 11 and caused a massive spill last year. ANI

Fukushima 50 criticise Japanese govt. over inconsistent documentation of their radiation exposure
The Fukushima 50 emergency nuclear plant workers trying to control the situation in the earthquake-cum-tsunami hit plant in Japan, have reportedly accused the government of inconsistent handling of data in relation to radiation exposure. ANI

Kate Middleton might face 'Royal' snobbery in new role at Palace, finds poll
Just days before the wedding, Britons are concerned whether Prince Williams fiancée, Kate Middleton, will be accepted with an open heart by the Royal family or not. ANI

China disapproves of all acts beyond UNSC authorization
A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman has said Beijing does not recognize any act that lies beyond the authorization of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). ANI

Pak F-16 fighter jets capable of shooting down CIA drones: Ex-PAEC head
Pakistan has the capability to shoot down CIA-operated drones, former Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) head Dr Samar Mubarak Mand has said. ANI

Barack Obama is star-struck by 'Spider-Man'!
US President Barack Obama professed his love for 'Spider-Man' at a recent fund raising event. ANI

Baloch rights body condemns brutal killing of Sindhi leaders
The Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) has strongly condemned the brutal and inhuman killings of Sindhi nationalist leaders by what it called the death squads of Pakistani intelligence agencies ANI

Malay Indian voters to support Barisan Nasional
Indian voters in Malaysia are returning to the country's ruling political coalition Barisan Nasional because the community felt betrayed by opposition party Pakatan Rakyat for not fulfilling their promises made in the 2008 polls. ANI

Now, Berlusconi filmed telling lewd joke about 'doing secretary on the table'
Controversial Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been filmed making a lewd joke about his secretary. ANI

London 2012 Olympic team release first green report
London 2012 Olympic games organizers have published the first environment report and have claimed they can deliver the world's first "truly sustainable" Olympic Games. ANI

'Prince William will not allow marriage to disrupt dream of fighting in Afghanistan'
The married life of Prince William will not hamper his determination to serve in Afghanistan, a close source has said. ANI

Iraqi interpreters seek punishment of contractor for sexual harassment
Iraqi women, who spoke English well enough to work as interpreters with U.S. combat units, are demanding that a contractor in charge of handing them special visas, should be punished for sexual harassment. ANI

Tattered US, Pak ties move into 'stalemate' over drone attacks, counter-terrorism issues
In signs of tattered US-Pakistan ties, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Admiral Mike Mullen, and Pakistan Army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani did not pose together for photos after their meeting, and the tone of their separate statements was also far from cordial. ANI

Koran burning US pastor jailed
Terry Jones, the controversial US pastor who hit the international headlines after planning to burn Koran on the 9/11-terror attack anniversary last year, has been jailed for refusing to pay a one dollar bond for planning a protest outside a mosque that was likely to provoke violence. ANI

More padding on helmets would make soldiers safer: Research
Scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Labs, one of the government's top research facilities, have said that by adding just a quarter-inch, or even an eighth of an inch, of padding, helmets had a 24 percent reduction in force to the skull. ANI

Japan quake threatens Toyota's position as top car maker
Toyota's position as the world's top automobile company is likely to be affected by Japan's massive earthquake and tsunami. ANI

Libyan army may allow tribes to fight rebels in Misrata
Libya's Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim has said that the army of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi might hand over the task of fighting rebels to local tribes over fears of being struck by NATO airstrikes. ANI

War in Libya moving towards stalemate: Admiral Mullen
The chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Admiral Mike Mullen, has warned that the war in Libya is "moving towards stalemate", even though US and NATO air strikes have destroyed 30 to 40 percent of that country's ground forces. ANI

New Hampshire voters prefer Romney over Obama: Poll
Voters in New Hampshire supported Republican candidate Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama, according to a poll. ANI

Fukushima nuke plant resident risk much less than those staying near Karachi reactor
An analysis carried out by Nature and Columbia University, New York, shows that two-thirds of the world's 211 power plants have more people living within a 30-kilometre radius than the 172,000 people living within 30 kilometres of the Fukushima Daiichi plant, and therefore, they face a much greater risk to their lives. ANI

US warns Pakistan to 'meet expectations' to maintain current 'level of assistance'
Pakistan must meet expectations on counter-terrorism cooperation, abidance to human rights standards and its economic reforms in order to maintain the 'level of assistance' it has been receiving from the United States, Under Secretary of Defence for Policy, Michele Flournoy, has said. ANI

Pak must revisit policy on war against terror in light of US censure: Qureshi
Former Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that Islamabad must review its counter-terrorism strategy, following a discouraging statement given in this regard by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Admiral Mike Mullen, during his recent visit to the country. ANI

Russian cosmonauts never had sex in space: Expert
Russian or Soviet cosmonauts never had sex in space in the 50 years of human exploration of the cosmos, according to a Russian expert. ANI

US exits key drone operations base in Pakistan: Report
American military personnel have left the Shamsi Air Base in Balochistan, which is said to be a key hub for US drone operations in Pakistan's northwestern tribal areas, according to a senior Pakistani intelligence official. ANI

US needs to review 'counter-productive' drone policy: Pakistan
The United States needs to review its drone policy because of the 'counter-productive methodology' of the attacks launched by these unmanned aircraft, Pakistan Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir has said. ANI

Qaeda to target UK-bound flights with undetectable chemical explosives from Pakistan
Al Qaeda is planning to target UK-bound flights taking off from Pakistani airports, using undetectable chemical explosives available in liquid form, according to a report. ANI

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