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International News on April 21, 2011

Chinese author plans to go under the knife to look like Shakespeare
A best-selling author in China has come under attack after unveiling plans to splurge 1 million yuan on plastic surgery to look like British playwright William Shakespeare. ANI

Malaysian man killed for filming neighbour having sex with wife
A man in Malaysia was stabbed to death after he filmed his neighbour having sex with his wife. ANI

Krishna renews India's commitment to provide all assistance to Nepal
External Affairs Minister S.M Krishna on Thursday said. ANI

Men are scared of women's health products
A new marketing research from the Queensland University of Technology has found that men are so petrified of women's health products that they avoid supermarket aisles that house them. ANI

NATO campaign in Libya could drag on: Analysts
Analysts reckon that there would be no quick and easy end to NATO's campaign in Libya against dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi. ANI

Brit doctors ration Viagra to help save NHS cash
Doctors in Britain are rationing supplies of Viagra in a bid to save the NHS cash. ANI

Aussie child welfare chief on child p*rn charge
A nationally recognized leader in Australia's indigenous children's services has been stood down after being charged with possessing child pornography. ANI

200-yr-old champagne preserved in Baltic Sea shipwreck up for grabs
Two bottles of champagne, which were preserved for nearly 200 years in a Baltic Sea shipwreck, is all set to go under hammer. ANI

French workers on strike because boss speaks only English
The entire workers at Thermal Ceramics, an English company based in France, have gone on strike because their British boss can't speak the native tongue. ANI

Transgender prisoner in US wants sex-change operation to prevent rape
A transgender prisoner has made a legal appeal for a sex-change operation, saying that she is harassed and sexually assaulted by male prisoners. ANI

Twilight-style vampire ad to encourage young Brit men to visit dentists!
The National Health Service (NHS) has launched a raunchy Twilight-style vampire advert to encourage young Brit men to visit their dentists. ANI

TEPCO to reduce employees' salary by 20 percent
Japan's Tokyo Electric Power Company is likely to reduce the annual salaries of its employees by around 20 percent, in order to make compensation payments to those affected by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power explosion. ANI

Artist paints three nude women to represent endangered South China tiger
An artist has used an unusual canvas to highlight the plight of endangered South China tiger - the nude bodies of three women. ANI

Key industries not boosting security to deal with escalating cyberattacks: Report
The world's water treatment plants, power grids, oil and gas facilities and other vital industries are seeing escalating cyberattacks, but are not ramping up security fast enough, according to a new report. ANI

EU rights rulings having a 'chilling effect' on public safety, warns peer
Liberal Democrat peer Lord Carlile has said decisions made under the European Convention on Human Rights have hampered the deportation of people who put the public at risk. ANI

Zulqarnain in UK police protective custody following 'threatening calls from Pak' claims
British police have taken former Pakistani wicketkeeper Zulqarnain Haidar into protective custody following his claims of receiving two threatening telephone calls from Pakistan. ANI

China bans civil servants from 'watching blue movies, extra marital affairs'
Watching blue movies, having extramarital affairs, failing to do what is righteous and vandalizing public facilities will be a strict 'no-no' for public servants in China's Nantong city, says a new regulation. ANI

PML-N goes overboard in protest against PPP in Pak parliament
Pakistan's parliament witnessed the noisiest demonstration to date by the country's largest opposition party, the Pakistan Muslim League-N, as the Pakistan People's Party-led government seemed to seek cooperation of the PML-Q, the second major opposition party and a PML-N rival. ANI

Indian, Pakistani people want peaceful Kashmir solution: Gilani
Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that the people of India and Pakistan want peaceful solutions of all outstanding bilateral issues, including the Kashmir dispute. ANI

Kate Middleton shops for panties at discounted price
Kate Middleton was spotted shopping for panties being sold at a discounted price of 3.90 pounds. ANI

Largest-ever fossil spider from Jurassic era found
Researchers have unearthed the world's largest known spider fossil - 165 million years old with a six inch leg span - from the Inner Mongolian region of China. ANI

Facebook to block contents in some countries
Facebook is likely to block content in some countries, as the company faces uncomfortable positions for providing 'too much' free speech. ANI

British Defence Secretary compares Libyan crisis to protractedAfghan conflict
British Defence Secretary Liam Fox has compared the crisis in Libya to the war in Afghanistan, opening the United Kingdom to the prospect of a decade-long battle to oust dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi. ANI

Indian girl, 4, allegedly molested in Dubai school bus leaves for India
The Indian girl, who was allegedly molested by three Indian drivers in a school bus in Dubai, has left for India with her mother and siblings. ANI

Queen finally meets Kate Middleton's parents
The Queen and Prince Philip hosted Kate Middleton's parents, Michael and Carole, "at a private lunch at Windsor Castle" on Wednesday, confirmed Buckingham Palace. ANI

Bashir arrives in Washington to seek to iron out Pak, US 'differences
Pakistan Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir has arrived in Washington to hold talks with US officials as both nations seek ways to iron out differences and find "strategic convergences" to move their relationship forward. ANI

Pak heading for "consensus government" to resolve political, economic crises
Pakistan is heading for "a new government of consensus" with the inclusion of several opposition groups, according to reports. ANI

Krishna busy in top-level parleys, formally invites Nepal PM to Delhi
External Affairs Minister S.M Krishna, who is in Nepal on a three-day official visit, held separate parleys with President Ram Baran Yadav, Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal and Deputy Prime Minister Bharat Mohan Adhikari here. ANI

RAF holds staff course to beat pilots fear of flying
The British Royal Air Force (RAF) is running a course to help staff beat their fear of flying.ccording to The Sun, RAF chiefs acted after flying phobia prevented some servicemen and women boarding long-haul flights to Afghanistan or training zones. ANI

Radioactive iodine found in breast milk of Japanese mothers
The breast milk of four Japanese mothers has been found to contain small quantities of radioactive iodine. ANI

Author Greg Mortenson to be sued by Pakistan tribesmen
Greg Mortenson, the author accused of fabricating large parts of his autobiographical writings, is to be sued by the Pakistani tribesmen he claimed kidnapped him. ANI

Sex video controversy: Malaysian politician Anwar told to swear on Quran
Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has been challenged to clear his name by swearing on the Quran that he is not the man in a sex video. ANI

Tracy Morgan slammed for over-sexed remarks about Michelle Obama
'30 Rock' actor Tracy Morgan has come under attack for his most recent 'inappropriate' detailing of his sexual attraction to US First Lady Michelle Obama. ANI

Iran set to criminalize dog ownership over being part of vulgar Western culture
Thirty-nine of Iran's 290 parliamentarians have tabled a motion that criminalizes owning dogs in private apartments or exercising them in public places. ANI

Bahrain Government pursuing genocide, say doctors
Manama (Bahrain), Apr. 21 : Medical staff in Bahrain capital Manama have accused their government of genocide. They said that the government is ruthlessly cracking down on opposition demonstrators. ANI

Skeletons discovered in Italian cathedral belong to martyred Christian saints
Experts have claimed that two skeletons that were discovered in a crypt in an Italian cathedral belong to Christian saints who were martyred in ancient Rome. ANI

How Israelis 'armed junta' in Falklands conflict revealed
Israel secretly provided arms and supplies to Argentina during the Falklands conflict, according to revelations in a new book. ANI

Fears rising over Taliban infiltrating Afghan police, army
The Afghan police and military are scrambling to find ways to root out insurgents lurking within their ranks. ANI

US reduces terror alerts from five to two
The Department of Homeland Security has reduced the five-color scheme for terrorism alerts to two warnings-elevated and imminent. ANI

Kayani tells Mullen US drone attacks undermining war on terror
Pakistan Army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has told the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Admiral Mike Mullen, that US drone attacks in Pakistan's tribal areas are undermining the ongoing war on terror. ANI

Pak Supreme Court acquits five of six accused in Mukhtaran Mai gang rape case
Pakistan's Supreme Court has acquitted five of the six accused in the Mukhtaran Mai gang rape case. ANI

Most Americans can't name single GOP candidate: Poll
Over 50 percent of Americans can not name a single GOP presidential candidate, according to a Pew Research Center survey. ANI

Two US photojournalist killed in Libya
Two American photojournalists were killed in Libya while covering battles between rebels and government forces. ANI

Web creator calls on governments to preserve net neutrality
The inventor of the web has said that governments must act to preserve the principle of net neutrality. ANI

'Poor' Pak politicians are 'stinking rich' in reality!
The assets returns filed by members of the Pakistan Parliament's Lower House in the Election Commission of Pakistan have some unbelievably absurd details. ANI

BP sues Cameron, Deepwater Horizon owner Transocean over Gulf of Mexico oil spill
British Petroleum (BP) has filed two lawsuits - one against Transocean, the owner of the oil rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico last year, for 40 billion dollars in damages, and the second one against Cameron International, the maker of the rig's blow-out preventer, alleging the device failed to stop the huge oil spill that followed the explosion. ANI

Putin flexes muscles, signals plan to reclaim Russian presidency
Heaping praise on his achievements as Prime Minister and previously as president, Vladimir Putin has said Russia must be strong to fend off foreign threats. This is being seen as a clear show of muscle and a signal that he intends to reclaim the presidency next year. ANI

Khamenei rebuffs Ahmadinejad on official's dismissal
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has reportedly rebuffed President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's dismissal of Intelligence Minister, Hedar Moslehi. ANI

Japan PM declares no-entry-zone around Fukushima nuke plant
Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, has declared the 20 kilometer evacuation area around the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant a legal no-entry zone. ANI

Security procedures for Michelle Obama tightened after aborted plane landing
The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced new procedures following the aborted landing of a presidential plane carrying First Lady Michelle Obama. ANI

Australian Labour MP charged with child pornography offences
An Australian Labour MP has been charged for allegedly accessing child pornography. ANI

Indian-origin US student indicted for Jersey roommate's suicide
A US grand jury has handed down a 15-count indictment to a Indian origin student at New Jersey University after he was accused of livestreaming his roommate's gay liaisons on the Internet. ANI

China to remove luxury seats from bullet trains
Luxury seats will be removed from many of China's bullet trains traveling between Beijing and Shanghai, giving passengers more space and making the ride cheaper, said country's railway sources. ANI

Ethnic militias fuelling tensions in North Afghanistan
Ethnic-based militia groups are reportedly xpanding their influence in northern Afghanistan. ANI

Brit-Indian honeymooner being held at Bristol clinic under Mental Health Act
Shrien Dewani, the Brit-Indian millionaire who has been charged with asterminding his wife's murder during their honeymoon in Cape Town last year, is being ompulsorily held at Fromeside Clinic in Bristol under the Mental Health Act. ANI

China has world's most registered trademarks
An intellectual property rights (IPR) official said on Thursday that hina has the world's most registered trademarks. ANI

White House replica mansion being sold for $4.65m
A replica of the White House has been put on the market for 4.65 illion dollars. ANI

Post Fukushima disaster, Oz nuke industry calls for renewed debate on nuke energy
The Australian nuclear industry is calling for a renewed public ebate about the use of atomic energy in the country. ANI

China to crackdown on obscene online ads
China has launched a nationwide campaign to crack down on false and bscene online advertising about sex-related products. ANI

Indian-origin 'Dr. Death' Patel loses manslaughter appeal, to approach HC
A lawyer representing Indian-origin former Bundaberg surgeon Dr. Jayant Patel, has said her client will now approach the high court after losing a manslaughter appeal in a Court of Appeal here. ANI

Kashmir issue is for India and Pakistan to resolve: Mullen
The US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Admiral Mike Mullen, has reiterated the United States' stand on the Kashmir issue, saying that it is for India and Pakistan to resolve mutually. ANI

29-year-old man arrested over York University student webcam death
Toronto Police have arrested a 29-year-old man over the death of a Chinese student, Qian Liu, who was murdered in her York University Village bedroom in Toronto, Canada. ANI

Mullen admits US-Pak ties "constantly under strain" since Raymond Davis case
US-Pakistan relations are "now constantly under strain" due to the Raymond Davis incident, but Washington is determined to maintain bilateral military ties with Islamabad, President Barack Obama's top military officer has said. ANI

David Cameron' does a U-turn as he decides to wear tails at royal wedding
In yet another U-turn, British Prime Minster David Cameron has decided that he would wear a traditional morning suit to the royal wedding. ANI

US rules out ending drone strikes in Pakistan
The United States will not stop its drone attacks in Pakistan's tribal areas bordering Afghanistan, President Barack Obama's top military officer has said, according to a report. ANI

ISI's links with Haqqani network at core of US-Pak differences: Mullen
The US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Admiral Mike Mullen, has categorically stated that the Inter-Services Intelligence's continued links with the Haqqani network are at the core of Pakistan's problematic relations with the United States. ANI

Covidien Reports Second-Quarter Results
Covidien plc (NYSE: COV) today reported results for the second quarter of fiscal 2011 (January - March 2011). Net sales of $2.80 billion increased 10% from the $2.55 billion reported in the second quarter a year ago. Foreign exchange rate movement added approximately two percentage points to the quarterly sales growth rate. Business Wire India

GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis Adds PDF Exporting, a Schema Editor, and Cloud Support
GrapeCity PowerTools today announced the availability of a new release of ActiveAnalysis 2 with a number of significant enhancements that include PDF exporting, a Schema Editor for visual schema creation, more aggregate functions, and more customization features. Business Wire India

Broadband World Forum Asia Asks What's Next for Broadband in Asia-Pacific?
With less than a month to go before the largest broadband event in the Asia-Pacific region and with more than 53 countries represented and 115 operator companies attending, the Broadband World Forum Asia 2011 agenda is still expanding and is shaping up to be the biggest event yet. Business Wire India

Aptina Combines Full HD Resolution with Wide Dynamic Range to Create Next Generation Surveillance Image Sensor
Aptina, a leading provider of CMOS image sensors to the industry’s most popular surveillance camera manufacturers, announced today the launch of the AR0331 surveillance image sensor. The 3.1-megapixel sensor was created to meet the needs of the growing full HD video-centric surveillance market with the exceptional performance of the new 2 Business Wire India

Nordson EFD Wins 2011 Service Excellence Award From Circuits Assembly Magazine
Nordson EFD (NASDAQ: NDSN) has won the 2011 Service Excellence Award in the “Solder Paste for Electronics Assembly Material Suppliers” category. This is the 7th year Nordson EFD has won this prestigious award. Business Wire India

mechatronic systemtechnik and ProTec Carrier Systems Complement One Another in the Field of Thin Substrate Handling
The two specialists in thin wafer handling systems, mechatronic systemtechnik and ProTec Carrier Systems (PCS), are intensifying their collaboration in the field of handling thin substrates by means of T-ESC®-Technology Business Wire India

Tesla Takes Auto Retail High-Tech With Digital Design Studio
Tesla Motors launched the Design Studio, a tool that allows consumers to customize, view and share their own Tesla electric vehicles on the web, on their smartphones and iPads, and at Tesla stores. Using HTML5 for cross-platform compatibility, the Design Studio makes the buying experience flexible, engaging and interactive Business Wire India

Power Integrations' LinkSwitchT-PH LED Driver ICs Eliminate Electrolytic Capacitors, Exceed 90% Efficiency and 0.9 Power Factor
Power Integrations (Nasdaq:POWI), the leader in high-voltage drivers for offline LED lighting, has announced a new reference design (DER-278) based on the company’s single-stage LinkSwitch-PH LED-driver IC family Business Wire India

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