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International News on April 10, 2011

Virginia school super apologizes for mock auction of black students
The superintendent of Norfolk schools, Virginia, has apologized for a classroom activity in which a teacher staged a mock auction of black and mixed-race students as part of a Civil War history lesson. ANI

Dog walking 'one of UK's fastest-growing job'
Professional dog walking has become one of the fastest growing jobs in the UK. ANI

Bernie Madoff 'reading American romance novels in jail'
Ponzi scammer Bernie Madoff has revealed that he is spending his time behind bars reading American romance novels. ANI

Oz Buddhist leader complains of Christian biasness in Victorian schools
Buddhist community leader Dr Sue Smith has complained of "Christian bias" in religious education in Victoria, Australia, saying that her group could have expanded to hundreds of schools if it had access to government funding. ANI

227 kg bomb defused in Northern Ireland
The police in Northern Ireland and have said that a bomb found in van on main Belfast to Dublin road could have resulted in huge devastation and loss of life. ANI

US, France, Middle East concerned over Yemen becoming al-Qaeda base: Wikileaks
The whistleblower website 'Wikileaks' has revealed the concerns of a number of countries like France, Qatar, Kuwait and Egypt that Yemen is becoming a stronghold base of the al-Qaeda. ANI

My family no longer speaks to me, says Bernie Madoff
Disgraced New York financier Bernard Lawrence Madoff has revealed that ever since his family learnt of his multi-billion dollar fraud, they have stopped talking to him. ANI

What makes men tick and what winds them up
Here are some tips to understand how single men think, what they want and why they do, from someone who was one. ANI

Sauber CEO becomes first woman to head Formula One team operations
Indian-born Monisha Kaltenborn, the Chief Executive Officer of Sauber Formula One team, will be the first woman to head company's business operations. ANI

BNP election candidate arrested over Quran burning in Britain
A British National Party (BNP) member and candidate for the forthcoming Welsh Assembly elections Sion Owens has been arrested for burning a copy of the Quran in his garden. ANI

Taliban stirring violence in Afghanistan: Senior police officials
Senior Afghan police officials believe that former or current Taliban members backed by sympathizers and hard-line mullahs had stirred the violence at the United Nations compound in Mazar-i-Sharif last week, which had left seven employees dead following the Koran burning incident in the United States. ANI

'Scared' Musharraf dumps plan to return to Pakistan
Former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has abandoned his plans of returning to Pakistan from self-exile in Britain after the Pakistani military leadership refused to provide him extra security to counter multiple threats to his life. ANI

Mastermind of Sakhi Sarwar terror blasts arrested in Pak's Bajaur Agency
Behram Khan, the alleged mastermind of the April 3 twin suicide attack on Syed Sakhi Sarwar shrine near Dera Ghazi Khan in Pakistan, has been arrested from Bajaur Agency along with five associates. ANI

ASEAN, Japan agree to boost cooperation on nuke plant safety
The Japanese Foreign ministers and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) conducted a meeting in Indonesia, aiming to boost the safety of nuclear power plants in the wake of devastating earthquake and tsunami that has triggered the nuclear crisis in Japan. ANI

Indonesian woman 'whipped in public over extramarital affairs'
An Indonesian woman was caned in front of a baying mob after being caught having extramarital affairs. ANI

Zardari claims Pakistan economy has stabilized
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has brushed aside bleak economic scenarios being projected by international donor organisations and opposition parties, claiming that the country's economy has "stabilised". ANI

China tells US not to interfere in its human rights issues
China has urged the US to stop interfering in its internal affairs under the pretext of human rights issues. ANI

Plan for mosque next to Sandhurst may endanger Brit soldiers: Ex-Army chief
Former head of the Armed Forces Lord Guthrie has warned that plans for a mosque overlooking Sandhurst could lead to attacks on the Royal Military Academy. ANI

Manchester cathedral lands in row for promoting nudism
A Church of England cathedral has come under fire for promoting nudism as 'wholesome' and 'liberating' on its website. ANI

New book reveals Google's fallout with Apple and exit from China
A new book released this week has lifted the lid on the secretive world of Google, revealing how the founders fell out with Apple's Steve Jobs and what happened in the search engine's exit from China. ANI

GOP dismisses Trump's 'pro-life' claim as publicity ploy
Donald Trump claims he is 'pro- life' and opposes abortion after supporting it for years, but New York Republicans who know the real estate giant are dismissing this as a publicity ploy. ANI

Japan to pump radioactive water into sea by Sunday
Japan will pump radioactive water into the sea from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant by today, a day later than previously planned, said Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency officials. ANI

Jackie Kennedy 'feared JFK would have affair with Liz Taylor'
Jackie Kennedy was said to have hated actress Elizabeth Taylor. ANI

Brit troops to get stunglasses to resist shotgun blast at point-blank range
Stunglasses, fitted with special lenses that can resist a shotgun blast at almost point-blank range, would be issued to British troops in Afghanistan. ANI

Wills-Kat TV movie given raunchy makeover
Prince William and Kate Middleton's TV movie has reportedly been given a raunchy makeover with tasteful bedroom scenes. ANI

Young Gaddafi hated the 'ugly British', once drank water from a finger bowl
Libya's former Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa had more than 30 years ago written a university dissertation on Libyan leader Gaddafi - which has now been uncovered. ANI

Royal Family drawn into phone-hacking scandal
Prince Andrew's daughters are among the latest high-profile figures to have been pulled into the News International phone-hacking affair. ANI

FBI believed Hitler 'faked his own death with a bogus suicide' in 1945
America's FBI is set to reveal its secret files on Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, which details the agency's attempts to find him despite reports of his suicide in 1945. ANI

Here's the exotic guest list of Prince Charles to royal wedding!
The official guests invited for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton this month include everyone from friends and family to the great and the good, but by far the most surprising are those who have been invited by Prince Charles. ANI

Iraqis stage demonstration after Gates 'US military to stay for years' remark
Thousands of Iraqis staged protest demanding an end to the American military presence in their country, a day after US Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates suggested that American troops could remain there for years. ANI

'Muslims are taught to hate America': Arab-American activist tells US Senate
A hearing on homeland security heated up at the State Senate committee meeting in New York after an Arab-American activist testified that she was taught as a youngster to 'hate Jews' and 'hate America'. ANI

Wikileaks more accountable than governments: Julian Assange
Julian Assange, the founder of whistle blowing website Wikileaks, has claimed that his website is more accountable than a government that is elected after sourcing money from big business every four years. ANI

Brit-Indian honeymooner's brother tried to get Shrien's CCTV footage with convicted taxi driver
Brother of Shrien Dewani, the Brit-Indian millionaire who is charged with masterminding his wife's murder during their honeymoon in Cape Town last year, had tried to obtain the CCTV footage of Shrien talking to a murder convict of his wife, leaked police documents claim. ANI

Former Pennsylvania Senator wins South Carolina straw poll
Rick Santorum has scored an absolute victory in a straw poll among Republicans in the Greenville County Republican convention. ANI

Cameron's F-word rant at reporter over 'UK responsible for world's problems' remark
British Prime Minister David Cameron, who had held his own country responsible for many of the world's historic problems, including the Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan, swore angrily on the plane journey back from his trip to Islamabad after he learned of the row sparked by his comment. ANI

UK Cycling Minister doesn't want to wear helmet while on road!
Britain's Cycling Minister has revealed that he does not wear a helmet while cycling because he likes to 'feel the wind in his hair' - an admission that has invited the wrath of safety campaigners. ANI

Facebook in talks to enter Chinese market
Popular social networking site Facebook is in talks with potential partners about how to enter the market in China. ANI

Haqqani gets two-year extension as Pakistan's Ambassador to Washington
Diplomat Husain Haqqani will stay on as Pakistan's Ambassador to Washington until 2013. ANI

Murdoch urged Brown to curb Brit Govt. pressure in phone hacking case
Britain's former Prime Minister Gordon Brown's cabinet colleague has revealed that media baron Rupert Murdoch had used his political influence to curb pressure from Labour MPs in the phone hacking case investigations against his tabloid. ANI

Al-qaeda not on rise in Afghanistan: Gen. Patraeus
General David Patraeus, the commander of NATO and US forces in Afghanistan, has said that he disagrees that the militant Islamist group al-qaeda is making a come back in the country. ANI

Taliban gained support in Pak's Swat valley using local grievances: World Bank
The Taliban gained support in Pakistan's Swat valley in part by hinging upon a variety of local grievances like weaknesses in local law enforcement and justice institutions, a new World Bank report has said. ANI

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