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Anthony Weiner prepared his alleged p*rn star Twitter pal's press speech

June 8, 2011 - Washington

Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner, who has been cleared of the "Weinergate" scandal after a press conference on Monday, had instructed p*rn star Ginger Lee on what to say when the press asked her about their X-rated tweets, it has emerged.

The adult actress told that she and the politician "exchanged scores of sexual emails over a long period of time," including his infamous underwear photo, reports Fox News.

But after the scandal broke, the congressman emailed a prepared statement for Lee to give the press when they came calling.

"The key is to have a short, thought out statement that tackles the top line questions and then refer people back to it," Weiner wrote to Lee on June 1st, according to TMZ.

"Have a couple of iterations of: 'This is silly. Like so many others, I follow Rep. Weiner on Twitter. I don't know him and have never met him. He briefly followed me and sent me a dm saying thank you for the follow. That's it,'" he wrote.


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