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Ansar Burney announces Anna Hazare-style anti-corruption campaign in Pakistan

August 22, 2011 - Islamabad

Pakistani human rights and civil rights activist Ansar Burney has announced plans to kick off a massive Anna Hazare-style anti-corruption campaign in Pakistan after Eid.

According to The Nation, Burney said that at present Pakistan is facing a dire and painful period in its history, with rampant and continuously growing corruption.

"The politicians have joined hands and completely plundered this country to the brink of destruction. They have looted the treasury, bankrupted national institutions, sold off natural resources and even our sovereignty," Burney said in a statement.

"The people have no food or water, no shelter, no electricity, no education, no healthcare, no jobs and no security. Every basic necessity has been stolen from us as a result of rampant and unchecked corruption."

"Look where we stand today, the very people we elected to protect us, are the people now responsible for dozens of dead bodies across the country. Murderers and plunderers now hold most important posts in the country," he added.

He further said it was now up to the civil society to take steps to rid the country of the evil before it is too late.

"The purpose is to bring the nation together and make a stand that corruption will no longer be tolerated; and to expose the corrupt, whether they are in politics, our bureaucracy, education institutions, law enforcement agencies, businesses, charities, sports or even the judiciary," Burney said.

"We urge the nation to stand together in this common cause," he added.

Due to his outstanding achievements in the field of human and civil rights, Burney was the first man to receive the Pakistani National Civil Award Sitara-i-Imtiaz in the field of human rights in March 2002.

And due to his two decade long international campaign to end child slavery in the Middle East in the form of child camel jockeys, Burney was declared an 'Anti-Human Trafficking Hero' in the 2005 Trafficking in Persons Report by the U.S. State Department.


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