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A peek into Hugh Hefner's luxurious 1969 private jet-the Big Bunny!

March 6, 2011 - Washington

Playboy boss Hugh Hefner bought a luxurious big jet in 1969, nicknamed 'the Big Bunny.'

But, this was no regular jet -it had a shower, private entry and a movie theater, reports Fox News.

And even by today's private jet standards, N950PB was a very luxurious jetliner. A rear folding private entrance took Hefner directly to his private quarters with an elliptical bed. After a long flight, he could take a shower or get some work done in his conference room.

The fellow passengers could relax in the bar or enjoy a movie on the big screen. Once everyone was in the mood, they could even dance in the 'discotheque' complete with lights and an 8-Track deck.

Indeed-the DC-9-32 really was a bit of Playboy in the skies. The only thing missing was a swimming pool and bowling alley.


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