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50 Oz students suspended for 'rating female teachers online'

April 13, 2011 - Melbourne

A Brisbane Catholic school has suspended over 50 students following an investigation, which found students from years 9-12 had been "rating" the attractiveness of their teachers on a social networking site.

A student at the college created a Zuckerberg-esque social networking page that ranked the attractiveness of teachers based on the votes of online participants.

Villanova College principal Dennis Harvey said he was unimpressed with the site, and the conduct of the students that took part.

"The page invited viewers to rate female members of the college staff, according to criteria that were offensive and of a personal nature," quoted Harvey as telling Courier mail.

"This type of behaviour is unacceptable, and has no place at Villanova."

The students involved in the debacle are obliged to attend one-on-one meetings with the teachers they rated on the site in an effort to discourage students from objectifying teachers or students in the future.

"Students are supported to verbalise their wrong-doing, and take ownership for their behaviour, and its real consequences for others," Harvey said.

Though it is unknown which site the page appeared on, the Catholic Education School says they have removed all inappropriate content from the site.


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