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4,000 bodies still remain unidentified following Japan earthquake

March 29, 2011 - Tokyo

The identities of around 4,000 bodies collected following the March 11 9.0-magnitute earthquake and ensuing tsunami still remain unconfirmed, the country's National Police Agency has said.

"They were collected at places far from their residential areas (due to being swept away by the tsunami), or their families as a whole must have been washed away by the tsunami," Kyodo news agency quoted a senior official at the agency, as saying.

Among the 4,000, police have tentatively identified 1,700 bodies from their belongings and put the information on police websites.

For the remaining 2,300, the police have posted information only about clothes and physical sizes, as it is difficult to reach any conclusions about identities.

Over 28,000 people were killed or remain unaccounted for in the quake and tsunami.


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