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2011 Trade show RailLog - Korea Railways & Logistics Fair Opens June 15 at Busan BEXCO

June 9, 2011 - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA

2011 Trade show RailLog - Korea Railways & Logistics Fair will be held from June 15-18 at BEXCO in Busan, South Korea, which is the very starting point and final destination of the Trans-Siberian Railway network.

Busan is the second largest city in Korea and a global port city which has hosted APEC Summit 2005 and 2002 Asian Games.

Along with Germany’s InnoTrans and China’s Modern Railways, 2011 Trade show RailLog is one of the globally prestigious railways & logistics events, hosted bi-annually by Busan City since 2003.

This year, the trade show displays approximately 700 booths, which is a 15% increase from 2009.

128 national and international exhibitors including Hyundai Rotem (Korea), ANSALDO STS (Italia), THALES (Canada), BWG (Germany), and Trans Containe (Russia) will participate in the trade show, and Colombia's Transportation Minister, Jordan’s Deputy Minister of Transport, Syria’s Railway Minister and Tunisia’s Railway Minister will come to Busan and visit the trade show.

In addition, under the auspices of ESCAP, the TAR(Trans Asian Railways) International Convention will be held from June 14 to 17 with about 100 directors and managers from 28 member countries present.

“Korea Railways & Logistics Fair has contributed significantly to the development of national and international railway, logistics, and related industries as well as the enhancement of the global status of Busan,” said a personnel related to Busan City.” “This year, the trade show is expected to produce more results than ever before as the exhibition is expanded and co-hosted with the International Trans Asian Railways Convention.”

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Source: Business Wire India


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