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1 year-old Myanmar girl with 12 fingers, 14 toes sets new record

February 8, 2011 - New Delhi

A Myanmar girl has entered the record books for having 12 fingers - six each hand, and 14 toes - 7 each foot.

Messenger News reported that Lei Yadi Min, over 1 year-old baby girl, is expected to win the record in the coming 2012 Guinness World Record book, reports Xinhua.

The girl lives with her mother and sister in South Okkalarpa township in Yangon.

At present, two Indian children, one over 5 years old and the other over 15 years old with 12 fingers and 13 toes, are registered as the Guinness World Record.

Competing with Lei Yadi Min for the Guinness record is also an Indian rival, who owns eight toes each foot.


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