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Would you buy a book that has only questions in its 164 pages?

November 14, 2010 - London

An academic in America has come up with a book that consists of nothing but questions in its 164 pages.

US academic Padgett Powell came up with the book titled, 'The Interrogative Mood', and reviewers have called it "a bit of a masterpiece" and "fresh and funny", while The New York Times praised it for being "courageous and entertaining", the Sun reported.

While others have described it as being "absurd", professor Powell says he decided to write the book after becoming fed up with being bombarded with emails day after day asking him questions.

A few of the questions in the book are:

Do you like feathers? Have you stood on an atoll? Are you familiar with horse tack and rigging? When you wear white, do you insist it be spotless? Wasn't the world better when the term "haberdasher" was current? For that matter, when butter churns were in use?

How did we go so wrong? Wasn't there a day on earth when not every soul was possessed of his or her own petty political and personal-identity agenda?

Did you not have an uncle who was an artillery engineer in a war? Are you interested in the nuances of grease? Are you for or against canals, in principle? Is it hard for you to credit that dinosaurs flew? Do you know the average career length of the top-flight runway model?

The book has been published by Profile Books, and the price has been put at 9.99 pounds.


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