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WikiLeaks expose 'US tactic' to ignite clash among Muslim nations: ex-Pak Army chief

December 2, 2010 - Lahore

Calling the WikiLeaks revelations a tactic by the United States to ensue a clash among the Muslim countries, former Army chief Aslam Beg has claimed that the US wanted to divide Afghanistan into three units.

In an exclusive conversation with Nawa-i-Waqt, Beg said that the US was contemplating to ignite a civil war in Afghanistan to further its notorious agenda, and that the Iranian leadership's responsible behaviour had foiled its plans, The Nation reported.

He said that the US policy to divide and rule the Muslims had failed, as the formation of a bloc consisting of Islamic countries was underway, and added that instead of creating hurdles, it should facilitate the process towards becoming a reality.

Beg also opined that the US did not need ground operations in Pakistan, as it was already killing the innocents through drone strikes, adding that Pakistan was unable to raise its voice against the unmanned attacks.

Talking about the dual policy pursued by the US, the former Army chief said that Washington was getting closer to New Delhi, but was bullying Islamabad to submit to its terms and conditions.


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