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UK terror plot: Suspects of Bangladeshi origin, but born in Britain

December 21, 2010 - London

The 12 suspects arrested by Britain's anti-terror police on charges that they were plotting to launch a Mumbai type massacre of Christmas shoppers, were born in Britain of Bangladesh parents and the others are here legitimately, said sources.

The suspects are being questioned about alleged conspiracies to launch a spate of devastating attacks across the UK.

According to The Daily Express, police and MI5 officers, aided by the Government's listening post GCHQ, are believed to have uncovered plans to set off a series of explosions in crowded high streets and shopping centers.

Bars, night- clubs and restaurants are also thought to be potential targets.

It is also believed there is some intelligence of a suspected plot to launch commando raids like the Mumbai massacre in India two years ago which claimed more than 170 lives.

It was not clear exactly when the men arrested yesterday allegedly planned to carry out the attacks.

Aged between 17 and 28, the suspects were detained by unarmed officers on Monday morning.

Police are carrying out detailed searches but it is not thought that any guns or explosives were seized. It is believed computer equipment and mobile phones as well as cars and other materials were taken away.

"This is a large-scale, pre-planned and intelligence-led operation involv-ing several forces. The operation is in its early stages so we are unable to go into detail about the suspected offences," a senior law enforcement official said.


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