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Top job and family can't go hand-in-hand for women: Expert

December 21, 2010 - London

A sociologist at the London School Of Economics has claimed that women should forget about trying to work at a top job and manage their families well at the same time.

Dr Catherine Hakim said that women with high- powered careers rarely see their partner or kids and end up with only "nominal" families.

Her report has called for the Government to drop plans to give fathers more time off and cutting down flexible working hours for women or giving them more places for women on company boards.

Hakim said it is a "waste of time" fretting about that small difference and said any pay gap that might appear is due to women's lifestyle choices.

"In Britain, half of all women in senior positions are child-free and a lot more have nominal families with a single child. They sub-contract out the work of caring for them to other women," the Daily Star quoted Hakim as saying.

"Equal opportunities policies have succeeded in giving equal access for women to the labour market.

"People are confusing equal opportunities with equal outcomes, and there is little popular support for the kind of social engineering being demanded by feminists and legislators."


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