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SAS hit squads move to protect UK malls

December 7, 2010 - London

With Christmas just 18 days away, Britain's SAS hit squads have been deployed in packed shopping centers to protect visitors and shoppers from terrorists.

According to The Sun, they have been given orders to shoot to kill in the event of a Mumbai-style carnage on Christmas crowds.

The Who Dares Wins teams have instructions to strike hard and fast to combat the "real and credible" threat of a bomb-and-gun onslaught by fanatics.

The crack SAS troops are equipped with weapons including high-velocity Minimi semi-automatic assault rifles, gas loading pistols and stun grenades.

They have been briefed to "engage and neutralise" any terrorists as quickly as possible to minimize the chance of civilian deaths.

They know the first 90 minutes are crucial to prevent the toll soaring. The alert comes after growing fears that fanatics inspired by Al-Qaeda plan a copy of the 2008 outrage in Mumbai, India.


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