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Peru releases video footage of newly discovered elusive Amazonian tribe

November 14, 2010 - London

Peruvian authorities have released video footage of a newly discovered tribe in the Amazon.

Members of the National Institute of Development of Andean, Amazonian and Afro-Peruvians (Indepa) discovered the tribe in the Kugapakori Nahua Nanti reserve in the country's southeast, reports Sky News.

They saw the indigenous group while monitoring a checkpoint installed to prevent entry of unauthorised persons, specifically illegal loggers.

The video shows indigenous tribes interacting with Indepa workers and a series of rustic huts made from palm leaves and cane.

Indepa president Mayta Capac Alatrista explained how they had been able to gain an insight into their unknown way of life.

"With work that has been done from the five monitoring posts in the Kugapakori Nahua Nanti reserve, we have been able to find and casually meet with voluntarily isolated populations or initiate first contact," he said.

"We suppose this contact has been made because they went down to the streams in search of food because they are nomads," Alatrista added.


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