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Only 15pc of Brit women who cheat get caught by partners

December 2, 2010 - Kuala Lumpur

A new survey in Britain showed that only 15 percent of females who had affairs were caught by their partners.

"However, one in five men who had an affair would be discovered," China Press reported.

According to the survey, one out of every 10 men who had an affair would cheat on their partner again, reports the Star Online.

"The reason most women are involved in an affair is because of problems with their partners while men cheat simply because they are attracted to the third party," it said.

Marriage counsellor Chen Han Xi said that 90 percent of marriages would end in divorce once the wife was caught having an affair, according to the daily.

"However, if the husband cheats on his wife, half of these relationships can be salvaged because most men only look for physical satisfaction without being emotionally involved," he said.


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